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Celestia has been waiting for this night her entire life; Twilight Sparkle has been destined to come for years upon decades upon centuries. But she didn't know to expect her student like this.

She steels herself anyway. She pours some tea, and welcomes Twilight with open hooves.

Then the two of them have a talk.

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For many years now, Equestria has been at war against the vile King, Sombra. For much of that time, Princess Celestia has been out on the front lines, fighting alongside her soldiers to defend her homeland from the tyrant's forces. But, today, she journeys not to battle, but instead to the little-known village of Ponyville.

For word has reached her that a certain earth pony, named Applejack, has a very interesting story to tell.

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Inspired by the events from "The Crystal Empire Parts 1 & 2"

Before the war between the Kingdom of Equestria and the Crystal Empire, King Sombra sent a plethora of messages and documentations to Princess Celestia. In short, most of them were proclamations for war against Equestria. After a while, a certain princess grew tired of the constant declarations. As a response, she sent only one letter back to King Sombra...

...And this was what she wrote.

Edited by Elkia Deerling & tommal

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This story is a sequel to The Assassination of Twilight Sparkle

A single life can affect so many others in such positive ways, but when it dies all are left to feel the aftermath. With the death of Princess Twilight Sparkle, assassinated at the hooves of both guards and nobles, a nation struggles to recover as the effects of her death are felt throughout Equestria.

The many lives that she had touched will never be the same. Each is their own story of their struggles, their sorrows, and their attempts to move on in the aftermath of tragedy.

(This story is complete!)


The one shot series sequel to The Assassination of Twilight Sparkle, that was inspired by the fanfic Ripples by BronyWriter.

Each chapter is about the other characters, outside of Celestia, who deal with the aftermath of Twilight's death in the first story. Some will be main characters, other minor, others OC. But all of them will be affected, all of them will mourn, and all will have to move on.

Feel free to add to the Assassination TV tropes page

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Almost six years have passed since Celestia's defeat at the hooves of Nightmare Moon. In these six years, Queen Nightmare Moon established Equestria's dominance over its neighbors under her iron hoof.

Just one week before the 6th Nox Eterna Festival, there are still underground insurgent groups opposing her. Among them, there is a terrorist known as "Ghost" who has grown increasingly active in the month leading to the festival.

Dusk Shine, pupil of Her Majesty Nightmare Moon, is assigned to aid the Lunar Inquisition in finding the "Ghost" where they last struck: Ponyville.

Edited by EverfreePony(chapters 1-3), Shadowghostalex (chapters 1-3) and Cshard (chapter 4).

Cover art by the wonderful Mix-Up! Check out his Deviantart and YouTube channel for more of his art.

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Two nations, divided by centuries, ruled by two sisters who long ago parted ways. Into this conflict is Twilight Sparkle, a young unicorn who does all she can to keep the peace, and hopes that, one day, a lasting friendship can be forged.

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I wait in this cellar, for the madness outside to stop.

Warning there will be references to alcohol in this fic

Written as a writing prompt to Cutie (Re)mark.

Takes place in the Crystal Empire war timeline.

Special thanks to TheLuckyCosmos and RadicalDishonesty for editing this
The Lucky Cosmos

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Rainbow Dash was the Iron Wing. She was a war hero, the Slayer of Shadows, the Liberator of the Crystal Empire, the Wrath of Celestia. And depending on who you ask, she still is.

But the war is over. There's little need for a pony like her in peacetime. So she keeps telling herself that she needs to adjust, that she needs to find a new role to fill in the world that she saved. But Equestria seems content to let her remain what she has become, even though they have no need of a warrior.

"This isn't how it's supposed to be", is something she keeps telling herself. But every time she says it, the only thing she can reply is, "so what should it be?"

One whole year after the close of the war, and Rainbow Dash still doesn't have the answer.

Art by NCMares.

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This story is a sequel to Aunthood Issues

Pop-cultural investigative reporter Coranto has heard some pretty out-there excuses for rumors. Some were even true. But when castle gossip says Luna has had a baby, and she claims she's created an entity to patrol dreams called the Tantabus, Coranto knows she's smelling a load of hogwash. The idea is absurd. Patently. Never one to let the truth hide, Coranto decides she will get to the bottom of these rumors, and nothing will dissuade her. Not anything Luna says. Not even the Tantabus itself taking an interest in her crusade.


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This story is a sequel to Rest

Three Hundred Years.

I've spent all that time teaching both humans and ponies to never forget the war. I've slowly become content with not just my life, but the fact that I am the last dragon. I've made and lost friends, students, and gained a great deal of respect from both ponykind and humanity. I've seen things change for the better, yet there is one thing I am forced to confront one thing that I fear most.

Falling in love.

Can I, a long lived being who has already outlive those I care about, accept a future with a lover? Or am I too afraid to face such a devastating loss once more?

Edited by Chaotic Note and Socks

Artwork done by MajorDude

Please help out at the NegotationsVerse TV Tropes page

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