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Apple Bloom isn't crazy. Sweetie Belle knows she isn't, because Apple Bloom keeps telling her so.

And so when Bloom insists that the Cutie Mark Crusaders sneak out of a sleepover to investigate the strange lights she's seen out of her window at night, the ones that Applejack says don't exist, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo begrudgingly agree to help.

This, as it turns out, is a mistake.

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The battle is over. 

Chrysalis and her co-conspirators have lost, against all odds, defeated once again by the power of friendship (and overwhelming numbers). For their crimes they find themselves imprisoned in stone, petrified and locked away, and it seems as though their punishment will last forever.

But the new Princess of Equestria isn’t finished with them just yet.

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Hey, note from Jest, the former author. I decided to hand over writing duties to Discord for awhile so I can go on vacation. Enjoy the new line of short stories!

Bah, now that hes gone just click on the chapter and get reading, you read the title already didnt you?

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The lady Rarity is infamously picky with her stallions and despite spending decades up at her mansion alone she has not had a returning suitor, only her pink maid and that yellow gardener ever return to the everfree mansion. Rumour is, unfortunately, all the town has to go on but with the gala coming around again in a few short weeks the town is abuzz with what their small time nobility will do. Will this be the year Rarity finally graces Canterlot with her presence? Why hasn't she gone all these years despite being explicitly invited by the princess?

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