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One fine morning, Spike woke up early and ran some errands. Then he found Discord putting up a seller's stand, apparently ready to open his own business. One which offers a one-day transformation into anything the user wants. And he apparently had the patience to set up his shop LEGALLY. Twilight and the others brace themselves for the inevitable...

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Now with a 'dramatic' reading: Prologue

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Rainbow Dash wakes up one morning to warm sheets, the lovely chirping of birds, and sunshine on her scales. She flexes her claws and lets out a yawn that lights up the room.


Patreon (NEW): https://www.patreon.com/Kyle_67

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Twilight Sparkle has ascended to alicornhood. It's the proudest moment of her life. The happiest moment in Celestia's recent memory. But not all is as it's supposed to be. A second star appears just after her ascension. When it lands an exact copy of Twilight as a unicorn is revealed.

A human goes skydiving for the first time. Unfortunately, his parachute has some difficulties. After a hard landing and a second, slower fall he finally makes it to the ground safely. Now in the form of a purple unicorn he has one question. Does catastrophic brain trauma carry into the next life?

Sex tag for vulgarity
Featured Feb 6, 2017

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Herman always believed that ponies were an exceedingly friendly bunch, and he figured it was in their nature to be kind and open to all strangers—even to those of different races. But what if he was wrong? What if there was another explanation?

He mentions this fact in his memoirs, but shortly after he sends them to be published he is informed that the Royal Guard wants him for questioning in Canterlot.

Additional notes:
-Equestria Girls is not canon
Proofread by: Eckaji, Snakeskin Ducttape, Javarod, ROBCakeran53, and PresentPerfect
Artwork by: Ruirik
Featured on Equestria Daily
Review link: PresentPerfect and PaulAsaran

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This story is a sequel to Where Spike came from

This is a direct sequel to Where Spike came from. If you have not read that story I would advise you do so before reading this, because a LOT happens in that fic.

The following contains MAJOR spoilers for Where Spike came from. Read at your own risk if you haven't read the original, as it will ruin a lot of the twists that happen.

The Tree of harmony has stripped all life from the mane 5's reality. Everyone they know is gone and there is nothing to go back to now. As they morn the loss of everything they ever loved they have to decide what their next step is.

Discord tells them that his reality isn't really made for ponies, and they cannot set hoof in one of the tree's realities again without it ending in their untimely deaths. So the Spirit of Chaos proposes that they simply... stop being ponies.

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When Twilight loses control of her magic, she finds herself in the realm of the the eternally damned, Tartarus. In order to survive she is forced to learn and change. However, when Twilight finally escaped from Tartarus, how will Equestria deal with a Twilight who has been forged in hellfire?

Author's Note: I want to point out that the Dark and Gore tags are not all consuming. They are there only by necessity. There are going to be some dark material in here, but nothing grim.

On the same note, Twilight is the only anthro in the story, and there is an in-story reason for it, so don't let that big nasty Anthro tag scare you.

One final thing. It has been some time since I've done any real work on this story. To make clear how long, this portion of the author note was added July 5th, 2019. This story is currently sitting in that little area between "Hiatus" and "Cancelled". Time will tell if I revitalize it.

The World of Tartarus Forged.

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“Youth is wasted on the young.”

But only the oldest of people know that. Jonathan Taylor is one such man, in the twilight of his years, quietly lamenting the follies of the newer generations. He would show them, ah, he would show them all, if he could go back in time and live with what he now knows.

Then again, browbeating a voice that pretends to be able to grant wishes might not have been particularly smart of him either. She did hold a grudge. A little one. It probably explains the whole horse thing.

And, as the rest of the saying goes, wisdom is wasted on the old.
The cover art has been drawn by the incredible mix-up. You can also see his gallery on deviant art.

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This story is a sequel to A Stallion for the Time Being

Minuette likes strong drinks, good-looking stallions, and Twilight Sparkle (who upon occasion has been known to be a good-looking stallion). Oh, and she's the physical embodiment of the metaphysical concept of 'Time'.

Twilight Sparkle likes books, rationally-developed hypotheses, and Minuette (in any form). Plus, she happens to be the incredibly powerful alicorn Princess of Science (totally a real thing).

Together, they have a perfectly happy (if complicated) relationship. But Ponyville has more than its fair share of mysteries, and when trouble comes knocking... Minuette is there to pretend she's not home.


This story is a continuation of sorts to A Stallion for the Time Being, though reading it is not strictly necessary. These short standalone stories are a change of pace for me, focused on Twilight and Minuette dealing with a variety of supernatural shenanigans. More to come as ideas strike me!

Edited by: Exuno
Preread by: barbeque
Cover image by: Ghost

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This story is a sequel to Yeah, It Needed More Ponies

My name is Lyle Anderson, age 17, part time human, and all the other times I'm a (pony, griffin, zebra, breezie, etc.)

Why can I become so many fantasy creatures from a show directed towards little girls and bronies? Well, blame my friend, who happened across transformation spells while dabbling in witchcraft. I admit, it's been fun this far, and my life has gone as far from ordinary as possible right now... but on a school trip to Washington D.C., I realize Angela isn't the only one who can perform the spell. That someone wants to see the capital burn.

And all the while I'm wondering, "How the hell did I get thrown into the middle of this?!"

Rated Teen for the occasional cuss
Character listing for this story will update as more transformations occur, but not of specific ponies; Just species like Changelings or Breezies.

[Edit}: Has made Featured List at least three times... I think. I may have lost count.:twilightblush:

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A call for help from Cherry Jubilee brings Applejack back to a very different Dodge Junction. Its residents are fearful, a gang of kleptomaniacs has the full run, trolls are on the loose, and the sheriff's in a criminal's pocket.

Besides Big Macintosh, the only pony on Applejack's side is the most accident-prone being in Equestria. If the schemes of a psychotic but dainty griffon don't ruin things, Clutterstep just might. Applejack reckons they've got as much chance as a seed in a storm, but an Apple always honors her friends. It's a race to finish the harvest and save Cherry Hill Ranch while making it out alive back to Ponyville.

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