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Spike Drago is just a simple kid. He learned dueling from his babysitter and her friends. After they went off to boarding school, Spike makes it his goal to do the same. When he does, he meets friend old and new in the form of two fellow students, Micro Chip and Sugar Rush. The three of them duel their way in, only to find that an ancient prophecy is coming about, and they have to work with their friends to stop it.

I do not own MLP or Yugioh (if I did I would have too many stories to write for them to write fanfics). I only own Micro Chip and Sugar Rush.

Based in the style of your typical ecchi harem manga that still has a compelling story and the ecchi stuff is just for laughs

Edit (8/13/17): There are some plays characters make that are against normal Yugioh rules. These are addressed in later chapters

Chapters (26)

There's a story behind every Magic card, but they probably don't have quite as many ponies in them as these do. Set throughout Equestrian probability space, each of these stories was inspired by a card chosen through Gatherer's Random Card function. As such, categories and characters will vary.

Done for One-Shotober.

Chapters (32)

During her time in the human world, Sunset Shimmer has experienced many things.

Including, unfortunately, the frustration of having to deal with incompetent, negligent, or just plain rude package delivery service.

After putting up with one package delivery nightmare too many, Sunset Shimmer decides enough is enough.

Now, it's time to make a delivery of her own.

For Zef.

Chapters (1)

"All life is only a set of pictures in the brain, among which there is no difference betwixt those born of real things and those born of inward dreamings, and no cause to value the one above the other."

-H. P. Lovecraft, The Silver Key

Ever since the conflict with Nightmare Moon, Dusk Shine has been having strange visions. Visions of the future, visions of what could have been, and visions of things that don't make any sense. Will he unlock the mystery behind these anomalies that only he seems to be aware of? Or will his obsession combined with the lack of social experience break his new friendship with five extraordinary girls before it can even form?

One thing is for sure. this is more than just a simple retelling of Twilight Sparkle's journey.

Don't forget to take a look at the Appendix for expanded explanations on the lore of the world.

Inspired by Meme-asaurus' The Unexpected Love Life of Dusk Shine and Psi-nova's Dusk Shine's Saga

Rated T for violence, some sexual humor and very mild language.

Chapters (10)

There are many worlds out there, each different from our and the same applies to them as well. But they all share the same sky, the same destiny. Though this is a tale of a young man with a different loft of life until he is mysterious thrown into another world... one like his but at the same time vastly different.

In this new land, Christopher Cornelius Corona, explores a world filled of wonder and delight with magic at every turn that is inhabitable by ponies, but not just normal ponies! A world filled with technicolor anthropomorphic ponies. And what new adventure is without friends? Upon his arrival in this strange new world he is greeted and befriended by the most magical set of friends, Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, and the lovable Pinkie Pie who quickly take him in and become his closest friends at the start.

Though underneath all the magic and wonders of friendship, there is always something lurking in the shadows. Who brought him to this world of Equestria? Why him? And along the way as he becomes a citizen of this new world perhaps more than friendship will bloom between him and his friends? Perhaps... true love? And what's this... YOU'RE ALLOWED MORE THAN ONE SPOUSE IF YOU CHOOSE TO? A Harem, a Herd? Oh dear... life has turned upside for the young lad with plenty of ecchiness as well. How will he survive the beautiful bountiful vixens that are all around him as well as the mysterious of this world... and maybe his world as well?

- Human x Anthro Pony Harem Story

Author's Notes: Just a few details I like to share with you all, first and foremost:

- There will be no swearing or cussing in the story (though mild swearing I might allowed)
- There will be NO alcohol in the story though playful references and jabs will be in place, like with the doughnut scene with Spike in the Season 1 finale
- There will be some Japanese Otaku Ecchiness involved, but nothing too crazy
- No Same Sex Pairing, everyone is Straight in this story so don't expect any romance between the same sex at all. No offense to fans of it or people who are into that sort of thing, but I've seen it done to death so many times and in a lot of romance stores here on Fimfiction I've grown a little tired of it
- NO HEAT CYCLE like a good portion of other Anthro Pony stories I've read, though unless there's demand of it I might make a spin-off one-shot of it
- Like with no heat cycle there is no Clop (or Lemon) in this story, though if people are interested I might do a side-story that focuses on it but no promises
- All the characters, dialogue, and violence will be closely matched the same as the show so don't expect blood or gore at all in this story (maybe a few scrapping, but that's it)

That is all and I hope you enjoy this new tale of mine!

Chapters (2)

Equestria will come into contact with the Skylanders and a whole new adventure will take the ponies to an entirely new direction that will intertwine the destiny of the Mane 6 with the Skylanders.

(This is basically a merged universe of all Spyro trilogies. Classic, Legend and Skylanders.)

Chapters (103)

On the anniversary of her sister's banishment, Celestia comes across a lost dragon egg during her traditional walk that day. Desperate for some form of companionship, she decides to hatch it herself

However, she didn't quite take into account the effect the amount of alicorn magic she used would have on the egg's contents.

Be ready for a Spike quite unlike any you've seen (and I do mean that quite literally ! )

(just using the 'Other' tag because of the five character limit)

Chapters (23)

(Alternate Universe of Equestria Girls)

For as long as anyone could tell or went to Canterlot High they would tell you to stay away from the Sinister Six. Who are the Sinister Six you ask? They were a bunch of nobodies who were made fun of until they worked together and now were the most powerful group in CHS as well as the Student Council. For the last 3 years after the Main six left from graduation the Sinister Six has kept CHS under their thumbs. But what they didn't expect was a transfer student from an unknown island in the middle of nowhere to come in and throw a wrench into their plan. Now the Six will have to get rid of the new student. But will they succeed or will emotions that they've never felt before rise up and change them?

Find out in the story of The Sinister Six meets the boy who was raised by Dragons!

(Authors note: Spike is human in this story and there is no portal to equestria Also no Sunset Don't kill me)

(Updated AN: Now Rated Teen for some sexual references and abit of language)

Chapters (8)

3 years ago, Princess Ember became Dragon Lord thanks to Spike. Her reign was satisfying, but it soon became too much for her to handle alone, and thanks to an old lost rule discovered, Ember found the key to all of her problems........Spike, becoming her consort to all of the Dragon Lands. Will the 2 of them be able to handle the new tasks and challenges that lie ahead of them?

This story takes place after 3 years from the episode "Gauntlet of Fire". Whatever events happen after the episode that deal with Spike and/or Ember will have no context whatsoever in this story.

Other tag is for the dragons, Garble, Ember, etc.

Chapters (8)

(Naruto and Equestria Girls crossover) With his dying breath Madara Uchiha unleashed a powerful justu sending Naruto in a completely different world. With no way back Naruto must learn to accept his new life while studying in the ever colorful Canterlot High.

Chapters (17)