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Letters. Everyone writes them, and they're not just for ponies. Be they carriers of serious news, friendly correspondence between pen pals, or declarations of heart and heartbreak, each one is written with a clear purpose or goal in mind.

Celestia uses them to try and keep her faithful student and friends in line, and try to keep an unbalanced world on the straight and narrow.

This is much harder than it sounds.


Now with an audio reading by Lady Tenkage!

Side Stories:

Old-Fashioned Bar Hoppers, featuring Celestia, Mayor Mare, and Granny Smith shenanigans.
Journal of an Adolescent Clone, featuring Sunny and Moony shenanigans since Season 5.

Chapters (246)

This is a series of one-shot chapters that tell the stories of important events in griffon (and potentially world) history as pertains to the world built in Diplomacy for the Strong.

Chapter 1 - What is Griffonstone? How did a tiny decrepit village get the title of a Kingdom?

Chapter 2 - The Crystal Empire just accepts Cadance as their ruler? Why?

If you read these without the context of DftS, you do so with the understanding that this is expanded world-building and therefore innately head-canon territory. (Oh, and you won't really understand what's going on... so there's that too.)

Chapters (2)

Celestia has ruled over Equestria for over a millenium. Granny Smith kept a close eye on Sweet Apple Acres for centuries. Mayor Mare's tireless work kept Ponyville from collapsing into complete chaos most of the time. All of them do their best to keep their heads level in a topsy-turvy world, but even they need some time to wind down.

But how? Do they get drunk together and participate in wacky shenanigans?

In a word? Yes.

This is a side story to Letters From an Irritated Princess. Knowledge of it shouldn't be required to enjoy the story, but it can't hurt, either.

Cover art generously provided by Zaid ValRoa. Thanks a bunch!

Chapters (4)

Bon Bon is your average hard working mare, running her own candy stall in Ponyville. But when Princess Celestia tries one of her candies, she gives Bon Bon the offer of a lifetime: the opportunity to become the Royal Confectioner. With Twilight by her side, how will Bon Bon cope with the changes ahead?

Chapters (6)

A millennium ago, give or take, Princesses Celestia and Luna were nearly defeated by the most powerful villain that they had ever faced, Grogar, the dreaded lord of Tambelon. Thanks only to the whims of random chance, the two princesses survived that encounter, but have been forced to live in fear of the time of his inevitable return. That time is now...

...But whatever revival was intended has gone a little... wrong. Behind the wheels of Grogar's body is the spirit of a slightly extremely eccentric human. Equestria would have been lucky to survive the real Grogar, but will the ponies fare any better with this loon ruling Tambelon?

Sex Tag For Sexy Times Reasons, Gore Tag For Gorey Time Reasons.

You. Have. Been. Warned.

Chapters (13)

Twilight Sparkle and her friends have been model Equestrian citizens for years. After finally reuniting with Twilight, their lives were given real meaning. They’d become heroes; Equestria’s protectors, but the girls have always had bigger plans for the kingdom. Now the wedding of Shining Armor draws near, everything is about to come out into the open. Of course, there will always be those whom resist.

Cover image rearranged to show up better. Proof-reader Tatsurou

Chapters (7)

More than a thousand years ago, a small filly flipped a coin, trying to decide which princess to give a precious flower to. Because the coin came up heads, the flower went to Celestia, starting the division that ultimately led to Nightmare Moon. But... what if the coin had come up tails instead? Read on, and learn the answer, my friends...

Chapters (2)

This story is a sequel to Winona The Immortal Dog

Owlowiscious spends a lot of time thinking and trying new things. Currently he's an assistant to an alicorn princess, something he's never tried before. Sometimes being an assistant to a neurotic purple princess with a penchant for persistent productivity though, can really prickle his primaries.

A-A-Additional tags: Feathers.

Edited by: The awesome Word Worthy!

Tagged Alternate Universe because Owlowiscious is quite obviously not canonically immortal.

(I guess this counts as an 'Immortal-verse' fic, but there's no universe for this, so it's just Owlowiscious talking).

Chapters (15)

In the alternate timeline where Sombra was not stopped, a human finds himself suddenly in Sombra's body... just after the dread tyrant has conquered Equestria. Now trapped in a world where just about everyone hates him, he must try to keep up the illusion that he is the villainous conqueror, while at the same time try to win over his new subjects.

However, this will not be so simple, as the real Sombra is not quite dead... and he is most definitely not happy.

Part of The Ocean Of Time series.

Chapters (8)

Caramel is a pony of many secrets, one of which being that he isn't actually a pony at all. Revealing his true identity to his beloved marefriend Applejack turns out to be a far more painful experience than he had originally believed, and now he is left alone and heartbroken. Perhaps, with the help of the professional tips on mare courting everypony seems so inclined to give him, he can win her back? With advice like this, not likely.

Be warned, this fic includes terrible dating advice.

Cover art created by a very generous MindEdge.

Chapters (11)
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