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“Forever and ever, a wonderful thing,/Will someone be grateful for what we tried to bring?/It's late,/But just remember then,/This day will never come again.” -The Aquabats, ‘Hello, Good Night!’

Spike sends you, the viewer, a letter.


Cover art drawn by ShowtimeandCoal

This fic is dedicated to everyone who has worked on, watched, and created fan content of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. Thank you for the amazing journey.

Chapters (1)

Unaware of how his image and name have been used, the real Grogar returns to his lair after a long vacation. Naturally, he's not exactly pleased to find out what's been happening while he was gone.

Chapters (1)

Shortly after her coronation as the new Princess of Equestria, Twilight is visited by a creature she never expected to see in person. What's even more unexpected than the identity of this petitioner, though, is his reason for coming.

Partially inspired by the Imposing Sovereigns II contest under the prompt "Twilight/The Old."

Chapters (1)

The appearance of a giant, glowing orb of energy in Washington D.C. puts the capital of the free world on high alert. Few expected aliens to emerge. None expected them to be horses. But, in retrospect, everyone should have expected them to not speak English.

EDIT: Featured at #3, 7/24/19!
EDIT: At #2 same day!
EDIT: #1 at the very end of 7/26/19! I’m so glad you all enjoyed!

Chapters (1)

Fed up with Tirek's, Cozy Glow's, and Chrysalis' bickering, Grogar realizes that the only way that he'll be able to get through to them is by having them listen to a motivational speaker. Using his powerful magic, Grogar summons a motivational speaker from an alternate world. The good news is he succeeds; the bad news is that he summons the one speaker who lives in a van down by the river.

Chapters (1)

A dalek appears in Equestria - not just any dalek, but the one that had been corrupted by Rose Tyler's DNA. It has a choice of life as a pony, or dying, and finds that it cannot bear to die a second time. Thus begins a strange adventure as the dalek tries to find a place for itself in a world that is completely antithetical to its former existence and way of thinking...

...and why does that earth pony stallion look familiar...?

Chapters (9)

For a changeling, love is magic, and magic is love. They are one and the same within the changeling body. To share magic is to share love. And we all know what happens when an unreformed changeling shares love. Unfortunately for Chrysalis, she got caught up in the moment and forgot for just a second. But a second was enough...

A "what if?", alternate ending for "Frenemies".

Chapters (7)

This story is a sequel to Queen Chrysalis Reforms (Accidentally)

Tiatarta! The hidden gem of Equestria’s resorts. Sandy beaches, colorful locals, and relative isolation make this the ideal vacation destination. So what kind of friendship problem could this tropical paradise possibly have for Smolder and Ocellus to deal with?

And what the HAY is Queen Chrysalis doing here?! And what did she do to her mane?

Reading Queen Chrysalis Reforms (Accidentally) is recommended for context.

Chapters (15)

As Spinel watched Steven and his friends celebrate, she realized that she had done too much to them and everyone on this world to be their friend, and ran off to the warp pad. But even after she set foot on a new world she realized that no one would be friends with the person she was now... it's a good thing she had another Rejuvenator.

Pinkie is in for a big surprise and a new best friend this birthday.

picture created by GlamourCoffee, go check them out on DeviantArt

Chapters (14)

Equestria has been saved, all the important ponies have been saved, and through all of that the changelings have been reformed. With the exception of one.

As all the ponies escaped from their cocoon prisons they all see that the battle wasn't over yet once Chrysalis emerges from the rubble of her destroyed throne. They were all getting ready for the final showdown and put an end to evil tyrant's ways, however, once she emerged they all saw that something bad has happened.

Apparently the explosion the love from all the reformed changelings has caused was too much for Chrysalis to handle and in doing so caused the former queen to develop amnesia. Absolutely no memory of anything not even her own name.

Starlight Glimmer, however, sees this as an opportunity to make a new friend and she's willing to take the risk.

Chapters (1)
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