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Crystal, a changeling that's rather unique in appearance, is discovered in a mine shaft very close to the Crystal City. After making a rather unorthodox and upsetting introduction, she begins her tale of how she arrived...

Set in Sylvian's and Witching Hours Roan era, which is a part of the Expanded Wonderverse. The story itself takes place during that time, while the introduction and small scenes take place in the current day, a few years after Calm Winds Piercing the Heavens.

Chapters (12)

This story is a sequel to Chase the Wind

Monkey Wrench hasn't gone back to Cloudsdale in months, not seeing her parents and four older siblings since her accident more than 10 months ago...

Cinna's family only has four ponies to it, since her father's been disowned by his parents...

Squad Zero is new in town and they don't really have anyone to spend the holiday with beyond each other...

So Witching Hour takes it into her own hooves, with the help of Fancy Pants and Fleur, to make sure this year's holiday gives them something special, even if it's just somewhere to be with other Hearth's Warming Orphans like themselves.

Set approximately 2 months before the start of Calm Wind's Piercing the Heavens.

Chapters (7)

Ever wonder what goes on in a drake empire changeling hive before and after its crushed into dust thanks to the madness of a jealous prince who cant take being beat by a changeling well? That is a good question, and the changelings will be happy to tell you in a collection of short stories!

Also included will be how my various changelings become scattered around the world of Equestria!

Cover art drawn up by my go to artist: Foxenawolf

Chapters (13)

Blue Jay, a Pegasus fan of the Wonderbolts, attends a show in Vanhoover and is amazed by it! Then, as if the day couldn't get any better, by a twist of fate she gets the chance to not only meet the Wonderbolts, but also have dinner with them!"

Set in Calm Wind's Wonderverse
Specifically, it takes place after chapter 10 of "Flying Sky High," I strongly suggest that you read that one before this.

Thanks to Witching Hour, Sylvian, and Zoljen for their advice and help with this.

Chapters (3)

The crowning achievement of Crimson Blaze's life was becoming a Wonderbolt. Years later, he's had a successful career and is captain of his own squad. However, when the Shadowbolts attack, his secret is exposed, and not only might his career be over, but all the friendships he has made.

This is a side fic based in Calm Wind's Wonderverse. The events take place during Piercing the Heavens, beginning at approximately Chapter 86. There's a huge amount of background context there, but hopefully you should be able to enjoy this story if you haven't read that.

Chapters (2)

Takes place directly after Chapter 3 of my "A Different Breed of Changeling" Story.

Talon wasn't the only survivor of the Drakes' destruction of the Hive... But he was the only one to get a free ride to Canterlot - Ember must travel to Equestria on her own, with nothing but a few skills to make her way...

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Many years after the fall of the Equus Empire, the Virtue of Hope has helped to establish the Crystal Empire. It is a city she protects with all her power, and with all her love.

One night as she sits in the company Amore, the pony who will one day succeed her as Queen of the Crystal Empire, she is asked by the young unicorn about their shared heritage. Amore, like Hope, had once lived behind the hallowed and shining walls of Roan. Hope, though saddened by the prospect of recalling the city she once ruled over, tells Amore of their homeland.

And of its fall.


A back-story and world building story for the Equus Empire that Witching Hour and myself are slowly building up.

Amore belongs to Hasbro.

Hope, Strength, Life, Compassion, Love are creations of myself and Witching Hour, as are the Alicorn Shiro and the Drake Jinsong, the Construct Doctor, and the City of Roan.

Chapters (6)

This story is a sequel to Steady as She Flies

No power in the 'verse can stop them. They live for flying dangerously, and trolling the ever-loving life out of everypony they meet.

Much to Captain Spitfire's annoyance, Squad 12's antics never cross the line into Violations... The best she can do is simply not feed the Trolls.

That doesn't mean that others aren't going to feed them...

This is a collaborative effort between myself, Sylvian, Jim Hoxworth and Zoljen, using our alternate OCs.

Moonbow is mine, Sunshower is Sylvian's, Azure Star is Zoljen's and Bear Claw is Jim Hoxworth's.

Advisory: This story will contain massive amounts of crude humor, feigned incest, shamelessness, and unadulterated crack that comes from writing in the wee hours of the morning in the delusional throes of fatigue. This story will NOT contain any significant amount of plot, unless you count these crazies flaunting their rear-ends at ponies.

Cover image is a cropped screen capture from MLP:FiM Season 3, Episode 7, Wonderbolt Academy, and rather appropriately captures Spitfire's expression while dealing with Squad 12.

Chapters (10)

Takes place in Calm Wind's Wonderverse before any of his stories.

After a show in Cloudsdale Silver lining meets an interesting filly.

I'm still sort of a noob at writing so please feel free to point out my mistakes and to help me improve!

Chapters (1)

This story takes place in Calm Wind's Wonderverse, between Act 2 and Act 3 of Piercing the Heavens, though hopefully it's understandable on its own.

"The impossible happened... Rivet started making mistakes.”
“Doesn’t everypony make mistakes?”
"Even if ‘everypony makes mistakes’ was a legitimate excuse, most ponies mistakes don’t almost injure ponies, and definitely don’t almost kill ponies.”

Rivet is, before anything else, a genius. A master of machines and the lead engineer for the Wonderbolts, he's the first pony you go to for all problems mechanical, from inventing new training equipment to rapid repairs. It isn't much exaggeration to say he's one of the rivets holding their base together.
They leaned on him so much, it seemed only natural that he start to buckle under pressure. The machines he designed to get the Wonderbolt recruits up to speed have started to malfunction, and ponies have narrowly avoided getting hurt. Now he's under probation, forced to take a break from his work.
No one is listening to what he's saying.
No one is seeing that a saboteur is on the loose.
With both his job and the well being of the Wonderbolts on the line, he calls the only person he can rely on to solve the case. He calls his old friend and rival, ex-detective Keen Eye.

Chapters (21)