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One year ago you were thrown into a strange new world, equipped with only your underwear and enough wit to get you to safety. Your memory was scrambled, fragments of your old life whirling in the pool of your brain, though they never stayed long enough.

Now, you have found a new life, among the people of your new world. One which you are quite content with, where you are loved and safe. Your old life is dead, and with it, the old you. Many things die, but lots can be born from said death. Is the exchange worth it?

Big thanks to Vallis for proofreading the story!

If you enjoy this story let me know in the comments, or if you have any tips on how I could improve it then feel free to do so. Leave a like too, helps me see the progress!

*Edit. AAAHHHH IT GOT FEATURED! Holy shit I feel like giddy like a bloody schoolgirl :pinkiehappy:. WOOHH First story to get featured and it's the one I'm most proud of. Thanks so much for everyone who's supported this story, and there's much more to come.

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