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Almost everypony has a soul mate, one they are destined to live with and love for all their days. They give their body, heart, and soul to each other. Rarely do soul mates ever change, but occasionally there is the twist of fate that happens.

During their escape from the crystal caverns, a lose rock manages to almost impale Twilight before Cadence pushes her out of the way and takes the blow. Seeing her foal sitter dying, Twilight uses all her magic to save Princess Cadence with a very dangerous spell. It is not without a consequence as she, unknowingly, gives her own life energy to Cadence, tearing up the soul bond between her brother and her foal sitter. Instead, it makes a new one: one between the two of them.

With Shining Armor’s own bond broken, it attaches itself to the closest being it can: Queen Chrysalis.

A fic I was given permission to write from Rated Ponystar

Featured 28/7/2014. A Booya! Then again 31/3/2015. What?:pinkiegasp::yay:

cover art a combination of pics from here and here.

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This story is a sequel to Rest

Three Hundred Years.

I've spent all that time teaching both humans and ponies to never forget the war. I've slowly become content with not just my life, but the fact that I am the last dragon. I've made and lost friends, students, and gained a great deal of respect from both ponykind and humanity. I've seen things change for the better, yet there is one thing I am forced to confront one thing that I fear most.

Falling in love.

Can I, a long lived being who has already outlive those I care about, accept a future with a lover? Or am I too afraid to face such a devastating loss once more?

Edited by Chaotic Note and Socks

Artwork done by MajorDude

Please help out at the NegotationsVerse TV Tropes page

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Angel Bunny and Opalescence, the real stars of the show, are fed up of being pushed to the sidelines in every episode. Having somehow disposed of the entire writing staff of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, they set about rectifying this in season 7.

These are the leaked episodes from their writing sessions.

Chapters (7)

An artifact causes an incident where Luna's gender switches, and she becomes prince instead.

Evidently, Luna turned out to be a handsome prince. Now having to deal with confused and judging nobility, lots of mares vying for the Prince's affection, the paparazzi eager to get more scoops on the new lunar prince, and a sister who seems to want the prince to stay judging by how she sees the entire situation hilarious, along with her pranks and quips, Luna will have to work hard with Twilight to solve the mystery of Starswirl's Sphere and hope that she can return back to a normal life.

Art by jaquelindreamz.

Originally written by Kuairu.

Chapters (3)

It all started when Shining Armor decided he wanted to meet Cadence's parents. Turns out he has; he helped blow him up.

Join Shining Armor as he hears from Cadence's point of view how little Mi Amore Cadenza, daughter of King Sombra and True Heir to the Crystal Empire, came to Canterlot; and just what made her into the Cadence he knows and loves today.

Suggested by this story.

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On their six month anniversary, Twilight and Celestia were enjoying themselves when a power surge drew their attention to the Tree of Harmony. To their shock and horror, the second they arrived the tree began to glow so brightly they were forced to turn away. When they were able to see once more, there were two fillies asleep under the tree; both had wings and a horn. Not sure what else to do, Celestia lifted the fillies onto her back. Once she climbed the stairs, followed by Twilight, she was very glad they were on her back and not within the grasp of her magic. The Palace of the Royal Pony Sisters was gone and the Everfree Forest was bright, filled with the sounds of birds' singing.

Twilight and Celestia stared at each other in shock. It was apparent that they weren't in Equestria anymore.

Cover Art drawn by my twin bruddah Otto

Lovingly edited Chap 3+ by Jumbled

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Cadence is left with a life altering decision that will not only affect her, but other members of the Sparkle family, and the Equestrian Empire.

Left with a difficult yet almost impossible decision, she prevails and makes a choice. How will it fare against her and others around her?

Birthday present for ChappedPenguinLips

Mocha Star

Thank you guys for helping me out in such a short time window! I appreciate it!

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Cadance had always wanted a family of her own so to now have her husband and sweet daughter her life is complete and nothing could ever go wrong again. That is until Flurry Heart turned five and her Aunt Luna sent them an urgent message they needed to speak regarding nightmares that Flurry Heart was having.

Cadance's life would be forever changed after that meeting. One thing would never change though. She would always love her daughter... Always.

Thanks to Jumbled Thought for assisting so much with the first chapter by writing the base. It helped me climb out of the rut I was in, so thanks!

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Queen Faust, Creator of the planet Anima and every creature that walks under the blue sky, Immortal and Everlasting. She is bored.

She is bored watching her creations meander around the peaceful skies of Equestria. Oh, sure, there was the occasional creature and monster that her daughters and their student and her five friends would have to deal with. Usually the student and her five friends saving her daughters. But this wasn't enough to keep Faust not bored.

So, for some entertainment, she decides to bring in some otherworldly help...

In the form of an amnesiac Human...

That looks like her...

And has her powers...

This can only go so well.

This idea came from the user "Randomrusina". So thank him for the idea.

Featured on 3-15-18

Chapters (6)

It is a well-known fact that motherhood changes a mare. In Cadance's case, it seems to be changing her into Princess Celestia.

Cover art generously provided by DeusExEquus. Used with permission.

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