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Engineer spent her childhood equipping the greatest army equestria had ever seen. But after it was defeated she was sealed in stone by the Alicorn Princesses.

Over a thousand years later Grogar decided to recruit a team of villans , and use them to conquer equestria.

He tracked down the Engineer and found her statue in the remains of the castle of the two sisters, he freed her from her stone prison and is offering her an opportunity for revenge.

(This is my first story any feedback would be appreciated)

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Human snacks have been part of our culture since the the portal to Earth opened. Popularized over the last 5 years by music and mass media, these human creations invade all aspects of society.
An estimated 208 thousand ponies internationally consume illegal snacks. In Equestria, results from the 1020 Holistic Oral Repast Section of Equine Fertile Engestable(sp) Equestrian Department showed that 19.9 thousand Equestrians (or 8% of the population aged 12 or older) used illegal snacks in the moon prior to the survey.

Vignette Contributions Credit Goes to:

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http://www.fimfiction.net/user/Techogre - For Contributing ideas

This is almost canon to Memverse

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Dillon, local human, has a surprise for his fine friend Pinkie. Not the most amazing or sophisticated of surprises, but that hardly matters - the two of them proceed to have excellent, friendly fun together!

Later, Twilight is confounded.

Everyone's a winner.


Straight To The Point Studio's got the hookup

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(Featured August 1-7, 2020)

After the Battle of the Bands, things have been going good for the Rainbooms. Sunset Shimmer herself has finally gained the acceptance of her classmates. But she feels like she is missing something in her life.

Their peace, however, becomes short-lived. During a basketball game with Dimmsdale High, they witness some buck-toothed boy utilizing powerful magic.

Fearing the boy has gotten his hands on some dangerous Equestrian artifact, one of the Rainbooms steps up to babysit the boy and keep on an eye on him until Princess Twilight can come up with a solution.

However, the kid's secrets go much deeper then that. And, to their misfortune, the Rainbooms aren't the only ones interested in the power he holds...

Timmy Turner has the struggles not typical of 10 year old boy. On top of dealing with bullies, evil babysitters, and evil teachers, he must also keep his fairy godparents a secret.

When Vicky goes away for three weeks, Timmy sees this as a time he can relax. Much to his consternation, however, his parents hire a temporary babysitter. While she and her friends seem nice enough, Timmy will learn there is more to them then meets the eye.

And as other forces close in on his fairies, the Dimmsdale Elementary School student must decide who is friend and who is foe.

Equestria Girls: A Fairly Odd Friendship is an Equestria Girls/Fairly Oddparents fusion fic.

Set between Rainbow Rocks and Friendship Games. Also set around season 5 of FOP (with some changes to canon). This is after Channel Chasers and before Poof.

All rights are reserved to Viacom and Hasbro.

Chapters (32)

This story is a sequel to The Bridge: A Godzilla-MLP Crossover

Celebrating 7 years of The Bridge!
After a shocking realization, Mariner Chibi Moon departs on an epic quest to get her sensei, Godzilla Junior; something to celebrate his birthday! She will brave the distant corners of Equestria, and cross paths with some of the zaniest characters and places we've come to love over half a decade of crossover.

But hey, she's the daughter of two senshi guardians, is a bundle of magic, and is the protege to a kaiju; what could happen?

Cover art by Faith-Wolff
Proofing by Faith-Wolff and Lance-Omikron
Special Guest writing by EvoWizard
Original story idea by KingXanaduu

Chapters (2)

This story is a sequel to The Stars Revolt!

A continuation of the universe established in "The Stars Revolt", and a reboot of "Hands", Andrew Shepherd is trying to live a normal life as the local Ponyville alien.

Unfortunately, he's in Equestria.

Cover art by Sipioc.

Featured?! Thank you so much!

Chapters (20)

Anon was rather surprised to wake up in a world of magical talking horses. He was even more surprised to discover that said horses already knew him from a TV show.

Inspired by some old prompts in the RGRE thread.

Chapters (13)

Spike and Smoulder want to hang out with Ocellus over spring break. That's good! But they're going to the dragon lands. That's bad! But Ocellus is a shapeshifter. That's good! But Ocellus has a thing for dragons, and oh no this just got complicated...

Big thanks to Salty Alty's editing for making this nice and readable

If you liked this story and would like to donate, check here https://ko-fi.com/raynetheskunk

Chapters (1)

Everyone likes food yes? because if not then i opened this cafe for no reason. In my experience, I've found that almost anyone can be plied with sweets, coffee and beverages; from the hardiest creature to the vilest of villains. What could possibly go wrong?

It's a cliche displaced story. Where the MC goes to convention, meets merchant and sent to Equestria.

Under a Rewrite

PS: there is going to be a lot of characters.

PSS: this is set in the RGRE-verse, Reverse Gender Role Equestria

PSSS: My editor is Is the ever so Classy Fox, Classy fox. Dude's a big help and check him out if you can.

Chapters (2)

Jake Feldsparr, a college student and gamer, had a decent life. His family has always gave him support, but decides to do things on his own as he goes to college, but still keeps in touch with them. As for his friends, he hangs out with them at a college café, where they spend time playing, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. His main character is, Ridley, and so far, he is the best.

Until one day, after the semester ends and beating a Smash Tournament, held at his school, he heads back to his dorm, and once he entered, an explosion erupted in his room.

After a painful fate, a bright light shined in his unconcious state, has awoken at a rocky land full of lava and dragons. But, there is something very different that, Jake noticed. No longer a human he once was, but a familiar purple space dragon.

Disclaimer: Ridley belongs to Nintendo.

Note: Tags will be updated in further chapters.

Chapters (5)
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