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This story is a sequel to The Book of Water: The Marriage of the Slave King

The Slave King, the Lord of Earth, was once one of the most powerful deities on the Pantheon. Feared and respected by his peers and enemies alike, he had it all. But then disaster struck, and he was forced to make an unwanted choice. Now he's married to a woman he never loved, bedridden and crippled by some unseen assassin, friendless and vulnerable, buffeted from every side by traitor and enemy alike, and entangled in an endless web of lies and deceit.

Princess Luna, the Beautiful, Lady of Night, was once beloved and desired by all. Once, many sought after her to behold her loveliness and share her wisdom. But now, few seek an audience at her throne in Londwhinium, and even fewer still seem to appreciate her nights. A voice whispers to her, tempting her, taunting her, berating her. She thought marriage would end her loneliness, and bring joy to her desolate heart. She was wrong, she's still unhappy, and the voice refuses to remain silent.

These two souls, bound together by chance and circumstance, each seeking and never finding. Will these two ever find peace, and more importantly each other? Or will they be driven apart, to wander lost and alone in the raging heart of winter?

Part two, of books two of four, of the Slave King Saga
Book one can be found here: The Great Slave King
Part one can be found here: The Book of Water: The Marriage of the Slave King
And if you want something a little bit different try: Equestrian Tales Told by Tavernlight

TV Tropes Page: The Great Slave King: Special thanks goes to gentlereader Abstract Indigo

Chapters (19)

Celestia and Luna were born as unassuming foals in troubled times. But already marked for greatness, the simple earth ponies stand to face a world set against them, full of danger, fear, and sadness. A world they will change forever.

A sweeping epic taking place before Equestria was made, where Celestia and Luna must rise from normal foals to become the Princesses we know them as, beset from all sides by monsters, other ponies, and even the forces that govern nature. Their tale is as tragic as it is triumphant.

Currently on hiatus. For more info, go here.

(Cover and internal art by Madmax)
(Editing credit predominantly Lightside Luc)

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On the Density of Alicorn Skulls: A sharp blow to the head can do odd things to one's personality. This is particularly problematic if the victim in question is a widely respected leader of her people.
On the Classification of Divinity: In some other worlds where magic exists, the inhabitants have attempted to quantify the different levels of godhood. Unfortunately, it is not a perfect system, and the Princesses have never been ones to flaunt their absurd levels of power.

This is a series of unrelated one-shots focused around Celestia, who remains one of my favourite ponies. It's marked completed, since there won't be a continuing narrative going between all of the shorts. It will continue to see updates though, since I have plenty more ideas for the Princess!

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This story is a sequel to Ascend

Congratulations, Twilight. With Celestia and Luna on their constitutionally mandated vacation, you're in charge of Equestria. The position of Regent is an honored and hallowed one. But maybe it's a bit early to congratulate you. After all, whether it's a nobility jealous of your ascension, or a military unhappy with Celestia's decisions; one thing's certain: your reign will be anything but peaceful.

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This story is a sequel to Upheaval: Breaking Point

Following the events of Breaking Point, Twilight Sparkle and her friends discover that Equestria's demise may not come from an enemy invasion, but from within. The Barrier Lands and the Heartland begin the slow and uneasy process of reuniting into a single Equestria, but this long-delayed joining is already in danger at its conception.

With Celestia's power in her grasp and her agents by her side, the wheels of Black Rose's plans for Equestria's future continue to turn. However, her brazen gamble has done more than just bring down a centuries-old barrier. Ancient powers begin to stir: the remnants of a dark period in Equestria's history, the immortal inhabitants of Celestia's homeworld, and a rising tide of darkness coming ever closer.

Chapters (61)

This story is a sequel to The Best Night Ever

Final Arc - The Black Wedding
CH63 - If I Had a Heart
- The ponies of the Fourth Tribe are ascendant. Shining Armor hunts down his changeling "daughters," and even Lady Antimony won't get in his way. Meanwhile, high above the burning city of Canterlot, a long awaited reunion occurs, and Twilight confronts Alpha Brass and makes a final decision.

--- --- ---


It began with a mare from Ponyville and a time-looping Prince from Canterlot. This most unlikely union now stands at a crossroads: a ruthless changeling invasion; a conspiracy within the highest circles of the Equestrian aristocracy; a half dozen power hungry noblemares looking to become a Princess in all but name. With the prize of Canterlot and its Platinum Crown at stake, it falls to six Elements of Harmony to once again save not just Ponyville, but all of Equestria.

TVtropes page is here: link

The prequel to TPC, "The Best Night Ever" is here. link
The side-story crossover with "Sweetie Belle Chronicles" is here. link

Someone out there made a playlist for Platinum Crown: Rarity, Blueblood and Chrysalis. Pretty sweet!
Wish I knew who, or even when they did it, though. I especially like the Chrysy playlist.

I've gotten some cool TPC related art done, too.
So Sweet and Tasty's TPC Cover Art
Thanks to Madmax for these two:
Rarity, Blueblood and Antimony
Dash and Ritterkreuz
The Terre Rare Founder - Lady Arsenic
Twilight and Alpha Brass Battle Duet

Chapters (64)

Twilight wakes up with a serious head-ache caused by her horn spontaneously growing due to a sudden increase in her magical power. Nopony seems to have an answer for it, but it has attracted the attention of an unusually powerful militant foreign nation intent on her capture and execution. When a string of events lands Twilight before Celestia's father himself he tasks her and her newfound magic with tying up some loose ends he'd left behind long ago, ultimately connecting with this foreign nation's goals. With their powerful enemy baring down on Equestria, intent on taking it in a stranglehold, Twilight and her friends have little other choice than to travel the world and hunt for the rest of Celestia's family and end several thousands of years worth of feuding to prevent the war coming to Equestria before they themselves are caught.

Image Picture by Lostzilla of DeviantArt.
(find him yourselves)

Ech is a whiny bitch, but he helped edit a little I guess. (you too bats)

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This story is a sequel to The God Empress of Ponykind

One thousand years ago, Luna, Warmistress of Equestria and sister of Empress Celestia, fell to the powers of Chaos and plunged Equestria into a brutal civil war. The Traitors were defeated, but not before Luna made the ultimate sacrifice and was sealed away in the Immaterium with only the soul of a slain Primarch to keep her company. For a millennium she has been locked away, waiting for a chance to return to her home and her sister.

Now, she has been freed from the Immaterium, and as she takes her first steps in a new Equestria, one ruled by the powers of Harmony, only one question remains:

Does Equestria still need the services of a Warmistress?

Comments may contain spoilers. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

Also Tropes. Please contribute.

Chapters (6)

An MLP / Warhammer 40K Crossover

They are my bulwark against the Terror. They are the Defenders of Humanity. They are my Space Marines and they shall know no fear. - The Emperor of the Imperium of Man

When all you ever knew is gone, and everything you ever fought for is lost, what will you do to get it back. Will you even need to? Will you even be able to?

Or will everything just get destroyed anyway...

Chapters (3)

When Twilight is given the opportunity to travel with Princess Celestia on what appears to be a regular dignitary’s trip to see the dragons, she’s ecstatic. After all, nopony has seen the dragon kingdom in over a hundred years.

But they are not alone on the journey; there are rumours being carried on the wind, hushed whispers of something stirring in the east...

Their presence reignites an ancient chain of events that will see Twilight racing for help in the darkest places on earth and the princess struggling to reconcile her role in the world, surrounded on all sides by enemies she thought defeated millennia ago.

The clock is ticking. Time is running out, and the sun has already begun to set...

(Cover art by the amazing xX-Mr-No-Name-Xx)
Featured on EqD!

Chapters (6)