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Rainbow Dash and Soarin's marriage starts becoming something they and their only daughter never expected.

Dariana Seashine contemplates her parents' decision regarding their divorce.

I am not anti-SoarinDash in any way. This story was purely written as exploration on my part.

Chapters (1)

Rainbow Dash, the girl who's usually 'too cool for school', would never admit to ever liking someone. Especially someone who she believes she has never met before.

Nevertheless, she instantly befriends someone named 'Sky High' as her online persona, 'Daring Dash'.

She'd never have guessed it was her best friend, Soarin Skies.

Cover art by NorthernLights8.

Featured on 8/10/2016!

Chapters (5)

Takes place right before Newbie Dash, though may contain a few references from future episodes.

Special thanks to Berry Delight for proofreading this! Go on and leave a follow!

After a rather peculiar dream, Dash is forced to think about somepony who she had loved dearly betraying her.

On the other hoof, Twilight has asked of her a request which both excited her and formed a sense of dread in the pit of her stomach…

Cover Art By Me

Chapters (12)

Big and expecting, Rainbow Dash and her partner Soarin sit by the fire and remember all their times together. From the moment they met, to where in their relationship they are now.

Cover art by Llaurm34

Chapters (1)

When she was busted, everypony expected for Gabby Gums to be gone for good. However, new articles seem to be popping up by her name.

One particular one, seemed to catch everypony's eye. And Rainbow Dash isn't too happy about it.

Chapters (5)

CHS's Winter break is coming up. Pinkie's throwing some Hearths Warming parties. There's also some rivalries. Between Rainbow Dash and Soarin. And the Soccer Championships is coming, but then something terrible happens. And, then,a rivalry had to be put away, as the start of a new friendship, and, mischief, and don't forget team drama...

Cover Art not mine, a substitute until I can make one myself.

Note: This story was originally known as "Frienemy Romance" but I changed it. So, don't worry. This is the original story.

Chapters (8)

Who knew Rainbow Dash would grow up someday, get married to the one she loves, and have children she can proudly call her own. But what happens when a near-death experience shocks everyone? Even Rainbow Dash herself? What about Soarin, her amour? As time flies by, Soarin is also losing hope. What will happen? You'll find out....

Chapters (1)

Cloudsdale High is going to participate in some friendly games vs Canterlot High....but when magic is exposed, things take a different turn

Cover art by Lucy-tan

Chapters (4)

This was the night,... the night where he finally got to go out with the mare he loved. Until, things start going wrong of course.

Join Soarin and Rainbow Dash on their first date as things slowly start to go downhill.

Chapters (5)

This story is a sequel to Meet me under the mistletoe

It's Rainbow Dash and Soarin's second anniversary as a couple! But when a sudden snow storm hits on Christmas Eve Rainbow worries that he won't make it in time.

Cover art by: StellarNight22

Chapters (1)
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