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Spartan A-042 finds himself on a mission gone wrong when he winds up in a land of talking ponies and other magical creatures as he struggles to comprehend how he got there, why he is there and above all, how can he leave.

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This is a random story created by those who are watching me.

When Twilight watches herself die, will she be able to fix the damage done in the future?

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Failure was the word Max Payne thought a lot about after the day’s previous events. His employer found dead, his office destroyed, his employer’s wife still held hostage, and his friends abandoning him. Trying to cope with this newest revelation, Max drinks far more than usual and somehow winds up in the colorful world of Equestria, filled with intelligent talking ponies.

But as his time in this magical land reveals, there’s something dark in the shadows of this happy and peaceful place. A darkness that came from Max’s world…darkness that only Max can get rid of. That is, if he’s sober long enough to understand it and not put a bullet in his skull.

Takes place during events of Max Payne 3

Teen rating for strong language, alcohol use, pill use, and many other things linked to Max Payne...

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This story is a sequel to My Little Caboose: Blue is Magic!

It has been one month since the Elements of Harmony were used to trap Discord again, and it has been one month since Twilight lost one of her closest friends, the only consolation of which being that Church was finally getting some well deserved rest. At least, that is what she and the others believed. Discord, still trapped within Church's mind, has been picking away at his sanity the entire time, messing with his memories, making him forget what was real and forcing him to remember what wasn't. When he finally escapes, will Church be able to distinguish between reality and the memories Discord tampered with, or will his slim grip on reality finally give out?

If the ponies he is led to believe are his friends are of any indication, probably the latter.

[Before asking questions in the comments, please read!]
- This is a sequel to the completely unjustifiably popular, My Little Caboose: Blue is Magic!
- You probably will be extremely confused if you have not read that before this.
- You probably would be even MORE confused if you have never heard of Caboose.
- Click here to watch the series if you have not.

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A series of moments from Derpy's life, most of them less than cheerful.


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An Alternate universe that deviates from the storyline seen in No, I am NOT a Brony, GET ME OUTTA EQUESTRIA!!! in which Celestia reveals at the Gala that she can in fact send him home.

Eager to do exactly what he's been waiting to do, he grabs his Clovevellian Staff and computer, and is promptly sent back to Earth, free from any more pony (and no, he will most certainly NOT be watching the show either).

A year passes and TD is happy back on Earth and has a job as an RA at his school. You know, the kind of job that requires a lot of human contact.

That's when the box shows up...

Yes, this is a TD version of My Little Dashie. Don't read if you don't like either MLD or TD in general.

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After an incident with the heart of Liberty, Niko Bellic finds himself awake in an unusual hospital. He quickly learns that he is no longer in Liberty City. His rough, gravely world is about to be turned upside down.

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What happens when the Reds and Blues finally get Church out of the Epsilon unit? Caboose decides he wants a turn in the unit, of course! What happens next? Well let's just say he always did say he wanted a pony, now he has a world full of them.

[Before asking questions in the comments, please read!]
- The first chapter is the end of the ninth season. I put it there just to ease the flow of the story.
- You will probably be extremely confused if you have not seen the last two seasons of Red vs Blue.
- You will probably be even MORE confused if you have never heard of Caboose.
- I placed a series of hyphens to show when the story becomes my own work during the prologue.
- Click here to watch the series if you have not.

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When your life is as dull a gray as the world that surrounds you, the mundanities can make it all seem meaningless. Sometimes all we need is a little color -- or six -- to reintroduce us to what truly makes life worth living.

*6-16-2017 Edit, added Rainbow Dash tag because it triggered knighty.*

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Twilight Sparkle has always admired Princess Celestia. Her fortitude, her wisdom, her eternal grace and love for all her subjects. Twilight has often fantasized about what it would be like to be in Princess Celestia's horseshoes. She never imagined those fantasies would come true.

Events take place a short time after the Crystal Empire's return (early S3).
Proofreading from chapter three-onward provided by Daemon of Decay.
Cover image used with permission from TexasUberAlles, thanks!
Inspiration for Sunny Skies from PhantomFox.

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