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Long ago, before the banishing of Luna, Equestria was home to six races, not just three. In addition to the stewards of the weather, the earth, and of arcane magics, there were also the Changelings and their Queens, the harvesters, but not thieves of love, who spread it across the land, the Fel Ponies, those who guided the souls of the dead, and finally, the Noctus Ponies, or bat-ponies, who helped guard the night.

For a time, harmony between the six was maintained in full, but over time this once proud family grew distant. The Changelings became corrupt and greedy, and the Fel Ponies began feeding upon dark magic. The former left the lands and the latter were banished to Tartarus.

At that, only the Noctus Ponies remained... the strangest and most misunderstood of the three, due to their need for blood. A steady fear of them had always remained among of the populace, but with the help of Princess Luna, their reputation remained noble. However, when she became tainted by the Nightmare, they became tainted as well - at least in the eyes of the populace.

They were forced to flee. To hibernate for many years.

Now, two years after Luna's return, her, along with Princess Celestia and Twilight, have begun turning the wheels of change: their goal to unite the six races once more - starting with those who helped watch the night.

The minions of the night will return in full force.

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Twilight Sparkle has been through quite a lot during the course of her young life. With her friends she has re-discovered an ancient magic, saved the world from Nightmare Moon, and imprisoned the embodiment of Chaos in stone.
However, she cannot help but feel in over her head when she wakes up aboard an alien space station, where strange creatures are running dangerous experiments on her and others in an effort to make living weapons.
That's just the beginning however. She soon finds herself and her people caught up in the middle of an interstellar war over one of the most basic principals of sapient life.
The right to think for yourself.
Just an idea I had, and I'm not even really sure where it's going to go. But I liked it and I thought that it would make a great story. comments would be appreciated, especially those geared towards making me a better writer.

Cover Art by Mario94 on deviantART URL: http://mario94.deviantart.com/

Preread by Doomotter

Also, mad props to my new editor Eddiehowell! He's great!

Additional characters and tags will be added as the story dictates.
MLP is owned by Hasbro and Faust.
All other characters and worlds in this story are made by me.
This story is 100% approved by Twilights Library!
Also, if you don't like my story, that's fine. Just tell me what I'm doing wrong before you click that downvote button. How can I improve unless I know what I'm doing wrong?

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After a long day of flight practice with Scootaloo, Rainbow Dash discovers the filly knows next to nothing about preening and takes it upon herself to teach her.

Warning: May Contain Feels and/or D'aww moments.

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