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Music enthusiast, a (really bad) drawer, hardcore gamer/grinder, and somewhat of a decent writer (and a weeb of sorts). What more is there left to say?

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This day is a busy day. May be stressful. Maybe not.But this could be a day in the life of us I guess.
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A ghostly Pegasus who'd found redemption. A tortured writer saved from his own demons. A soldier drawn into a lewd position against his will. A young stallion with anxiety—and hormone—issues. An autistic foal without a cutie mark, or a care in the world. And a colt who learned, in the nick of time, that bullying can be a vicious cycle.

Six ponies, all characters exclusive to the world of the fans, gather just outside of Ponyville and discuss where their stories have taken them since being created. They talk about the perks, and the dangers, of having been made unofficial parts of the Equestrian mythos, and what being given life and place means in a harsh world. Philosophy, psychology, comparisons, and emotions are taken apart and studied, and it may all lead to the true meaning of being an original character.

A special one-shot written for my 500 followers, as well as in celebration of one full year on the site. Without you, I wouldn't have learned and done so much in this past year, and this story—and the characters in it—would not exist. Thank you all for reading.

Special thanks to the wonderful Salty Zebra for another great cover!

Chapters (1)