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This story is a sequel to Principal Noses and Ancient Roses

Baked Bean, fresh off his victory over the sirens at Canterlot High, is now eagerly preparing for the arrival of his first child with his beloved Princess Celestia while still attempting to perform his royal duties.

But old foes still lurk in the shadows, and Celestia's pregnancy may offer a few unique challenges as well. It will take everything Baked Bean can give to endure the coming storm...

Or maybe he just needs to provide Celestia with a deep-fried pickle covered in chocolate sauce and smothered in sauerkraut.

Zen and Ponies

Cover Art:
Bean In the Oven by Sipioc

Chapters (27)

After the debacle of the Storm King's short-lived invasion and the fall of Canterlot, the former attacker, Fizzlepop Berrytwist (Commander Tempest Shadow), muses that the princesses' ability to fight was sorely lacking. Considering that she pretty much took them all down in seconds.

In order to prevent such an abysmal display in the future she has, through a few contacts around Princess Twilight, recruited the aid of a combat master who should be able to teach four princesses avoid such embarrassments in the future...

...Or kill them trying.

Chapters (5)

The Shadowbolts, tired of getting ruthlessly killed off whenever they play Dungeons and Dragons, decide to make Twilight their new DM. For Twilight, the game soon turns into a struggle to maintain her sanity amongst half-orcs, barbarians, vertically challenged necromancers, and seductive bards. The line between success and a total party kill gets thinner with every dice roll...
Updated on Tuesdays.
TVTropes Page
Preread by hawthornbunny, Solly, and Cinder Vel.

Chapters (9)

A slave, He was a slave all his life.

From the moment he was born.

To the day of his rise to galactic power.

It was not noticeable, however, he always remained a slave, only being commanded by a different master.

First by the Hutts, then Watto, then the Jedi Order and then finally, Darth Sidious.

He never had a choice in his life, he always had a straight path to follow, where people expected him to act without question, it made him hate them, disillusioned, and making himself become a person he never imagined he could become.

A monster with no remorse, with nothing to lose, a war machine fueled by anger and hate.

But on this planet, all this anger will be taken to another level, seeing slavery in all its glory prospering without limits or restrictions.

He would change that, he had the power to do that, his power came from all the anger created by these abominations.

His anger would lead him to victory, and with his victory, their chains would be broken, the force will punish them.

He is the Chosen one, He will bring balance, however, he won't bring order, he will bring chaos

(Edited by the Legendary's; OmicroniX and ComissarFurry)

(Featured in 10/08/2020 - 13/08/2020, 29/08/2020, 03/09/2020, 12/09/2020, 21/09/2020 Thank you all!)

Chapters (12)

This story is a sequel to Paroled

Cozy Glow and Blueblood are sick of Twilight's overdone Utopia. On the 13th Anniversary of being "free", Cozy Glow makes a wish.
It's granted.
Join Cozy Glow, Blueblood, and Anonymous in their adventure of establishing a new country of America, along with owning the greatest Warship America has ever made in the time of 2400 A.D.
A comedy sequel to Parole as it was sad and slightly depressing.

Chapters (2)

Deer are terrible. They aren't strong, they don't have magic, they can't fly, they can't even manipulate things with hands!

So what happens when some guy named Johan gets displaced into Equestria as a Deer while his best friend, Derek, gets displaced as a Half Alicorn, Half Gryphon, Half Shadow Pony, (Yes the math doesn't make sense, Johan has told him that several times,) he gets stuck as Derek's involuntary side kick, forced to sit there and watch as Derek saves the day again, and again, and again.

What happens when you are the only person in the world who hates someone, when you are supposed to be their best friend? What happens, when you are the side character in your own story?

Featured: 6/3/2020

Chapters (14)

Cover Image URL - Click Here

*An AU extended ending to Season 8 - "Father Knows Beast"*

It's been days since the greedy manipulator Sludge was revealed to have lied about being Spike's Father. Spike, originally excited to have had an actual dragon as a parental figure, now fears he will never have a family outside of Twilight to call his own.

However, despite Spike's hesitations, Twilight insists that he goes on a mission to tell each of their close friends what happened in regards to Sludge's scheme and form a bond with them. Spike has his doubts though as he fears the others aren't family and will reject him. Nevertheless, he sets out on a very personal mission.

How will each pony react to finding out that the baby dragon was taken advantage of as an excuse for room and board? Will they be able to help Spike and show that they love him? Will Spike discover that there's more to a family than he originally thought?

Chapters (8)

This story is a sequel to A Question Better Left Unanswered.

Twilight had seen them all. The party cannon, Pinkie's spy gear, her flying contraption. None looked like they should work, like they were the idle fantasies of a foal. So why by all that is logical do they work?

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to The Stars Revolt!

A continuation of the universe established in "The Stars Revolt", and a reboot of "Hands", Andrew Shepherd is trying to live a normal life as the local Ponyville alien.

Unfortunately, he's in Equestria.

Cover art by Sipioc.

Featured?! Thank you so much!

Chapters (29)

Anon was rather surprised to wake up in a world of magical talking horses. He was even more surprised to discover that said horses already knew him from a TV show.

Inspired by some old prompts in the RGRE thread, coverart by Nignogs.

Chapters (13)
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