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For Celestia's entire life, and time immemorial before, ponies have lived in three tribes. The magical Unicorn Kingdom in the far north moves the sun and the moon, the hard-working earth ponies grow food, and the proud pegasi of the Cloud Empire control the weather. They coexist out of necessity in a delicate balance of trade, although they have little trust or friendship for each other.

But now, the North is getting colder. Crops are failing, and the balance is crumbling. In the midst of the world's freezing, a sinister plan unfolds, spelling further disaster. Everything hangs on the precipice of catastrophe.

All Celestia ever really wanted was to be assigned to work on the sun control team, but her world needs heroes – before it's too late.

Pre-read / edited by Georg, Ceffyl Dwr, The Dobermans, Telepony, and Beltorn. Thanks, all of you!

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Tender Rows is down on her luck. In fact, she's pretty much down on her life. After being fired from nearly every job in Ponyville, Tender must seek a new occupation or face life on the streets. However, not all jobs are as easy as they seem.

A Tender Rows story. Prequel to Garden of Roses

Edited by the dobermans Thank you so much, good sir for your observations and talent.

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Lyra has always been a scared pony. Her irrational fears are ruining her relationship with Bon Bon. Being afraid of nearly everything is difficult, but sometimes you have to face the things that frighten you. No matter how irrational they may be.

Entry to The Barcast Writing Contest #3: Halloween in April

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Lyra Heartstrings has noticed an eerie strangeness in Equestria. Contemplating whether it's her or the world, she challenges the fabric of reality as she knows it.

Edited by the dobermans

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This story is a sequel to Feeling That Way

The war's over and your fiancé is back. Your once dead town is showing signs of life again. But you feel more muted than ever. Only one thing is there for you, anytime at all.

"Feeling That Way"/"Anytime" are two popular Journey songs from their breakout album Infinity, often played back to back on the radio.

Preread by Yamgoth the Moth and the Dobermans
Recommended by Present Perfect

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My name is Candy Cane. I live in Fillydelphia, and I make candy for a living. That's it. I'm nopony. Really.

I'm just a candy maker, and that's all.

Why can't I just be left alone?

Pre-reading and editing by The Dobermans, Sigawesome, and Dopamine Agonist.

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Twilight Sparkle conducts an experiment and succeeds in obtaining an unusual flower with some intriguing properties.

What it could teach her, however, might prove to be more than she bargained for. She finds herself having to face surprising—and maybe frightening—new possibilities about the universe. How does it work? What is 'real', exactly? And why are these suddenly such uncomfortable and challenging questions for her?

Pre-reading and editing for this story was done by Grand Moff Pony, The Dobermans, SIGAWESOME, Reese, Georg, LCranston, and Equestria Daily pre-readers 63.546 and Slorg. Many thanks to all of them for helping this get where it is!

Now with an audio reading by TheDizzyDan!

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