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This story is a sequel to The Sun of My Heart

It's now summer time for Soul Writer as he and his friends are having the time of their lives right now. His favorite girl in the world right now, Sunset Shimmer is his girlfriend and he loves her with all of his his heart. Once again, join Soul, Sunset and many of their friends in their adventures through life, fun and happiness as they make memories on their summer vacation and they soon would enter their senior year of school!

I want to thank my fellow authors and friends for letting me use their characters in this awesome sequel!

Amor Fati by BRyeMC
Come Out of Your Shell by CogWing
Pie of My Eye by Azure_Shadow
Chasing a Dream by KillerRobotQuote
Twilight to a New Dawn by Zeroxdoom

Cover Art made by kiriche

Chapters (34)

Night Chase is an ordinary student at Canterlot High School. He has some good friends, does well in his classes, and even plays a sport. Yet something seems to be missing from his life. When a bit of an accident causes him to befriend the kindest person he's ever met, Night begins to feel something new within himself.

Set in the Equestria Girls universe shortly after the first movie.

Special thanks to Azure_Shadow, BRyeMC, and CogWing for their awesome EQG stories that directly inspired this. And for letting me use their OCs Swift Justice, Clyde, and Rivet, respectively. And another thanks to CogWing for the great cover art. You guys are fantastic.

Additional special thanks to BlueSun52 for just being generally awesome and for the encouragement I needed to keep this story going.

Chapters (9)

Soul Writer moves to a new town with his mom while his dad is still in service in the old town they were in and becomes part of the Canterlot High family. He'll be able to make new friends and have the fondest of memories. But right now he faces his biggest challenge: Does he have a crush on Sunset?
Yes, yes he does.

Follow Soul and Sunset as they begin to have feelings for one another while they face life together.

Inspired by three wonderful authors and their stories.

The Pie of my Eye by Azure_Shadow

Amor Fati by BRyeMC

And Come Out of Your Shell by CogWing

Their OC characters are part of the story and they respectively belong to their individual creators.

Cover made by kiriche

Chapters (27)

This story is a sequel to Amor Fati

Last year, Clyde was truly blessed by fate as he made some new friends, joined the school basketball team, and of course, met the most amazing girl in the world. He couldn't have asked for a better junior year of high school.

Now, Clyde and Rarity will continue their love of fate attitudes as their high school days dwindle down and life after school begins. Even through struggles, both of them will learn that their love conquers all.

Cover art made by BlueSun52.

Chapters (20)

Rivet moves to a new town and a new school. After leaving his friends behind, he is hesitant to make new friends, despite his sister's outgoing nature. With any luck, he will be able to overcome his fear of making friends.

I really have to thank BRye MC in particular for his help with pre-reading and editing, as well as being there to talk me out of my creative ruts. Also for the invention of Clyde.

As well, I would like to thank Azure Shadow for allowing me to use his character, Swift, and being there to get me into writing in the Equestria Girls world in the first place.

Chapters (9)

Amor Fati is a Latin phrase loosely translating to "love of fate" or "love of one's fate". It is used to describe an attitude in which one sees everything that happens in one's life, including suffering and loss, as good.

Having only joining the Canterlot High Wondercolts family for not even a week, Clyde finds himself in Saturday morning detention. Maybe it was fate, but he soon gains a best friend, a squad of goons to hang out with, a rival who holds a grudge on him, and the growing relationship with a certain girl.

As the year progresses, he learns two things: fate is something that never escapes him and there's someone he loves more than it.

Story is set before, during, and after Equestria Girls. Also, story ends before Rainbow Rocks.
Thanks to the fabulous CogWing for the cover art. Now with more chic!
Thanks to the awesome Azure_Shadow and his story, The Pie of My Eye, for minor behind the scenes help and inspiration for writing an EG story myself, respectively.

Chapters (16)

Swift Justice has a good life in Canterlot High, he has decent friends, good grades, and a crush on a certain pink haired president of the party planning committee. He wants to ask her out, but things get complicated when a new student enrolls and Pinkie tries to set Swift up with her! Will Swift be able to get the girl without completely embarrassing himself? Probably not.

*A series that's set in Canterlot High after the events of Equestria Girls.
*Thanks to CogWing for the title, cover art, editing, and basically being the co-author at this point! You rock Cog!
*Swift Justice is my OC, pls ask if you wanna use him for something.
*Don't let the character tags fool you, there's no Flashlight.

Chapters (23)
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