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I'm a proud brony who reads stuff for a living. I also write darkfics & family-friendly stuff every-so-often. All I can say is, if you plan to read any of my content, happy horrors ;)

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Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash unexpectedly opened a bakery together. A lot of ponies wondered how it worked out for them, even though they seem to have different intrests entirely. The dark truth lies in this story.

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This story is a sequel to The Definition of Insanity

Lil' Cheese lost his Mommy, and he will stop at nothing to find her - unfortunately for Pudding, the hostage negotiator in charge of untangling this mess.

This is a sequel to Snow Quill's story The Definition of Insanity, written (with her blessing) as part of a 'shitty sequel' event some friends ran. It's intended to subvert the spirit of the original and generally shit all over it, in a funny way. You can read this story without reading Snow's, but if you'd like to read something beautiful and sad, and then something that disrespects that entirely, you should read them both.

CW for some gore and violence. This is dark comedy.

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Hello? Can anypony hear me?

My name is Sunny Starscout, and I don't know where I am.

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Twilight finds a restricted forest fenced with wires outside Ponyville. When a guard chases her away, she's eager to find the answers for the mystery behind it.

Huge thanks to RB_ for prereading this fic!

Updated description part: This fic is inspired by SCP-2316 written by "djkaktus".

Now with a Russian Translation by NovemberDragon | [ponyfiction.org] [tabun.everypony.ru]

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A white mare stands next to a creek, clutching a white dress. She lowers it into the water. She waits. She raises it out. She was there yesterday. She will be there tomorrow.

And she washes.

Yet the spot still remains.

Inspired by The Ballad of Agnes.

Proofread by Not That Anon and /fimfic/. Thank you again!

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Dream demons.

If they kill you in your nightmares, you die in real life. Thankfully, they only have one chance to get you before they can never enter your dreams again.

These days, they’re mostly a joke. Ponies figured out all the rules surrounding them ages ago. Young fillies even throw ‘nightmare night’ parties to mass inoculate themselves in relative safety.

And yet…

Every once in a long while…

More stories set in this AU can be found here.

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With Halloween upon Canterlot High, Sunset and her friends want to make the best haunted house ever. Luna tells them about the ghost that once haunted the halls of their school, unknowingly sending Sunset on the path to uncover the mystery of the hoofbeat haunting and forcing the girls to try to rid the school of its terrors before it's too late.

Happy Halloween.

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Somepony finds herself alone in the woods, with no idea of who or really what she is. Is she in danger, or is she the danger?

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PONECO is well-known in Equestria for its insurance. From hot air balloons to crazy contraptions, from trolleys to carts, PONECO covers everything that moves ponies, and even ponies themselves.

Melody Fright is a young unicorn filly who, to say the least, doesn't like PONECO's commercials. More specifically, she despises the ones with the company's beloved and iconic reptilian mascot, a gecko with no name attached to him and an identity that is (mostly) tied to his workplace.

This is the story of how a filly faces her fears, makes a rather unusual friend, and sets her sights towards a new goal in the name of friendship.

A short crackfic-esque story I banged out for Spoop Day. Happy (belated) Halloween/Nightmare Night!

Mostly based on true events, detailed in the Author's Note.

Although PONECO is a parody, the Crossover tag has been added due to similarities with the real-life company.

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Apple Bloom knows that one thing, above all, is inevitable.
And it isn't death.
Not quite.

This was written for the Quills and Sofas Speedwriting Group's "What's Happening To Me" panic, where it won second place. We're on Discord here if you'd like to join us!

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