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Lazy Pines is a small town in the high country of Colorado, easily overshadowed by the bigger sights to see along Colorado State 9. When influenza strikes the town hard, it is little more than a statistical blip in a typical flu season. No one thinks any more of it as the initial wave of infection passes ... until the other symptoms begin to manifest.

Meanwhile, during what should have been a routine trip to Canterlot, Twilight Sparkle stumbles upon a strange anomaly which turns into an all-consuming mystery. As she discovers the complex web of magic stubbornly maintaining this mystery's secrets, she grows worried what it could mean for herself and her family.

And as the residents of Lazy Pines struggle to understand -- or even believe -- what is happening to them, two worlds have irrevocably been set on a direct collision course.

Updates every other weekend.

Cover art by Mix-up. Please check out more artwork by this talented artist.

Now has its own TV Tropes page thanks to redandready45.

Chapters (57)

Ever since Chrysalis' failed invasion of Canterlot, Celestia has been under tremendous strain. Plagued by nightmares of her inability to defend the country, her ability to rule is slowly becoming comprised.

After finally revealing the truth to a still recovering Luna, the two sisters take some advice from their friendly neighborhood draconequus on how to handle the problem.

If there's one sure thing in life, it's that advice from Discord rarely goes according to plan...

My name is Harold Storm. The last few years haven't been all that great. I've got a crappy job, no time for a social life and I'm barely making ends meet. I'm making just enough to pay to go to college part time and work towards an engineering degree. That, at least, should help in the job department if I don't run out of money before I graduate. That was, until an unforeseen death in the family had me driving across country to collect some things that were left to me. The trip there went fine, but on the way home something unexpected happened. I ended up in another world.

A twist of fate, or maybe one that was intended, lead me to Equestria and all the magic that comes with it. With no way of getting back home on my own, I've got a long journey to Canterlot, even with the aid of some new friends. However, magic has a funny way of changing the way one looks at the world...

02-07-17 Woah! Somehow made it to the feature box :pinkiegasp:

Alternate universe. Princess Luna is still in her younger form from the end of "Friendship is Magic." Takes place after the events of Magical Mystery Cure and the first Equestria Girls but before Season 4 starts. Doesn't follow show's timeline after that but may draw from some events.

I'd like to give a huge shout-out to fellow author, KorenCZ11, for helping me with pre-reading and editing. Then, after all that hard work he went and made me some awesome cover art!

Kinda slice of life with a bit of adventure thrown in. Some other tags may be added as the story progresses.

The vast majority of the story is 1st person, told from Harold's POV.

Part 1 of a 2 part story.

Rated T for some violence, occasional swearing and innuendo.

Note the lack of a crossover tag :derpytongue2:
This is not a HL2 crossover, I just happen to like the quote.

Chapters (21)

Adventure, mayhem, magic of unknown origins. Oh, and talking ponies. These are the strange events that have brought three friends together into the wildest holiday that anyone could imagine.

It starts as a small Halloween chat, where they showcase their costume designs to one another. However, due to events outside of their control, they soon find themselves in a new land during a turbulent time.

Now trapped in a case of mistaken identity, these friends find themselves thrown into the deep end, when a royal wedding they’re asked to assist with is suddenly interrupted, and the three of them soon find themselves on an extended holiday from any sense of reality they ever knew.

We now have our own An Extended Holiday TVTropes Page:
A big thank you to wille179 for setting it up.
A/N: Now I would like you all to know first of all, this is a collaborative work between myself and some friends. So if you enjoyed this, why not stop by and say hello to the other three writers of this story. I have included their links at the bottom here.
Team Extended Holiday
American Brony - Writer
Teal Speckles - Writer
Shawn820 - Writer
OmniKitsune - Writer/Head Editor
Biker Dash - Editor

Big thanks to Shawn820 for the great cover art.
WARNING: There are spoilers in the comments. Read the comments at your own risk. By all means, please add to the discussions.

Chapters (163)

This story is a sequel to The (Mis)adventures of Nava: Book One

After having just escaped death from a near fatal magical accident that he nearly paid with his life, Nava must now make a choice either fear magic forever, or finally man up for once and face all of his problems head on. Including his bad acrophobia and the fact that the Princesses now know of his existence as well.

Not only that, but a certain group of thestrals will also be keeping a direct eye on him too. Specifically a certain captain with anger issues and a complicated past which may or may not explain her reasons for her questionable methods and sometimes open hostility.

Will Nava break from his problems with the help of those closest to him in this new world? Or will he finally break down and let his fears get the better of him.

Also what is going to happen to both Flitter and Cloudchaser? The two mares who invited this strange new Alicorn into their lives. Will they find out that he is not from Equestria at all?

Who knows? Only the future itself can answer these questions.

(Featured again on the day it was released on the 3/18/2017)

Chapters (13)

Sol was a stallion living a secret life, but after an incident involving his father's side of the family, he was hidden away and sealed within a crystal. That was over one thousand years ago, and has since then remained dormant, waiting to be awakened to aid Equestria in a time of dire need, or when it's finally safe enough for him to return. At least, that's how it was supposed to go.

Having been accidentally awoken, Sol must now adjust to the present world, cope with what he's lost with time, sort out his growing feelings for another pony, and eventually, accept his position in this modern-day Equestria. However, even after a thousand years, some grudges aren't so easily forgotten.

Note: Tags may be added as the story progresses.

First Featured on 3/25/17:pinkiehappy:

Chapters (58)

This story is a sequel to Forgiveness Pending

This is the continuing story of the 'Pending' universe as it slowly evolves. Watch the lives established in both Memory Pending and Forgiveness Pending continue as life settles back down into a far more normal pace. Well, normal relative to Equus, anyway. Maybe.

It's more a collection of chapters than a chronological story, and they may not always be in order. It's also officially listed as alternate universe now due to quite a few differences from normal canon.

It will be updated sporadically as I get inspiration for new chapters, and probably never be officially 'completed', hence the title. Anything heavily mature will still be censored and instead released uncut in Censorship Pending.

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to TD the Alicorn Princess

Prince Antares, formerly the human TD Powell, has ascended to rule Equestria alongside Celestia and Luna to form the Equestrian Triumvirate. Taking his residency in Baltimare, Antares comes into his role as smoothly as he can, given the circumstances.

But not all is right with the world.

A warmongering king in the newly formed minotaur nation has just allied with the griffin empire, a country that recently gained a leader unfriendly to Equestria. Now Antares will face his first true test as an alicorn prince of Equestria. He must lead his peace loving ponies into the hells of war, and face an Equestria that will never be the same.

Edited wonderfully by Strike89

Buy a print copy of the original here!

Chapters (20)

Dark Flame is a young unicorn stallion who works as the local blacksmith and has protected his home village of Stonewall from constant dragon raids, earning him the title, Dragon Slayer. But when a dragon thought to be a myth attacks, Dark is left the lone survivor and loses consciousness during the fight against the mythical dragon. When he awakens, he finds himself in a hospital with a part of his memory missing, a few bodily changes, and six mares who have questions for him.

Now trying to rebuild his life, Dark will learn about his new body, try to regain his lost memories, and attempt to live a new life of peace apart from his old life of near constant fighting and survival. Though if only it were that easy. New friends will be made, secrets revealed, enemies both new, old, and supposedly dead will rise, a love will blossom, and a ghost from Dark's past will threaten to destroy what little left he holds dear to him.

This is my first fic, and any constructive criticism or advice would be appreciated in helping improve my writing, and in turn, the story itself.

Featured: 6/24/16:pinkiegasp:

Chapters (100)

This story is a sequel to Keep living for Friendship

Alex managed to somehow survive his deathmatch againts Blueblood. Now more determined than ever, he must return to let his friends know he is alive. The plan is simple, if he gets there, he will spend the next months to find a reason to stay in Equestria for good. What kind of adventures will be waiting for him? Will he finally find the peace and love he is looking for? Join Alex in his new journey and lets find together the answer for these questions.

Equestria is waiting for us!

Chapters (34)

After being sent off against her will by Happosai to the land of "The Everfree," a mystical realm where clothing is apparently entirely optional, with a poorly understood Egyptian talisman as her only defense, Nabiki Tendo finds herself as a wingless Sphinx in Equestria. Lost with no way home, and inexplicably transformed into a feline-like species that would most likely drive away Ranma Saotome even if she did manage to find him in this strange world, Nabiki now travels the land with her only ally: a wandering blue unicorn by the name of Trixie Lulamoon...

A Wild Pony in Equestria side story.

Updates will probably be infrequent, and interactions with the cast of Wild Pony few and far between.

Rated teen due to certain awkward problems Nabiki experiences concerning her new anatomy as a sphinx, as well as the occasional awkward situations that may occur from time to time.

Chapters (2)
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