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Hey! MasterBrony Forever here with a short Bio. Favorite character's from the show are Spike & Discord! Improving my writing over the past few years.

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Spike is invited by Smolder, to the Dragon Lands for the annual two week holiday. At first Spike is anxious yet excited to spend time with his dragon friend but when he overhears Smolder telling others that he isn’t “dragon material”, he starts to consider backing out leading to a HUGE argument between them. Will Spike’s anxiety get the better of him? What exactly is going on with Smolder? What is she hiding? Will their friendship remain soaring or go up in smoke?

This story explores the complex yet inspiring friendship between Spike and Smolder, and their emotional self-doubts. I don’t think this will be canon since this will take place before Garble is revealed to be Smolder’s sister to Spike and couple days are after Sludge abandoned Spike.

The part where Smolder explains about diet was inspired by "Smolder, the Dragon Tutor" by Smart Mouth

Chapters (1)

What do Spike, Garble, and Smolder have in common, besides being dragons? They've been summoned to another world at the behest of a needy adventurer who thinks her fortunes are turning with their arrival. No one involved is ready for what comes next.

Done as a collaborative effort with a patron (RadicalDishonesty)! Will be updated weekly.

PS: This means you can blame all the typos on them, muah ha ha ha!

PPS: Lovely picture done by Dragonpony, thanks!

Chapters (37)

This story takes place after the events of the episode "Princess Twilight part 2"

After Discord's old plan of destroying the tree of harmony reemerged and wreaked havoc in Equestria Celestia decided to take him on his offer "to clean up" literally. After some catching up Discord decides to go ahead and become a maid to Celestia for a day since most of her staff took the day off. However Celestia's old mischievous nature from her past has reemerged and she decides to make things quite embarrassing for the lord of chaos. Discord who can still use his chaos magic fights back pranking both Celestia and Luna while digging up secrets in the castle. It doesn't take long for things to get out of control.

Cover artist: Pridark

Chapters (7)

Spike considers himself to be a strong individual. Healthy, happy, but most importantly, sober.

Unfortunately for him, that changes during a night time Summer festival courtesy of Pinkie Pie. After a few dances and spiked drinks from Ponyville's delinquent Berry Punch, Spike finds himself getting drunk....by accident of course. And before he realizes what had happened, he finds himself in his room the next morning sleeping on top of Griffonstone's newest resident baker Gilda Gruff.

Spike will soon see if he is to come out of this situation beaten to a bloody pulp, or come out with a new special somepony to share his feelings with.

(I figured it would be interesting to try my hand at my first shipfic)
(Be gentle with me on this one, this is another one of my experimental fics)

Chapters (2)

The Griffon Kingdom was once a prosperous and happy country, but in the past century it has fallen into ruin. It now sits as an empty husk of what it once was, leaving the griffons living there to scrounge for whatever they can find to survive. There is no government, no leaders, and for many griffons, no hope.

Princess Celestia has done all she can to try and aid it and the griffons living there, but there is only so much she can do without causing an international incident. Now her hoof has been forced. A changeling queen is building a hive deep inside the kingdom, and once fully established it will be a threat to ponies and griffons alike.

Gilda doesn't care about any of that. She's far more interested in finishing her new bakery. It hasn't been easy, she had to persuade a number of griffons to come together to build it, but she had gotten it done. Now, with the help of her two employees (who she might go as far to even call friends) she's almost ready to open for business.

Unfortunately, Gilda's hard work is about to put her front and center in Celestia's plan to save the Griffon Kingdom. A task which comes with a whole host of problems, as well as a crown.

Editing by m1ntf4n

Custom cover artwork by silfoe

If you like what I do, you can support me on my Pateron.

Chapters (9)

Right after the events of the sonic rainboom, it is decided that Spike the newly hatched dragon is to be sent to live with his own kind, but with all the negative relations with the dragons, it was bound to cause trouble, the guard tasked with the transport of the whelp decides why risk his flank, so he flies to the Everfree Forest and deposits the baby. But he is unaware that he flew over 5 little fillies who all happened to making their way to the small village at the forests edge.

They see the guard leave the poor defenseless baby in the forest, so they retrieve him, but this has its consequences. Spike who started out with no family, now has 5 mommies.

Inspired by all the stories about Spike in other families.

First feature 11/14/19, 11/18/19,11/20/19,11/21/19,12/4/19

Chapters (43)

Spike shows up on Fluttershy's doorstep at the crack of dawn, professing heartbreak and asking for a shoulder to cry on. Fluttershy does as every pony should: she makes him a pot of tea, and sends him off to bed.

This is the story of where that takes them.

Updates are gonna be weird, I blame meds.

Updates slightly more regular, hopefully it keeps up.

Cover art gratefully borrowed from Airy, over on Tumblr. Give a peek for more cuties :twilightsmile:

Featured briefly on 12/22/16! Thanks all, for the wonderful Christmas gift!
Featured briefly every time I actually update! You guys have no idea how happy that makes me, thank you so much! :twilightblush: :yay:

Chapters (34)

Adopted by a dragon couple instead of by the Sparkle family, Spike's life was set to take a very different course indeed...

Follow him now through love, laughter, and loss as he learns his way around the realms of Avalar. And oh yes, tries not to drive his adoptive parents up the wall... too much anyways.

Did I forget to mention said adoptive parents are Spyro and Cynder? Oh yes, this is a thing now.

(Spyro the Dragon is the property of Activision. I own nothing. Partially inspired by Welcome my Little One)

Featured on 7/13/19

Chapters (13)

While in class, Smolder finds a thought nagging her mind. Through support and encouragement, she eventually reveals her love for dresses and all things cute and girly still exists, and her friends encourage her to ask Rarity to make her one for the upcoming school dance.

A fic inspired by my Discord friend, Nittany Discord, who loves wearing dresses and feeling beautiful and pretty :pinkiehappy:

EDIT: 30+ faves and shelves in less than 24 hours?! Thanks y'all <3
EDIT 2: A proper title and a new cover, with art by johnjoseco and a background image from TonyPooleDiscos

Chapters (3)

Meet Spike, a adventures happy future Prince of Equestria and the son of Princesses Celestia and Prince Thorn.

As a teenager he seeks crazy adventures and decides to move to Ponyville by himself making friends and catching the attention of 6 teenage fillies, a Changeling and a Dragoness.

A Spike x CMC, Diamond Tiara, Silver Spoon, Ocellus, Smolder and Dinky harem story.

Chapters (66)
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