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I have no idea what happened. One second, I'm sitting at my desk, working. The next second, I'm Sombra. Or rather, I'm in his body. And nobody seems to believe me about it...

Don't expect this to be updated too frequently (less than once per week). Okay, so that was a lie.

Now with (amazing!) cover art by Mix Up. You can find their work here.

Chapters (29)

What if Twilight had remembered a reforming spell? How would this decision affect Discord, Fluttershy, herself, and the whole of Equestria?

Cover art made by TheOperaticOne

Russian translation: https://ficbook.net/readfic/9144801

Day Four of #FluttercordWeek

Featured on 1/23/20, 1/24/20, 1/26/20,
1/27/20, 1/28/20, and 1/29/20

Chapters (1)

Anon E. Mouse, after stepping on the wrong bus is catapulted into a world of magic and mystery is in for the ride of his life. Having received the power of a legendary witch who disappeared, he must prove himself to an ancient order of witches and wizards while also trying to defeat an even more ancient evil.

Edited by Base Anonymous and Lordelliott

Chapters (51)

Marble Force is a former member of the specialist guard, trying to escape his past, haunted by his memories from the griffon civil war.

Set during season 2

Chapters (16)

Cozy Glow dreams within the stone—a dream so deep, so long, and so faint nopony knows about it. Except for Discord. Diving in secret past Morpheus’ jaws, Cozy is Discord’s stone to roll uphill.

Edited by the lovely GaraTheAuthor, proofread by the conscientious Pocketbot.
Credit for the picture goes to Bra1nEater over on Twitter.

Reviewed by Present Perfect in his May 28th, 2020, blog here.

Featured from November 13th to 16th, 2019, and reached 2nd spot in the box. Thank you, readers! :heart:

Chapters (1)

Discord knew this was coming. He knew. So did Princess Twilight. They knew. They saw it coming a mile away. Yet, they let this happen anyway. Why couldn't they just let things stay the same? Who's the bigger fool here?

As of Nov/12/19 this story has made it to the featured page! That has never happened to me before! Hell yeah! Welp, as of Nov/16/19 the story isn’t on the featured page anymore. Oh well, nothing lasts forever.
Author's Note: Okay! So this is a pretty simple story I pumped out because I was in a depression-fueled journey through immortality and its repercussions after seeing the finale of the show and realizing we've been right about it all since bucking SEASON 3! But whatever, it's fine, we're all fine. Just so you know I did NOT have any proof readers or editors so if you want to point stuff out that I got wrong, I'll happily fix it. COMMENTS ARE MUCH APRECIATED! Please leave one if you can think of something to say or if you just have something relevant to share. Also, maybe let me down gently if I suffered from "talking heads" too much in this. Improvement is a slow process and I'm rusty as all hell. Okay? Okay.

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to A Better Way To Be Dad

Cozy Glow walks in on her comrades "wrestling." Awkwardness ensues.


Rated Teen for Innuendo.

Cover art borrowed from arareroll.

*For posterity's sake, let it be known that when My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic ended it's initial run on October 12, 2019, this story was #2 in the Featured Box.*

Chapters (1)

To escape from Tartarus is nearly impossible, even for one of great magical power. When you've lost your powers and are little more than a withered old centaur, it's even harder. But Tirek has a plan, one that will draw in a creature from a world where life is cheap, hats are plentiful, and gravel is king. Will the Spy take the opportunity to enjoy a well-earned vacation in this new world, or will he see the population of friendly, innocent ponies as just a fresh selection of backs to stab? It could be both!

(Takes place before the beginning of Season 9.)

Chapters (7)
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