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First time of writing my own stories on here since the first episode of my little pony friendship is magic.

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Poor Trixie can't get a break. In between stops on her Humble and Penitent Equestrian Apology Tour, her cart breaks down in the middle of a dangerous forest. Unfortunately for her, she is happened upon by a petulant python that seems to have a love for magic tricks. However, the giant snake has a few 'tricks' of her own, which she's happy to show to Trixie. In "teaching" Trixie, the snake begins to make some rather odd suggestions, that Trixie seems to weirdly agree with. What dastardly plan could this serpent possibly be hatching?

Cover image used with permission. Source : http://lunahazacookie.deviantart.com/art/Lost-Magician-618361196

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Sunset Shimmer did many things in her life she wasn't proud of. Things that made her feel ashamed of her past and herself. She helped fight off the Sirens, "The Dazzlings", as they were known during the Battle of the Bands. Perhaps the former Unicorn could finally find happiness... right?

Anon-a-Miss happened. An unknown user of MyStable started posting secrets about every student at CHS. Sunset received the blame. Punished for a crime she didn't commit.

Nobody believed her, not even the Rainbooms. The group of friends she thought of as exactly that... her best friends. Her family. Princess Twilight couldn't be reached, either.

Was she destined to be alone? The Magic of Friendship nothing more than a mere lie?

It hurt; the pain of betrayal ran deep.

But, no matter how dark it is, there will always be a new dawn on the horizon.

This beautiful piece of art, also known as my story cover, was made by ChanceyB. You will find this picture on Deviantart.

Javarod is responsible for prereading, proofreading, editing, contributing, and especially everything that's wrong.

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Sunset Shimmer has lost everything. All her so-called friends have turned their backs on her thanks to the machinations of Anon-A-Miss, and she's abandoned and alone. About to step out into a cold winter afternoon, she hears a voice she didn't expect calling her back...

Written because of my own temper and sense of righteousness has fouled my thoughts before. Written because we can see the truth of things even through our anger. And written because I'd like to believe that individuals can think beyond the baying of the mob.

Rated T for swearing, discussions of violence, and some other PG-13 scenes.

9/18/17- Featured. For a minute. A little stunned.
9/26/17- Featured. Again. Let's see if it will last...
10/2/17- Featured for a few hours this time. Thank you all!

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Your name is Naxon. You have been living in "The World That Never Was" with Organization XIII for an entire year now, after a man named Vexen has implanted all the data of every Organization member inside of you, giving you all of their weapons and powers, but you have yet to awaken them. You have been told that you would serve as a replacement if the thirteenth member didn't appear in time, your future will be set in stone, your destiny will be what they made it to be.
But the thirteenth member has finally appeared, and your leader has ordered Vexen to lock you up, he refused, of course, saying that you are his "greatest creation", but your leader insisted, saying that they'll release you when needed.

After a little over seven days, Vexen came into your room and told you it was time for a "tune up". You were brought back into his lab and he implanted the data of the thirteenth and fourteenth members, he told you that he'll be back to get you very soon, you don't remember much after that, something about, "taking over the Organization".

You counted at least 130 days since Vexen said that, and you haven't seen him since. Then you met some boy who found your room by accident and you two ended up being "friends" as he called it. You remember his name was Roxas. For the next three weeks, he came to your room regularly, bringing seashells and sea salt ice cream. But one day, he stopped coming...

207 days later, you discovered that Roxas had left the Organization and for you, it was a lot to take in. Your only friend was gone. Maybe forever. You began to realize that Roxas was the only person who cared about you. You wanted to leave this place, you wanted to leave and never come back. Who knows? Maybe you might find Roxas.

Then you felt the room shake and thought that castle was under attack. You took this chance to escape; you packed your belongings, your diary, the first seashell Roxas gave you, and the popsicle stick from your first ice cream, and left your room. You saw a giant dragon circling the castle and raised your hand forward, opening the Corridor of Darkness, as they called it, and escaped into an unknown world.

All that you remember after that is running from a group of fledging Nobodies in a severe thunderstorm.

You are trapped in a doomed future and the only person who ever showed you the light inside you was Roxas. But maybe some new friends can take his place? Show you that, "Friendship is Magic".

KH Universe: Takes place after Kingdom Heart 2 and the events after that.

MLP Universe: Takes place after Rainbow Rocks.

Cover art from vadenwrench via DeviantArt.

Rated Teen for mild language.

Tags will be updated as the story goes.

This is currently a side project; this story is not canon to my KH:MLP Crossover series.

EDIT: Featured on 3/10/2017, thank you all for your support!

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On his way to Planet Namek to save his friends, Goku the strongest martial artist on earth gets sent to Equestria thanks to an unpredictable cosmic storm. Upon arrival, he meets the magically gifted creatures of this bright and colorful world. What perils shall he face? what friends will he make? and will he be able to return to journey to Namek before its too late? FIND OUT NOW ON DRAGONBALL MLP

Edit: OMG I got featured!? My life is complete. :twilightsmile: 7/4/2019

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New York of the year 2099. Things have changed, but some things never change. Miguel O'Hara the SpiderMan of this future is stranded by his former boss Tyler Stone in a place unknown to him, looking for a way back to the future will be hard on the hero but he will return before Tyler Stone makes any stupid mistakes in trying to make Alchemax exist before it was originaly made.

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Okay so, today my friend convinced me to attend a convention with some other so called friends. I take along my 3DS with a copy of my Omega Ruby to help pass the time. While playing I got spotted by some guy, calls himself the merchant, who sells me a golden 3DS.

Once I insert my Omega Ruby copy I suddenly find myself in an anthro version of My Little Pony, except I have my backpack from Omega Ruby and 7 pokeballs each with powerful Pokemon from my current team: a mischievous Hoopa, a fancy shiny Metagross, an evil mysterious Darkrai, a sassy Latios, two legendary Pokemon who could burn the world, and finally my loyal Sceptile. and Hoopa's prison bottle with dark evil magic. Let the adventure begin.

Warning: contains strong language, and set during season 4 finale

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My name is Michael Goodman Bizarro, and never in all my life would I ever imagine that I'd end up in a variation of my little sister's favorite cartoon.

It wasn't supposed to be like this, you know. I was having a good time at comic con in my Bizarro costume when I bought some stuff from the Merchant and was sent to Equestria. Now I either need to find a way home or adjust to my new life as Bizarro.

A Displaced, Reverse Gender Role Equestria (RGRE) Fan Fiction with EQG Girls taking the roles of ponies. Sex Tag is for references to sex and sex scenes in later chapters.

I do not own any of the characters or art in this story. Characters and story are from DC and Hasbro respectively.

Majority of art owned by Eric Powell.

From The Stars and The Underground

Featured 8/16/19. Thanks to all of you who've read my story I was featured. I hope I can continue to entertain you all with my story.

Featured 8/17/19. I'm glad so many of you are enjoying the story so far, and I'm grateful towards everyone who has followed me or added my story to their Favorites. I hope I can continue to entertain you.

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Anon-A-Miss, a mysterious internet user who corrupted Canterlot High School. Everyone have accused Sunset Shimmer of this betrayal, even her friends have abandoned her.
Now Sunset is alone, as she once was, and depends only on herself to start again, among shadows ... New faces, and not so new ones, will come to her life.
Will Sunset be happy again? Canterlot will ever know the truth? What will happen to the magic of friendship?

- "dark" label due to psychological conflicts and a certain degree of physical aggression -

- All chapters have been editing and correcting by icecreammac-

Chapters (34)

Anon-a-miss has all but destroyed Sunset Shimmer's life. Her relationship with her friends, her reputation, and her happiness were seemingly gone in an instant. Finding her life after this is difficult enough, but with another problem added into the mix-one with Equestrian origin-how will she cope?

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