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This story is a sequel to Apple Bloom and the Timberwolf

One of the flaws of the Fourth Wall Theater Troupe is that one of its founding members, Discord, doesn't keep a schedule (he's the Master of Chaos; why would he?). As such, it's very possible for him to drop in for a brainstorming session at the most inappropriate of times. Like when Pinkie Pie is supposed to be foal-sitting Pound and Pumpkin, for instance.

But perhaps it is possible to eat two cakes with one spork. After all, inspiration can strike when you least expect it, and it's almost time for the twins to go to bed, anyway. Yeah, I think you can see where this is going.

If you're not familiar with the Fourth Wall Theater Troupe, it is recommended that you check out their debut performance, which can be found in the prequel tag above.

Chapters (5)

Note: The Dark tag is only there "Just in Case". I'm pretty sure nothing goes quite THAT dark, I'm just being safe.

Discord has broken free of his stone prison and has taken over Equestria. Some have gone mad under his rule, while others are either mind wiped by him to love his world, or tremble in fear from it.

All except for the Element of Laughter... She instead throws a party with her new friends, absolutely having the time of their lives.

But darker things are underfoot in Discord rule... But really. Are we all that surprised?

Chapters (1)

Siblings. Many of us have them, and those who don't have heard stories. Of the laughter, of the teasing, of the jokes played, and the battles won and lost. Celestia and Luna are no different. If anything, their friendly sibling rivalries are tempered by their positions and power. So, when Celestia plays one prank too many, Luna declares an ancient rite not seen by anypony in a thousand years.

A royal prank war.

With the newly-reformed Discord and Captain Shining Armor as judges, the two sisters swear to not stop for a full month, or until one sister surrenders.

The question is: will Equestria survive when its very ruling body is trying their best to prank the other into submission?

Awesome cover art used with permission by 1100Soulite

Chapters (13)

As the newly coronated princess of Equestria, Twilight attempts to go back to the everyday life with her friends that she had grown used to.

...but being a alicorn princess living with her newly acquired royal retainers in the small town of Ponyville can lead to some... problems.

Chapters (26)

Friends discuss how bananas can be quite dangerous to the average pony.

Author's note: I enjoy consuming bananas so much. So much that I actually wrote a ponyfiction about them. This is something I wrote in an hour. The only free time I seem to have nowadays.

Chapters (1)

Celestia has faced many terrible foes throughout her life, from tyrant unicorns to the very embodiment of chaos. However, the time has come for the noble alicorn to fight against the most dreadful of monsters, a vile creature which dwells in the shadows of the night, flying through the darkness as it thirsts for the blood of innocent ponies.

It is time for Celestia to face... the common mosquito.


Written to fight my writer's block. It worked. I hope you like it.

A million thanks to Inumaniac for being my proofreader once again.

Read the polish translation here, courtesy of Dolar84

Chapters (1)

Welcome, to the biggest collection of sexual innuendos that you will ever experience in your life. Because sometimes, situations are ambiguous. Sometimes we need to write something silly to get us out of a writing slump. Sometimes, ponies interact in the most inappropriate sounding ways possible. Don't act like you haven't seen it before, besides; who doesn't love a good sex joke every now and then?

Chapters (2)

“Do you remember the day we first met?”

Celestia has been having recurring dreams; dreams that she wishes would go away. But they won't, they only increase in their frequency. One night, she gives in and visits that statue in the royal garden. The statue that haunts her sleep. The statue of her one true love, the statue that she made. That night, under the statue, she remembers the day they first met.

Chapters (7)

Follow the story of the intrepid adventurer Rarity as she attempts to accomplish one of life's most basic pursuits!
Chosen as a finalist for the Las Pegasus Unicon Fan Fic Contest which never actually happened due to... mismanagement.

Chapters (1)

It's Parents' Day in Ponyville, and Applejack is hosting it's first ever annual festival! She jumps at the opportunity to meet all of her best friends' parents. However, as bad histories and old grudges surface and threaten to ruin the occasion, Applejack must restore harmony and save the day. In the process, she may come to terms with her relationship with her own parents...

Author's Note to Readers:

First off, thank you for viewing this page. As a fellow fan of the show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, I've developed a true adoration for these characters, and felt inspired to write a story about how they, in my imagination, came to be who they are. Therefore, I chose to center the story around the girls' relationships with their parents, for in more ways than one, we are all the products of what our parents or guardians have made us. As the old saying goes, "The apple doesn't fall far from the tree."

To that end, please bear in mind that this is very much a character-driven drama, so there will be no action/adventure or anything of the sort here. Also know that I chose to depict the parent-child dynamic as very real, so expect controversial parental issues to be featured.

Make of this what you will. To those who continue reading, enjoy! C:

Chapters (15)
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