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HELLO! My name Gabriel. I'm a writer. Mostly for the romance and adventure. My favorite ships are TwiDash and SpitDash and i look forward to writing with all of you guys!

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Spitfire has a secret she's told to nopony she knows, terrified of the prospect what they'll do when they figure it out. So what will she do when the rookie accidentally finds out?

Sex: Suggestive implication only.

Cover image by: Valiantstar00

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Okay, so Twilight and Twilight -the other one- decided to meet up with their respective marefriends. Do a double date. What could possibly go wrong? Well, if Sunset and Tempest have their way, there's going to be a lot of blushing and a lot of snark going around really. ...Poor Twilight may never live this one down.

(I blame the cover art for making me do this. And the Stratovarian. Yes, him as well.)

(Featured through 3/20/19 to 3/22/19)

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Edit: Now a collaborative effort with Loyal2Luna

Commander Shepard has been through a lot, but now that the Reaper War's over he can finally relax and take a little R&R, right? Soak up the sun, grab a few drinks, spend some quality time with Tali, introduce a new race to the galaxy... wait, what?

In the aftermath of the war, a new species has been discovered amidst the destruction and fire. A species that have access to powers never seen before, powers which could prove vital to the continuation of galactic survival.

The Citadel Council has elected to send Shepard, along with the rest of the crew of the Normandy, to introduce Equestria to the universe outside of their solar system.

Now Shepard must wade through obstructive bureaucrats, antagonistic journalists, and the odd, angry prince in order to bring Equestria into a new age of space and adventure.

So settle in, it's going to be one hell of a vacation!

Now has it's own TvTropes page

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This story is a sequel to The Third Wheel

Double Time is a changeling. Years ago, she fought the Crystal Empire in the war in the north. Now she's Cadence's prisoner.

Together, they'll learn something new about life, and rulership, and what it means to love.

Chapters (6)

A retelling of Twilight's Kingdom inspired by PrinceWhateverer's Frailty.

Celestia, Luna, and Cadance must make the ultimate sacrifice to ensure that Twilight will be able to emerge victorious against Tirek. Twilight will be given the greatest responsibility anyone pony can be given; to be the protector, and ruler of all of Ponykind.

Warning: Grossly overpowered Twilight ahead, if you don't like that turn back now!

50 upvotes and I'll write a sequel, so be sure to like and share this story as much as possible if you want that to happen!

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A human wakes up in the everfree before the events of nightmare moon. Or adult Luna and Celestia. Oh, and he’s a bird. A magical bird, but still a bird.

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This story is a sequel to My Mother is a Wonderbolt

Scootaloo has now got everything she ever wanted a family, but now she has to attend school again and Diamond Tiara wants revenge.

As for Spitfire and Rainbow Dash the pair begin to feel more and more attached to one another, as there feelings rise its a battle of will to see who will tell there true feelings first.

Editing: SolidFire & ShadowBlades

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Nightmare Moon is alone and wishes to have a daughter to share her kingdom on the moon with. Twilight is alone and wishes to have a mother that will love her. What happens when their wishes are granted? Read and find out.

Russian Translation for the story here. Thankyou NovemberDragon for doing the translation you are awesome.

So let's just turn this into a meme why don't we? Filly Twilight adopted by Villian X! I don't know I saw the ones with Daybreaker and Chrysalis and thought, "Oh what the hell I'll do it too because it's fun!" So here I am bringing you a story in a similar vein. Please enjoy the story and CONSTRUCTIVE criticism is welcome. If you are going to downvote tell me why you did so I can improve. (Unless you're being an a**hole than I don't want you here.)

Featured on 7/10/18
Day one featured! That's awesome thank you all!


Thank you Julunis14 for the amazing cover art! Go give her some love she really deserves it!

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Spike and Twilight have been together for their whole lives, but what happens when the time comes when the friends are supposed to split apart? A long walk in the night reveals what the future holds for the duo.


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Peace is a lie, there is only passion.
Through passion I gain strength.
Through strength I gain power.
Through power I gain victory.
Through victory, my chains are broken.
The Force shall free me.
~Code of the Sith~

Magic. It is a concept that is taught to great extension in all schools across Equestria. It is the very lifeblood of what Equestria is. Either in a university or at a local school house. Magic is something that is in great abundence.

Twilight knows this to be an absolute truth. She lives by this and has become her whole upbringing into their society. She has a reputation and titles to go with it. Books beyond comprehension. Everything was given to her through this, and her abundant studies of it.

Soon all that she knows will be tested and will she take all of the lessons she has learned into account? Or will she be consumed by the very thing that makes her who she is?

I have a lot of hopes for this, and since that Star Wars the Force Awakens releases in just about a month, I feel now is as good a time as any to do something like this. Star Wars fresh on the brain, and Season 5 at the cusp of finishing, now is a great time.

Just to note, this is a separate universe for both franchises. For this fic, they are being meshed together. I hope you guys really like this. Enjoy!
Coverart belongs to: NCMares

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