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Gonna work on that Kingdom Hearts fic at some point

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An incident lands Gallus in trouble. The biggest trouble he's ever been in. Because of it, he's now forced to confront and talk about the one thing he never wanted to address: his parents.

Thanks to Scyphi for helping me edit this.

Chapters (1)

My name is Luke. Once upon a time, I was just a 32 year old guy on regular old Earth. That all changed one night during a blizzard with a strange light from my neighbors’ house.

Suddenly, I found myself in a world I don’t know, in a body I only know from Super Smash Brothers and bits of a movie my neighbor Leo was watching when I was helping them with a ceiling fan.

If that wasn’t enough, I also found myself taking care of a dragon lady named Ember after she went and got herself injured.

Also, why the hell does she look familiar?

This story takes place in the same universe as Symphonicdysonince's story Equestrian Eeveelution. While you don't need to have read that to be able to follow this, I would still recommend reading the first two chapters at least, as there's a lot of information in those that won't be in this. Plus, it's just a really good story.

Chapters (29)

Gallus has an completely ordinary day at the School of Friendship.

Set between Sweet and Smokey and Student Counsel.

Written for the Student Six Discovery contest. Sex tag is for discussion, eye candy, jokes, and the like. No explicit material. This story shares continuity with The Ending of the End, but absolutely no knowledge of it is needed to enjoy this story.

Featured 2/9/2020

Chapters (1)

Hearth's Warming is never an easy time for Gallus, being the only one without a real family to go home to.

But this year, he just might discover a new friend to spend it with.

Spanish Translation

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Waking up in an alternate universe in which you are a supervillain can be hard.

Finding out your friends are rebels trying to kill or overthrow you isn't very easy to deal with either.

But trying to solve the situation? That's a real horn cracker.

Chapters (7)

This story is a sequel to Fool's Gold

A changeling’s world gets turned upside down when she decides to take an orphaned colt under her wing. Following the events of Fool’s Gold, Cicada, also known as Gemini by her new friends, fully adopts the pony lifestyle and even adopts a pony in order to fulfill an inherent desire she never knew she had.

Cover art generously gifted by Skitsniga.

Chapters (4)

This story is a sequel to Shining Armor Follows His Muse

Shining Armor is a very happy stallion. Why shouldn't he be happy? He has a good job, good friends, and just a good life overall. Sure, it would be nice if Cadance saw him as more than just a friend, but that's a pipe dream. At least things are going well with his RPG group—especially now that they've been joined by a lovely fey mare named Musette.

Even better, Musette and Cadance are on the road to becoming best friends with each other. And really, why wouldn't they get along? It's not like either one of them could ever be interested in Shining, or would have any reason to not like each other.

Yup, everything is going to be just fine.

Chapters (2)


Jedi Knight Revan Blake has barely managed to escape the clutches of the empire. Order 66 has destroyed the only home and family he has ever known, in desperation Revan gathers what he can of Jedi knowledge and jumps into hyper space. Using the force to guide him, he picks a random system, knowing full well he could run into a sun or a meteor belt.

Trusting the Force, he jumps into hyperspace with the goal of protecting Jedi history and teachings. However, as he travels something goes wrong, some unknown force pulls his ship from hyperspace and makes his freighter crash into the Everfree forest.

Being the only human, the only jedi, the only force user, Celestia offer him a home in the hopes he may find the peace he needs. However, the force awakes, and Revan knows he is the only one who can teach it safely, the only question is, should he?

What unknown path has open up for our young Jedi!

Chapters (11)

After years of being the runt of the litter (despite having no siblings), Spike finally comes into his own and starts to grow up and mature. The thing is, a dragon's version of adulthood comes with... complications. And while it might not be as visibly obvious as a Cutie Mark, Spike quickly realizes his life is going to be changed forever by what his magic has given to him.

Chapters (47)

BlackWarGreymon, created from 100 Control Spires to do evil, died being a hero.

But as death start to grip him, fate has other ideas. Now in Equestria, his life can start again. Making unforgettable friends, facing deadly foes and experience feelings and emotions he never thought would ever happen to him.

(note: this story takes place after the events in Digimon Adventure 2 episode BlackWarGreymon's Destiny and some time after MLP FIM season 4)

Chapters (52)
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