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why?no i believes it pronounced "why not?"

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Maud Pie has written thousands of poems.

Here are some of her poems.

They're about rocks.

Featured by the Royal Canterlot Library and the Royal Guard.

Chapters (20)

Where was Spike in all the times Twilight and the others were off having adventures? This will tell it all. This story consists of a bunch of one shots of what Spike was up to in the episodes where he was absent.

Chapters (19)

Career-criminal Silent Shadow has been captured again and is expecting another vacation at one of Equestria's rehabilitation clinics. Instead, she has a meeting with Celestia to learn just why the kingdom is crime-free.

Featured on Equestria Daily 09/02/14

Chapters (1)

The Apple family farm is in trouble. It was once underwater, but Discord fixed that. Now it’s underwater with a horrible, evil, greedy creature: a bank. Big Mac has only one day to get the bits together. After overhearing the flower mares talk about him, he gets an idea. It’s the oldest profession in the world, so how hard could it be?

All he has to do is keep quiet while he conducts business. So long as the customers are happy, and the bits are flowing, it’s all worth it. It’s just his reputation, self-esteem, health, and dignity on the line. It’s just a roll in the hay— it doesn’t mean anything…


Featured on EQD! (7/16/14)

Edited by: Level Dasher
Cover Art by: Anonymoose

Chapters (10)

Button is very brave. He's saved Princess Zelda from Ganondorf, fought against zombie hordes and he's even managed to beat the dreaded Creepers! Alright, that last one wasn't real. Or the other ones.

But, despite his achievements, he has only one princess he wants(and thankfully, she's not in another castle): Sweetie Belle. Of course, when he asks her to Sugarcube Corner for milkshakes, he encounters a horde of enemies! Well, not a horde, just Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon, but their enemies nonetheless.

Will Button be able to stand up to the enemy and protect his princess? And will he really learn the true meaning to being a hero?

This is to celebrate 350+ followers. The vote for this story's creation took place in this blog. I hope you enjoyed~!

Chapters (1)

Shining Armor and Cadence's spell reveals something completely unexpected as it expels Chrysalis and her changelings out of Canterlot: A secret kept from everypony for several years...

Now with a TV Tropes page! Warning: Will Contain spoilers.

Chapters (1)

When evil cultists are out kidnapping innocent ponies to summon their dark god, it's up to Princess Celestia and Twilight Sparkle to stop them! Armed with guns, sharp pointy things, magic up the wazoo, and plenty of ammo, the two are ready to kick some flank and chew bubblegum!

And guess who just ran out of bubblegum?

Collaboration with the great and quite handsome alexmagnet, who you all should go check out and stuff.

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During a personal excursion into the Everfree forest, Twilight goes further beyond it's borders. Soon she discovers a ruined temple and what she finds inside of it surprises her beyond belief. A stallion around her age named Baen is freed into the world from the structure. Though the stallion is brash, reckless, and having trouble adjusting to the new norms that he is not accustomed to, he has a good heart. Upon Celestia's request and Twilight's eagerness, the Elements of Harmony and many other ponies that Baen will meet shall teach the young barbarian their ways and how to find his place in this new time. They had best hurry though, for enemies of old are preparing to move against them and they're playing for keeps.

For Clop of everpony's favorite Barbarian, The Conquests of Baen By Lucky424

(Based on a character I shall use in a pony D&D. Art done by 2ll2l )

Chapters (47)

"Hey, I know magic, spells and fun!"
"No, you don't!"
"Yes I do!"
"No you..."
"Wow, this place is funtastic!"

What happens when a strange colt with magic, magical wings and a crown meets with her Majesty Princess Twilight? An imbroglio that will draw a clear line between two worlds forever.

The story was featured on Funtasia Daily. Is that good, no, no and no!

Crossover between MLP and Filly Funtasia, prepare the bleach for your sorry eyes!

Chapters (1)