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A "Naruto" crossover. Rather then dying at his brother's hands Itachi is instead sent to a world wholly unfamiliar to him, will he finally find peace within himself among the ponies of Equestria?

Chapters (11)

Gleaming Shield is called on to both guard and keep an eye on Sunset Shimmer when she comes back to Equestria for a visit to Ponyville.

A goofy shipfic starring r63 Shining Armor in an alternate universe where Cadance doesn't exist, Gleaming hasn't made Captain yet, and everything else is pretty much the same. Timeline wise it takes place shortly after RR.

Chapters (1)

I was running late to a costume party, that my friend invited me to at the last minute. I got lucky thanks to a friend how text me about a costume shop close by. Once there I bought my favorite Kaiju villain suit and with a bonus item for my purchase.

Now I'm in MLP that's one of the villains from Godzilla. I stand in the path of Destruction, I the Kaiju of crystals. The Fallen brother of the king of monsters!

I am Space Godzilla ROAR!

Rule 63 Spike X O.P. X harem

Chapters (2)

Long ago, a year after the imprisonment of Discord, a being of immense and terrible power appeared in Equestria. Locked behind the gates of Tartarus, the creature is thought to be forever trapped. Until now. Though it has taken more than a few centuries, he has finally managed to climb the dark pits of Tartarus, and escape the hellish prison. His name, is Ulquiorra.

AN: Tags will be added along the way, expect lots of explosions. First ever fic, mercy...
Special thanks to ponyclaws, who helped edit this fic, of which I am immeasurably grateful for.

Chapters (8)

Equestria, a nation that prides itself with one of the strongest militaries in the world, has enjoyed a peaceful existence for the last three-hundred years. When the benevolent princesses of such a land discover that a large port city has been overthrown by not one, but two former villains, the princesses take matters into their own hands to ensure a prosperous existence for the residents. However, as a political approach towards the situation fails to yield desired results, the royal sisters take it upon themselves to forcibly remove the two reluctant queens from their newly acquired throne. That is, until they discover a certain human who isn't too keen on a hostile take over. Soon enough, the Equestrians will learn why one should never threaten a human or the ones he calls family.

This story is rate T for implied sexual situations, strong language, and gore and blood.
Story takes place in an alternate universe where Nightmare Moon is alive and the changelings have not been reformed.

This story was featured! Yay!!!

Chapters (8)

Broken and beaten after the failed Canterlot invasion, Chrysalis desperately searches for a way to save her hive. The answer comes to her in the form of an ancient spell that allows travel to other worlds. Starving, feeling left with little choice in a world that despises and fears them, Queen Chrysalis and her Changelings pack their metaphorical saddlebags and ship off into the unknown.

The world they discover is unlike any other. Strange and powerful creatures inhabit the land; not only that, but they also find themselves imbued with new powers. Even better—love is abundant and easy to obtain: all they have to do is fight for their lives in arena-style tournaments, enter beauty pageants, musicals, and other demeaning activities.

As Chrysalis and her ’lings adapt to this new world, they must also be careful. This new paradise comes with its fair share of dangers: other monsters competing for affection, unkind masters, and even an organisation that would seek to enslave and experiment on them.

Finally, why does someone named ‘Arceus’ keep sending Chrysalis Legendary Pokémon Application forms?

Edited and proof-read by the amazingly talented Cerulean Voice Blame him for this awesomeness~

Edit: Featured on the 25/03/2015. Thanks so much everyone.
Featured on EQD on 17/04/2015.

I'd like to thank Pascoite for being my Pre-reader. You are a legend and a master of your craft. Thanks again bro.

Chapters (7)

A few thousand years before, I along with my brother ruled the world we had arrived in. The two of us had anything we could ever want wealth, power, and an nation that spanned the entire world. Then it happened the lesser species rose, the griffons, the minotaurs, and most annoying of all the ponies. Soon, they came to us seeking peace and land to call their own, and my brother wished to give it to them, sparking a war between us that lasted for a thousand years, and cost the dragons so much. Eventually, he struck at my home, him and his knights. They had defeated me, and trapped me in stone, but not before I dealt my brother a fatal wound.
Now, thousands of years later, I'm free to do as I please once again, and I have no idea what to do, or if my brother even survived.

(D&D Crossover, the Main Character is Tiamat)
(Sex for possible innuendos and crude humor)

Chapters (5)

It is a common perspective among most species that changelings are, for the most part, fairly weak creatures. They don't have the strength of a diamond dog. They don't have the speed of a vampire. Only a few have even a hope of challenging the knowledge of a dragon. Numbers, disguises, and their Queen is what most hives rely on. This is true of course, and Chrysalis knows it. Changelings are a fragile race, and if one day their unity would fail, a fail-safe must be ready. A fail-safe that, alone, could stand against any threat. Any situation. Any obstacle. A hero, which all could look to when times were dark.

That had been a long time ago.

Chapters (3)

Emperor Mateus, emperor of the Palamecian Empire wakes up in a strange new world. Having been defeated not once, but twice by the hands of Firion and his rebel gangs. But instead of returning back to hell after his second death just like he expected, instead he suddenly finds himself drifting off through the void and dragged to a new and unfamiliar world with an even more unfamiliar body as well.

His mind somewhat warped and altered from his previous experiences, he now has now the chance to start over from scratch in a world that seems to be oozing with magic. But don’t be fooled by his now somewhat altered ego, he still is the Emperor, highly intelligent, cunning and extremely powerful (even though at the beginning his magic is weakened)

Now that he is here and given another chance in a new world filled with new possibilities and conquests he will make sure to not repeat his previous mistakes ever again while getting his…han-hooves…on a new empire. He is going to show this new world what true dominance is.

The Emperor is back and hungry for more power.


(Authors note: The current cover art is only temporary, I will create a more dedicated cover art if this fic is being received well.)

Chapters (20)

Thorax couldn't explain it.

When the newest princess of the Crystal Empire was born, he felt a natural pull towards the ceremony.
Of course, the fact that the protective barrier surrounding the empire broke helped; he was able to slip in unnoticed.

Once his name was cleared with the Crystal ponies, Shining Armor still had his doubts. He proposed to keep Thorax disguised as Crystal Hoof, in case their subjects were to arise with questions, or run away out of fear.

Flurry Heart and 'Crystal Hoof' become close friends... both begin developing and feeling things for the other. Is friendship really enough for them?

Featured 9/16/16!


Inspiration from the cover art by PimpArtist101.

Chapters (8)
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