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Mis-communication has started many a war, but in this case maybe calling it a war was too generous.

The "war" is over, Twilight has successfully orchestrated a bloodless end to the Griffons' aggression, but only now does she realize that there is more to winning than she had first assumed, especially against a nation that holds war as a central part of their culture...

Now Twilight must deal with the aftermath while facing a challenge she never anticipated: being seen as a conqueror.

This can be read alone, but I recommend reading the letter that started it all for a chuckle and a little exposition. This series of expositional one-shots can also give some additional world-building.

Chapters (13)

When the Cutie Mark Crusaders dig up an ancient magical artifact, they unleash a spell on the town that allows everypony to see a "lie meter" floating above each other's heads. While attempting to solve the mystery, Twilight Sparkle has to analyze the tenuous balance between friendship and honesty. She doesn't like what she finds.

Based on a story idea conceived by theworstwriter
Written and posted with his permission

Chapters (5)

Have you ever seen a pony that just seemed out of place? Perhaps some mannerism, some behaviour that just struck you as odd? Some piece of clothing that didn't seem quite right? perhaps a coat or mane whose colour just seemed flat-out weird. A strange build, a strange voice, or maybe they were perfectly normal, except that you swear you just saw the exact same pony not five seconds ago somewhere completely different?

Of course you have. Everypony has encountered an Outsider at some point. But never up close, it's always at a distance, and they're always gone before you have the chance to challenge them.

But sometimes the rules get broken. Sometimes fate gets distracted for a moment, and a lone unicorn mare gets to see something that she was never meant to see.

Twilight Sparkle's day is about to get very weird.

FAQ and Supplemental Materials (Potential Spoilers for new readers)

Featured! Twice!
...I really don't know what to say!

Special Thanks go to Horizon for initial proof-reading, editing, and signal-boosting, provided as a prize for spotting an Easter egg in his story Hard Reset II. Seriously, it's an awesome, brain-warping story and you should go read it right now.

Thanks also go to my editors for putting up with my atrocious grammar and spelling errors - Ganelon, Ephraim Blue, BronyWhooves, Commonancestry, Princess Autumn Forest, and Morning Sun

Cover art credit goes to EMedina13 and tamalesyatole. I am looking for more appropriate art, so If you think you can do better, let me know.

Chapters (27)

Author's note: this story is still undergoing occasional editing as I figure out what the hay I'm doing. Some scenes may be added, modified, or removed.

Two months ago, a changeling posing as Rainbow Dash tried to abduct Twilight. Nopony was hurt, but Twilight became a bit paranoid--how could she make sure something like that wouldn't happen again? The best thing she could think of was to invent a spell, empowered with her full might as princess, that would forcibly remove the disguise of any changeling in the vicinity.

It's testing day, and Ponyville's about to get twenty percent buggier . . .

AU taking place between seasons 3 and 4. Trigger warning for one scene of implied dubcon.

Chapters (6)

Blueblood only had one dream, one hope, one desire. To travel to the moon.

Chapters (1)

It was a secret no-strings-attached relationship, that’s all. A few flings here and there, but that was it… and then, Rarity got a job opportunity that changed everything. She had moved to Canterlot to pursue her career, and time flew by. Now, five years have passed, and she’s lost contact of her Ponyville friends. Upon returning to her hometown, she realizes that everypony has changed in one way or another.

And out of all the news, what she didn’t expect was for Applejack to be a single mother to a four-year-old daughter. Now, that isn’t so much a bombshell on it’s own, but what puzzles Rarity the most is how sensitive her friend is regarding the little filly’s paternity.

After all, that’s what friends are for, aren’t they? To worry about one another?

...well, maybe Rarity is worrying a bit too much - or is she?

Bad cover art made by me. Do I get a "YOU TRIED" sticker? Shoutout to OkemosBrony & twilight-the-pony for editing!
p.s. - take note that this story is AU to all of my other RariJack family stories.

Chapters (5)

At Celestia's behest, Twilight Sparkle arrives in Ponyville to prepare for the Summer Sun Celebration, and potentially the return of Nightmare Moon.

Her preparations will be anything but easy. The stallions in charge of the festivities all seem to have taken a "romantic" interest in her, and every one of them is terrible at flirting. Really terrible. Really.

T for innuendo/creepy behavior. Thanks to Sereg for prereading and to Midnight Rambler for helping with the first draft song sequence. Thanks to Posey, Jetto, Blank!, and Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi for editing (Plus three other anons who didn't give me their fimfic names). Especial thanks to whatmustido and ocalhoun for nitpicking the hell out of this mess.

All-mare version: Gdocs/FIMfic
All-stallion version: Gdocs/FIMfic
Stallion Twilight/mare main five version: Gdocs/FIMfic
The password for the FIMfic versions is: TUSH
(Every version is essentially identical, save character gender. Comments are enabled on the Gdocs if you notice any typos :twilightsmile:)

Chapters (3)

I finally saved up the money. I finally had a costume I felt was sufficient. I finally got to go to Botcon. As Soundwave. I even practiced his special disturbing walk cycle for extra effect. Granted, I had to do it all with a missing Laserbeak, but hey, I could always roleplay that the little bugger was off on reconnaissance.

Then I saw a way to skip that little mistake altogether: A perfectly sized, articulated Laserbeak, with straps to hold it on properly. I didn't even think about it. I didn't think about why what appeared to be an entire prop shop was set up in the middle of a con. I didn't think about what the chances of this particular prop even existing were. I couldn't even be bothered to think about the creepy dude wearing a creepy hooded robe working the booth as he chuckled at my enthusiastic strapping on of my perfectly-sized addition.

Now I'm in the world of ponies, and have been turned into one of the most technologically-advanced villains of a completely different universe. Nothing to do now except make myself useful, I suppose.


And thus, I throw my hat into the ring with all the other LoHAV stories. I've been wanting to do this pretty much since the whole trend started, but couldn't figure out which character to use. Let's see how this goes, shall we?

Chapters (2)

After feeling sad Scootaloo finds comfort in someone special to her that she had long time without seeing, but things didn't end as she expected.

Special thanks to my editors:
Poets Dream

This story was written before the Flight To The Finish episode. Any resemblance, even the smallest ones, is pure coincidence.

Chapters (1)

Some ponies just don't have any luck.

Twilight Sparkle is one of them.

Sure, other ponies might say she's the luckiest pony ever, being the personal protégé of Celestia, a well known pony in all of Equestria.

What they don't know, Twilight Sparkle isn't Twilight Sparkle.

Everything was perfect, her cover has never been blown. Until that one fateful day, the day Shining Armor, Twilight's brother, should have been married, the day of the changeling invasion.

The cleansing wave of love that send every changeling away...

There are only three ponies who know the truth, Twilight Velvet, Night Light and Twilight herself.

Edited by Jphyper, thanks for that.

Chapters (3)
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