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Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy have had a rocky relationship, with ups and downs over the course of years, and Rainbow's ready to call it quits for good. As she stands at the door, willing herself to knock, there's something holding her back: she's still in love. Love alone isn't enough to make it work, but as their relationship threatens to end forever, they have one last chance to make sense of it all.

And Rainbow Dash can't stop remembering.

Editing by Formerly Committed and Shellsh0cker.

Winner of the FlutterDash Group Contest: Conflict judges panel.

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The Cutie Mark Crusaders decide to ask ponies around town where they got their cutie marks, specifically Rarity, who has perhaps the most profound, odd cutie mark of all. On their quest to figure out how a unicorn became a weatherpony, however, they encounter many of the other ponies who have odd tales of their own to share. How did Pinkie Pie join the Apple Family? How did Rainbow Dash become an animal caretaker? Why is Applejack a fashion designer? How did Twilight become Celestia’s student? What made Fluttershy decide to dedicate her life to bringing joy to others? And how did Rarity become a weatherpony, a role so outside a unicorn’s skillset? It may be that everything in Equestria is not kind and peaceful after all.

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Celestia's Academy for Gifted Unicorns.

The name has bothered Luna for the longest of times. She'd seen pony after pony stride in and out of the castle- coming in with dreams of working beside their princess and making their parents proud. But what kind of message did it send when they were not accepted? You're not gifted.

Luna chances upon a pony that might just be the friend she needs to get on her feet after the events of Nightmare Moon and restore the Element of Harmony long forgotten and long been kept from all the ponies who have gone unseen for all these years.

Luna's Academy for Forgotten Ponies.

This story is being revamped! It's been a whole year since I finished this story and wow it was a pleasure to write. But a year of writing and growing older hopefully has given me some new tricks up my sleeve to making this story more wonderful than I thought it was when I first wrote it.
A big thank you to everyone who enjoyed this story when it began, and I hope you are all looking forward to this in time.

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