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Luna has dated before, but it has always ended badly. So when she asks Twilight out of their first date she can't help but fret and worry. About her own feelings, about Twilight's feelings, and about whether or not she deserves a relationship at all.

(Sex tag for suggestive themes)
(Cover art by: Magnaluna)

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My name is Strawberry, just Strawberry. For most of my life I ran this little strawberry farm in the middle of nowhere with my Pa. He taught me everything I needed to know. It's been two years since Pa left, it hurts that he's gone. I miss him a lot. I've been alone ever since.

That was until an angel fell out of the sky. She was beautiful, rainbow coloured, and she can't remember a thing.

Edit: Featured, yeet.

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This story is a sequel to Child of the Sky

The Drunken Sailor: Check out the sequel: Aornos
I'm just a simple farmer, been married twelve years with a daughter to show for it.

Never wanted anything, been just happy to manage my farm. It's mighty better then being some lawbringer, safer too.

It's seems though, something doesn't agree.

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The Drunken Sailor: Oh yeah, sequel's out:

Is it so hard to be normal?

Anyone can be normal, normality is as easy as walking and it comes just as easily. Just follow in the well beaten path like the majority, keep your head down, and don't act out of turn.

Being amazing, yeah that takes effort. To express what and who you are despite what a judgmental world you live in, even though there are those who will mock you, who will crush your hopes of success wether from spite, jealousy, or revenge. But it can be done with enough courage.

What is the most difficult, almost impossible. Is to be amazing but not extraordinary. To be admired but not alienated. For people to know your name but to say it with a hint of awe, not appreciation or fear. Luckily most never have a change to face this struggle.

I, am not a lucky Pegasus.

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