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Now Rated Teen because I kind of kill them on a regular basis, but they're immortal so they get better.

The continuing story of those in Canterlot Castle and the surrounding areas. With four immature gods running about, is anybody going to survive? Probably. However, with each day, the madness in Equestria grows and sadly I don't think anyone actually cares anymore.

It's time for Equestria's Crazies; a tale of love, of tasers, comedy and finally me, tormenting as many ponies as possible before I get bored.

[Head's up, this story is an Episodic series. Each chapter is it's own contained "Story" but really it's just whatever I want to happen on that particular day.]


Chapters (43)

About 15 years ago, a dark age rose against the promising land of Equestria. The Princess Luna and her beloved husband, Chaotic Noteworthy, was a little away from the birth of there daughter, Lilac.
Unable to fight the war of the Changlings, Chaotic stayed and fought to the death while his wife and soon to be filly escaped to safety.
Or so they say.
My name is Lilac Amethyst. I am fifteen years of age, and I live with my mother in Aricastle, a land that was created for a small population of those who survived the war.
I never met my father before. And more determined than ever to find him myself. With my archery skills, and my bravery, I will travel.
To the afterlife to find my father.

(Story based on the OC's, created by Chaotic Note.)
Special thanks to the proofreaders. And the story made for Chaotic Note.

Chapters (2)

After her complete defeat at the royal wedding, Celestia's ego is shattered. Luna promises to whip her sister back into shape, because it'll take far more than a few laps around the palace to put a grown alicorn at the top of her game. But, with Celestia coming home each day with a new set of bruises and a slightly more forward royal attitude, her subjects begin to fear her more than love her. Is Luna's

special training turning her into a monster, or is it all according to some greater plan? It's time for some tough love!

(Warning: Dark tag for some Celestia abuse.)
(Featured 6/19/2012! :D)

Chapters (14)

Princess Luna's Lunar Stallions kidnap Twilight Sparkle when they see how lonely Luna is, and give her to the Princess as a gift. Nightmare Moon emerges from Princess Luna's psyche during the sleepover. The dark goddess would love nothing more than to have the beautiful mare all to herself, and the resulting chaos forces Celestia to call a psychologist to sort out Luna's multiple personalities.

Chapters (20)

While Princess Luna is away celebrating Nightmare Night in Ponyville, Celestia tries on a strange black bauble from her sister's jewelry box. The result will be the creation of the most terrifying thing Equestria has ever seen. The Sun herself turns against all the ponies in Canterlot. Can Luna and her Lunar Stallions possibly hope to stop her? And if so, does Luna have the fortitude to strike down her sister in the end?

FEATURED May 16th 2012!

Chapters (10)

While five of the mane six are busy doing their own thing, Twilight Sparkle embraces the ways of manga and anime. When an Ursa Major attacks Ponyville, how will she combat it all alone? Giant robot Twilight Sparkle, of course!

[Oneshot, Anime, Parody, Gundam]

Chapters (1)

Aegis Shield is a writing pony, a Lunar Stallion for Princess Luna's private guard. He doesn't publish everything he writes, though. Let's have a peek into his scrap basket and see what he's been hiding...

Chapters (9)

Applejack stands up to her abusive father, once and for all. Or... at least tries to.

Chapters (1)

Ponies write hilarious, silly, sexy fan fictions about each other! FREAKING Ponies! (Each chapter is a 60-minute writing challenge train wreck. You've been warned!)

(...I am so, so sorry. XD)

Chapters (3)

Pinkamina battles Death incarnate, trying to prevent the deaths of others using the cryptic powers of the Pinkie Sense. Meanwhile the Royal Sisters frown upon her messing with the fabrics of fate, and her stallion Lickity Split has been eyeing the wedding bells lately. Who is under Death's hood?

Chapters (13)