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Celestia's family tree is a large one. Given her royal blood, she has many family members, some she knows of, and others she's never met before. One day she is curious and decides to cast a spell that would find her furthest relative and bring said relative to her. Unfortunately, that relative turned out to be the foul mouthed, perverted pig of a man named Carl Brutananadilewski.

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Coverart, which is what this fic was inspired by, from HERE

Note that this is set during and after Friendship Games, which means obvious spoilers for anyone who hasn't seen it yet.

With The Dazzlings' defeat, things have returned to normal at CHS.

However, that doesn't last long. Trixie is being punished for what she did to the Rainbooms, despite her actions leading to the Sirens defeat.

She decides to forget about it whilst enjoying some tasty peanut butter and crackers. However, after just a bite she notices and odd flavour. Also, why is the hallway getting taller? And why are her clothes so big suddenly?

Now a five-year-old and with her family living all the way on the other side of the of the country, what will happen to the now Small and Adorable Trixie?

If you can't tell what the romance tag is for, watch the second movie and Sunset in the scene when they first might Human Twilight in the third.

Never mind. Thanks to Timber, the original plan for the romance tag is null en void. Maybe I'll change it for Flash. What do you think?

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