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This story is a sequel to A Better Way To Be Dad

Cozy Glow walks in on her comrades "wrestling." Awkwardness ensues.


Rated Teen for Innuendo.

Cover art borrowed from arareroll.

*For posterity's sake, let it be known that when My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic ended it's initial run on October 12, 2019, this story was #2 in the Featured Box.*

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The Storm King is defeated, Canterlot is restored, and life has returned to normal for the citizens of the city. And yet, Twilight, despite her victory, does not feel as happy as some might think she should. For there is one who has not ended up with an ending as pleasant as the one the Princess of Friendship would have wanted for her.

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Moon Dancer just needs to unwind and get some sleep. Surely nopony will stop by to disturb her tonight, right?

Warning: contains diapers, diaper usage, ABDL themes, and fluff.

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Twilight Sparkle and Starlight Glimmer track down an old friend. However, who they find is not who they expect...

A sad possibility to the reunion of two friends that have not seen or heard from each other in years.

Written for the Reformed Starlight Glimmer Writing Contest!

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Inspired by Letters From A Disgruntled Friendship Student by Milesprower06.
Letters From A Disgruntled Multiverse is basically the same thing but also crosses over with many other fimfiction stories by the Fimfiction Community.

This is not going to end well....

Special thanks to my old editor Pastelights for editing the first few chapters.

Special thanks to my new editor Neko Majin C for editing this

Nyx is from Past Sins by Pen Stroke

The following is a work of parody, and is protected as Fair Use under section 17 U.S. Code § 107 of US Copyright Law. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and all affiliated characters are property of Hasbro Inc

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While relaxing after a performance, the Rainbooms discover Sunset has scars that she definitely didn't have before the Fall Formal.

As of 9/14/2015, this story has a dramatic reading by Goombasa. Give it a listen!

7/7/2016: Now with cover art designed by the very generous Novel-Idea! Thank you so much!

7/23/2016: This story has a reading by Gabriel C Media. Give it a listen!

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Princess Luna has been watching Twilight and friends hate on one another for some time now, and has even read their letters.

To say the least, she's far from pleased.

This story is a spinoff of Letters of a Disgruntled Friendship Student by milesprower06

A big credit to ten-kara on DA for making this wonderful picture!
And credit to milesprower06 for inspiring me to write this spin-off :)
Oh hey, another story on hiatus? This is just because I have a bit of a harder time writing in THIS specific style, so I want to learn more about it until I attempt to perfect it, because I don't feel like I have it down yet.

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Letters. Everyone writes them, and they're not just for ponies. Be they carriers of serious news, friendly correspondence between pen pals, or declarations of heart and heartbreak, each one is written with a clear purpose or goal in mind.

Celestia uses them to try and keep her faithful student and friends in line, and try to keep an unbalanced world on the straight and narrow.

This is much harder than it sounds.


Now with an audio reading by Lady Tenkage!

Side Stories:

Old-Fashioned Bar Hoppers, featuring Celestia, Mayor Mare, and Granny Smith shenanigans.
Journal of an Adolescent Clone, featuring Sunny and Moony shenanigans since Season 5.

Chapters (246)

To gather the harvest in the most efficient way possible, Applejack and Big Machintosh have used diapers to avoid bathroom breaks. One embraces the change, enjoying every minute of it while the other merely sees it as a tool for work and nothing beyond that.

(Do not continue reading if you do not approve of diapers or diaper usage. If you do not like it or are under legal age, please do not keep reading.)

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This story is a sequel to At the End of Your Rope

Now with personality profiles. Clickity

Edit: Now with crossover goodness. Clickity

There is one thing that Luna cannot stand. Wasted potential.

Luna, Princess of the Night, Keeper of the Dreaming Realms, carefully watches over her subjects, looking for the disturbing signs of those who contemplate the unthinkable, throwing away their potential. And when they go to dispose of themselves, Luna does what she can to be there to collect the trash... which Luna usually discovers to be treasure.

So when a young pegasus can no longer deal with the daily grind and moves to take his own life, Luna is more than happy to claim it so she can use it for her own purposes.

You don't know how valuable life is until it is taken away and claimed by another.

Edit: Featured on Sunday, May 11th, 2014 thank you all so much for showing interest! Ermagerd!
Edit: Now with 2000% cooler cover art... Oh my gosh thanks!

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