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I love this fandom, best thing to ever happen to me. Obviously, my favorite ship is Rainbow Dash and Soarin. I will have many other stories so stay posted. I will see you all next time, Brohoof.

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Contains spoilers for Season 6 Episode 7, "Newbie Dash".

Even though Dash was soon accepted by the Wonderbolts after her disastrous first performance, Soarin is still unsure about how to approach her, and the situation at hoof.

He knows what he did was wrong... but he doesn't know if Dash knows he's completely sorry...

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“Dashie, you can talk to me about anything. Problem at the academy? What is it?”
She looked him squarely in the eyes. “Soarin, I’m really not sure if this is normal… and I don’t want to sound stupid… But…”

Just because you're friends doesn't mean everything works out all fine and dandy. What happens when a unforeseen hiccup puts a new strain on Soarin and Rainbow Dash's relationship? An old acquaintance with only the eyes for a certain blue flier enters town? An early and unexpected meeting with a certain parental figure?

Issues, that's what.
But hey, what's life without a few curve-balls every now and then?
A sequel to 'Friends have Benefits'

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Dash made it into the Wonderbolts! After waiting for so long, she did it!! But then there is a ball, problem is, she doesn't know how to dance! A certain someone teaches her and it might change the fate of her career forever! Or would it?

Note: the OC Midnight Blaze belongs to me, and the OC Fire Raven belongs to my BFF (who's a girl) on Wattpad.

Inspired by the story: Red Queen

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This story is a sequel to The Blush of a Rainbow

The Wonderbolts Ponyville Show! Tickets only 35 bits!

That's what Rainbow Dash's friends saw on a poster hung up near Town Hall; shortly after Rainbow told them all her little secret. They all know Rainbow Dash should get the special premium tickets.

Well, to see the Wonderbolts, and spend time with the stallion she had recently fallen for.

What's surprising is that Rainbow Dash is actually okay with all this.

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