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This story is a sequel to Come with me, Luna

The Doctor, on the Master's half joking suggestion, takes Derpy as a companion in the TARDIS. He intends this as a relaxing break from his usual shenanigans, but he quickly finds himself trapped in an incomprehensibly large and complicated conflict millennia in the making. He has to escape, but how can do that when he has no idea who or what his enemy is, and the one who trapped him is himself?

Aside from knowing the TARDIS is a time machine, Doctor Who knowledge should not be necessary to understand the story, but you will get a lot more of the jokes.

Prequel to Obama Goes to Equestria.

Chapters (11)

Finally, after years of begging, Celestia gives Twilight permission to access the Forbidden Wing of the Royal Library, a wing so secret even the other princesses can't access it. Twilight rushes to Canterlot, excited for the research potential.

Then she finds those books…

(There's an FAQ here. Please read that before commenting.)

Chapters (1)

Dave has had a rough couple of weeks. His girlfriend dumped him, his mom died, and now he lost his job. He wanted some time to relax but a being from another world has a different idea.

Not mention an evil sense of humor.

Featured on 9/24/2015
edited by RC2101_Copey and PixelFluttershy

Chapters (22)

Anon does not like Equestria.
It's not that life there is too hard for him, quite the opposite.
The ponies have been generous enough to provide him with clothing, shelter, and more food than he could possibly eat.
And he hates it.
In this new world everything he had learned has suddenly become useless.
All he can do now is mooch off of others.
And to top it off some stupid retard decides to crash into him

Chapters (8)

To Luna, Anon is very good at two things--bantering, and staying up far too late. One night, she devises a cunning plan by which to see him off to a good night's sleep once and for all!

The cover artist is SilFoe!

Chapters (1)

What does it mean to betray Anon? What does it mean to challenge human destiny? Fate? A man in hard denial of his urges?

[Warning: An attack from an angry horny man in denial]

08/18/22 - 08/20/22 Featured?
[What is wrong with you]

Chapters (1)

A new hero has risen in Canterlot, protecting poor and rich, innocent and guilty, and even the Princesses. Known only as the Blue Knight, this courageous pony faces off against evildoers with a smile and a quirky comment. Nopony knows who he is, only that he must be the most noble stallion in the world.

Meanwhile, Blueblood, one of the few ponies born without Celestia's mental block on violence, is struggling. Ever since he was a colt, he's pushed everypony away in an attempt to keep them safe from the harm he might do them. Now, with his rise to the Hero of Canterlot, he struggles against keeping those he protects safe from evil, while also keeping them away from him.

In the large city of Baltimare, a stallion is growing his power. Born without any form of violence block, he embraces his killer side, using it to hoard power and money. When he chances upon twins with the same blessing as he, a scheme to usurp Equestria's throne begins to form.

This story is part of the HoE storyline.

Extra tags include drama and mystery. Sex tag for implied intentions.
Other characters: Mane 6
Princess Cadance
Shining Armor

Chapters (18)

(Credit to Alamander for the Doom Slayer art found on his Youtube channel and Twitter.)

Equestria, a land where almost nopony experiences grievances, pain or agony. Literal sunshine and rainbows. However with new revelations about this world, it's inhabitants may experience a drastic shift in their hopeful home.

Ever since a weird red substance was found by Applebloom, strange things have been happening around Ponyville. Strange creatures, odd diseases and strange events. All much more frequent than usual. Could this amount to something much more substantial for our equine friends?


Eons ago, in the trades of Nekravol, the great Khan Maykr sold away large stocks of worlds and planets that were once under their jurisdiction to the Dark Lord of Hell. Amongst these worlds being the peaceful land of Equestria. The Dark Lord saw the powerful magic that inhabited this equine ruled land and decided that rather to invade immediately, it would be wiser to save it in an emergency where he was no longer in power.

Wall of Cool People That Made Mission Music

Strely (Mission 1. DOOM MUSIC)

GeoffPlaysGuitar (Mission 2. Outlander)

(Supposed to happen between the end of Season 6 and the start of Season 7 and after the end of The Ancient Gods 2, the last DLC of DOOM Eternal. If you are here for the action, Cordial Affairs and all the Mission chapters might be what you are looking for.)

Chapters (31)

Luna is giving a press conference to the ponies of Equestria after her return from the moon at the request of Celestia, when she hears two words that strike her soul with curiosity.

"Holy cow!"

Now determined to find out why cows are holy, she pursues her leads with advice from various ponies.

It definitely won't dissolve into insanity.

Written by iAmSiNnEr. Not to be taken seriously.

Chapters (1)

After several jumps go wrong, Anon lands himself, er, herself into another land of colorful equines. This time stuck for an entire year before being able to continue on her quest of returning home.

Question remains, will Anon want to?

Proofread and edited by PseudoBob Delightus

Starts shortly before season one. More character tags will be added as they become relevant.
Includes a swearing, mildly foul mouthed former human.
Dark tag for flashbacks.
Violence tag for flashbacks, mentions of past violence and one bit in the second chapter.
Will there be cake?
Maybe includes cake.

Chapters (7)