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I'm just your everyday dragon of shadows here to write some fics and help people with their stories. I want to write more stories about underrepresented species in the community, because reasons.

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The days grow colder. The sun hasn't been seen in the sky for over a decade now. Summer has been lost. Ponies set sail from the old world to the new world. A land where summer still comes, food still grows, and green sprawls where it may.

A colt born in the harsh ice of the old world wishes to see the sun again. In hopes that he might find it, that he might find freedom in the new world, he boards a ship to take him there. He learns much and more in the four months the voyage lasts, but at the same time, he loses something he once held dear.

It matters not where he goes, for even here, the sky is white.

Cover art by SliberSternenlicht. Turn around time was about a day from asking for the art, paying, and getting it back. If you've got some extra cash, give her some work, she's worth it.

Initially written for the Quills and Sofas Speedwriting contest 24: Braided Tails/Sunless Winter.

Chapters (7)

WARNING: Some comments may contain spoilers.

Ten years ago Applejack disappeared without a trace. Now Fluttershy must find out why, but will that be possible when she's thrown together with a pierced, tattooed, reality-bending draconequus who's just recently escaped being trapped in stone?

AU Fluttercord set 10 years after the first three seasons (minus the Discord episodes.) Inspired by Fluttershy and Discord's relationship both in the show and in several fanfics (*cough* Bride of Discord *cough*), and based loosely (extremely loosely) on the plot from the Stieg Larsson novel "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo." Contains some Murder Mystery elements so is rated T just to be safe.

Constructive Criticism is welcome.

See Nightwalker's thoughts on the story.


Goodfic Bin Review

Cover art belongs to me so please do not take without permission, thank you.

Chapters (20)

Shining Armor needs to use the bathroom. Twilight Sparkle wants to turn this into a clopfic. Shining Armor will have none of that.

A gift for anonpencil

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to The life of Nocturnalis StoryHart

Nocturnalis Storyhart has gone through a lot. She is told, if you help others you will help yourself. Sounds good, so that is all I do. But after so many yrs of this happening, I..I can't do this! I give and Give, yet no one ever gives in return. I have always given the disguise of a happy, carefree, friendly, nothing is wrong pony. And they believe it. Every single lie they believe. They can't see the truth. Maybe this will finally explain everything.

Chapters (3)

Many, many years into her reign as the ruler of Equestria, on the night before Hearth's Warming Eve, Princess Twilight finds that she must say goodbye to one of her oldest friends, one last time. But will she have to say goodbye alone?

Partly inspired by the FiM song, Days Gone By.

Some Season 9 spoilers if you haven't seen the finale yet.

Chapters (1)

There is something not everypony knows about Alicorns.
It is that they, too, have a time where life leaves them.
Now, exactly one hundred millennia have passed. One hundred millennia since the beloved rulers of Equestria first stepped hoof in their world.
Now, Princess Celestia and Luna have to step down from that oh-so-high position.
As hard as it may be, to give their final wishes to the land they love like a child,
it is time for them to say:

For someone special. You really are something.

Chapters (1)

You are anonymous. You live in a rather large house and have more bits than the average pony. You're middle rich class. But with nopony to share it with. But when you discover one of your most beloved companions is without a home and loving parents, you know what you have to do.

Chapters (2)

Following the events of making his newest book and reading it in person at the bookstore, Ahuizotl relishes in the adoration and devotion of his newly found fanbase, even if he wittingly or unwittingly managed to outcompete Daring Do and Caballeron's collaborative effort that's sitting across the street from him.

One might say after hearing his side of the story that he's finally not misunderstood by others anymore. Everyone knows the real him now.

Or...do they?

Could that really have been the truth he was telling?

Note: Edited by Norm De Plume from 3/8/20 to 3/13/20.

Chapters (1)

The Carver-Man: In the black of winter, a killer stalks the outskirts of the Crystal Empire. Due to dwindling resources, the once-mighty city is forced to send out under-equipped, under-funded wave after wave of guard to catch the preternatural threat. Will Bronze Cog and his squad be able to defeat it, or will the Carver-Man claim yet another victim?

The Restless Heart: Shining Armor was surprised to see Flurry Heart waiting for him when he returned home from work. But, after all, can a daughter's love for her father really be held back by such mundane things as wooden coffin and six feet of cold earth?

The Old Orchard: Braeburn returns to his childhood home, and spends the day reminiscing about his past; the arson, the murder and the way it made him the stallion he is.

The One with Pinkie Pie in it: (Second Person) You are Anon, and you just managed to score yourself a date with the party pony. However, as the night progresses, you can't shake the feeling that when she said that she'd have you over for dinner, she meant it literally.

Chapters (4)

How can a pony, overshadowed by a dark past, taunted by her own self-conflict and doubt, ever hope to be able to shed the burden of being Nightmare Moon?

Nyx isn't sleeping well. For weeks, her dreams have been visited by a strange specter that haunts her, each dream growing more horrible than the last, her fears gaining a greater hold on her. As time passes the phantom draws closer, forcing Nyx to face the realm of the supernatural. Soon, the filly will be thrust into a world of wonder and imagination, where light and shadow are made into one, and everyone, and everything, deserves a second glance.

Author's Notes:

On Hiatus Until Fall 2020

This story was proof-read and edited by EverfreePony, Scaramouch, and Salty Alty.

Test read by Blackyoshi and Lucondrix.

Nyx belongs to Pen Stroke, and I take no credit in the creation of her character.

Cover art drawn by Folklore17 and colored by 0ndshok.

This story is an unofficial but spiritual sequel to Past Sins and Scarred Hearts. Reading them is recommended, but not necessarily required.

Chapters (12)
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