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Ink Blot, against his better judgment, has accepted a job as Prince Blueblood's personal assistant and organizer. Once he arrives, however, he finds that the Prince is little like his reputation. As he re-evaluates everything he thought he knew of the Prince, the two find themselves becoming... friends? Now Ink Blot finds himself helping Blueblood overcome his much-deserved reputation, make some friends, and even find love.

Rated Teen for now; I'll add the sex tag later if it seems necessary. Also, I should probably make it clear that this isn't a romance between Ink Blot and Blueblood, but between Blueblood and a third pony. Sorry coltcuddlers, maybe next time.

Chapters (8)

Long ago Celestia imprisoned a powerful, dangerous entity. Too bad nobody seems to realize he's a harmless dope.

This story started out as a parody of the two stories Machinations in the Dark and Celestia's Prophet. You may wish to read them first to get some context for the first chapter.

Now has a tvtropes page!

Chapters (12)

Millenia ago, when Discord first claimed control of Equus, he decided on a whim to send a random selection of ponies to a distant and inhospitable planet. As centuries passed, those ponies gradually forgot their home and their sudden exodus and remembered only myths of strange beasts and great rulers.

Nearly two years ago, when an astronomer discovered a distant star orbiting its planet and sending out huge amounts of magical energy, it sparked a space-race between Eris's two massive, technologically advanced superpowers; New Pegasopolis and New Unicornia.

Now, the pegasi are on their way to the strange world, and the unicorns are not far behind. Once there, these ponies will have to deal with the strange implications of their discoveries, and the residents of the planet will face challenges of their own. While none of the explorers from Eris embarked on a mission of conquest, the concept is far from a strange one to the ponies of that bitter and divided planet.

This story's prequel, Another Mare's Sky, details the events leading up to the launch of the ships destined for Equus. It provides context for these ponies' society, but reading it is not necessary in order to understand and enjoy this story.

Chapters (11)

Nopony has heard from Fluttershy for three months. Not Rainbow Dash, not Rarity, not even Pinkie Pie. Her friends have been tending to the cottage and her animals, keeping it clean and organized, but even with Twilight's constant magic scans and a semi-constant guard search Equestria-wide, no hint has been found of where she went, how she vanished, or why she didn't tell anyone. Some ponies even think, in their darkest nightmares, that she might be dead.

Then she shows up one day, very definitely not dead, but just as definitely not the same as she was.

And does she have a story to tell. Boy, does she ever...

Coverart by Paladin.

Chapters (10)

Everybody in T.A.C.T.I.C.A.L. has heard about agent Doodle's exploits. He's managed to befriend a sea monster, taken on a Tarripus, and even earned a knighthood rescuing Celestia from... something highly classified. There's not a pony, donkey, cow, or [redacted] in the administration that doesn't respect the donkey and his contributions to Equestria.

So when Agent Sweetie Drops is paired up with him on her first assignment, she is understandably very excited. And a little bit nervous. But she'll try her hardest to help the legendary agent out!

Even if the target has... other plans.

(Image created by Bonmod. Be warned: The original is ANIMATED.)

Chapters (1)

The Dahaka are the Guardians of the Timeline. When something exists in the Timeline that should not be there, a Dahaka is sent to erase it.

When that which must be erased is being bolstered by Harmony itself and is in turn erasing something which should exist and creating multiple other temporal disturbances in the process, a Dahaka must make an effort to preserve that which should exist as a priority over erasing that which should not.

Luckily for Twilight Sparkle, Princess of Friendship, she is deemed 'essential' to the Timeline and effort must be made to preserve her as she is now, but the Dahaka must also complete its mission to erase. Good thing that cooperation is always an option.

(Original idea by Shagohad12. Co-written with Shagohad12. Inspired by and in response to StormLuna's 'Glimmerverse.' Dahaka concept from Prince of Persia: Warrior Within, but not a true crossover.)

Fancy new cover art provided by Little Tigress with a quoted price that I felt too low for the quality, so I tipped her a little extra.Here's a link to her DeviantArt gallery Please consider contacting her if you want some great art at a reasonable price.

Hey, apparently we got Featured at some point. Noticed on 3/14/18 with newest chapter.

Chapters (4)

A hag: someone with the power of nature, to use as they see fit. Sacrifice, and deals, power at a price, and more defines them. It is a hard thing to be a hag, and a harder thing to deal with them.

So when one of them, old and only partly wise arrives in a land that has no hags, she is confused. Lost. Upset. She does not know Equestria, and makes assumptions that are not wrong...

But not wrong doesn't mean right. It only means that you might be able to understand how the assumption could be considered correct. So, how will the hag deal with Equestria? A friend? An ally? An enemy? Its doom? Any of the above, willing or unwilling, knowing or not knowing? Everypony has their own opinion. Time to see who is right.

Chapters (32)

Scootaloo ran away years ago. Since then she's settled into a life in Ponyville. It's not much of one, but it's hers. One cold day she finds herself in the library.

Twilight Sparkle is a Princess, sworn to help all the citizens of Equestria, but how can she help somepony she doesn't know needs it.

Edited by Zimmerwald1915 and Johnny Bench

Chapters (15)

Anon-A-Miss reveals themselves to Sunset, but it’s too late. Sunset has already made up her mind, and there's no turning back. It's become clear that nothing remains for her at that school. She never expected any of her old friends to actually care. Why should she?

Chapters (3)

A young girl, having been robbed of her childhood and very life by illness finds herself given a second chance in a strange world and with an even stranger body. With a new life, family, and even a brother, she tries to cope with the bizarre world she's found herself in while also trying to embrace her role and become worthy of the gift she has been given.
Being a princess can be hard however, even if it's only an honorary title, especially when you're the twin sister of Prince Blueblood.

Warning, very slow burn.

Chapters (37)
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