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A young video game loving, guns a blazing, and closet Brony, Airman on leave guy goes on a shooting trip that was supposed to be relaxing. But fate sends him to an unlikely place... EverFree Forest! Can he use his military training to get home? Can he help a young filly and a misunderstood Princess get home? Will he rid Equestria of the blanks and blood hooves? And will he just accept being a brony? Takes place in CreepyPasta universe of Story of the Blanks and Super Filly adventure.

NOTE!!: This story is currently in the process of being re-written/heavily edited. Many of the flaws of the story will get fixed in the following months. The story ( while technically complete ) will be labelled as incomplete. I'm also adding a new scene and I'm thinking of adding non-canon endings but as of now, misspellings, grammar mistakes, multiple POVs, and any other areas that need fixing will be my main focus for this. Chapters that have been edited with be marked with an asterisk. Whether a chapter has been redone or not redone, I hope you'll enjoy the story either way. If you have any questions or comments, please let me know. Thanks!!

Chapters (41)

This story is a sequel to Fly on the Wall

Several months after the invasion of Canterlot and being shipped to Saddle Arabia, the surviving changeling has retired from fighting on the front lines. Due to this, the changeling is still required to work for the Equestrian Army as a wartime strategist and doesn't have to directly see combat anymore. The Princesses acknowledge this, but the new job and retirement from combat can't prevent them from sending the changeling into a tense area ready for combat to bring several lost soldiers back home.

Rated T for violence, language, and an off-page sex scene.

Cover art by TheDoggyGal

Chapters (8)
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