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Pinkie Pie is born to make people smile. It's in her nature.

So after a few strange beings ended up in Equestria, and she got to know Shadow - the serene and lonely Hedgehog - she immediately began trying to make him happy. But so far, it hasn't been working. She's tried everything, but he just doesn't seem to be a sociable guy.

She has already learnt her lesson, thanks to Cranky Doodle. She can't just pester Shadow in an attempt to make him crack a grin. Instead, she has to find out what had turned him into such an introvert. So she decides to throw him a huge, blowout surprise party for him on Hearts and Hooves day.

But she has barely scratched the surface of Shadow's dark history. Little does she know of the things in store for her that particular Hearts and Hooves.

Chapters (3)

What happens when you put a meanie pants of a prince, a maniac villain, a old student of the princess, a changeling and two friends together? Chaos that's what! Figure out what Prince Blueblood, Mane-iac, Sunset Shimmer, Red the Changeling and Spring Berry and Fudge Brownie will do!

Includes: Mane 6, Big Mac, H.A.R.M.O.N.Y., Pinkalicious (Pinks) Cupcake, Racing Hearts, Peaceheart (Peace), Rocket Star, Neon Blitz, Marshdog, and Tiger Claw

Chapters (6)

It's been over eight years for Phoenix Wright. Eight years since he was transported to the world of colourful ponies. Eight years since his showdown in the courtroom against Trixie over the fate of Rainbow Dash. Eight years since he was disbarred for submitting false evidence in a trial back in the human world. The last several years of investigation over the case that cost him his badge, and his subsequent return to the legal world has left his foray into Equestria as a faint memory, only the picture he keeps in his desk proving to him it wasn't a dream.

Coming off his most recent case, the ace attorney has decided to take a well deserved rest, but fate would have another plan for the lawyer, as once again his services, and those of The Wright Anything Agency, have been called to Equestria to solve the second murder in recent equine history. The stakes are higher than anyone, or anypony, could imagine, and if the defendant is found guilty, the repercussions could be disastrous. Day one of the trial is about to begin.

All rise.

A/N: While planning out my other fics and getting back into writing, I finished watching Turnabout Storm and noticed that the resulting "sequel" fics are lacking or overwrought. Consider this a writing exercise and an attempt to do the series justice.

Chapters (2)

Princess Celestia wants to establish diplomatic relations with the mushroom kingdom and Rarity is sent to make a good impression. Unfortunately the island where the meeting between rulers will be held is covered in a sticky paint-like goop, and Rarity is apparently to blame. Meanwhile the true culprit, a shadowy version of Rarity, is on the loose and has foalnapped Sweetie Belle.
It is up to Rarity to clean the island, rescue Sweetie Belle, and win the favor of the islanders before time runs out.
Will she succeed?
Will she thwart Shadow Rarity goopy plan?
Will she ever get to enjoy this island resort?

Chapters (1)

I've seen this idea done before, but as a fan of Sonic and MLP: FiM, I wanted to give it a go myself.

This, basically, is the story of Sonic Generations, but crossed over with the MLP:FiM universe, with Spike and the Main Six taking the place of Classic Sonic and Classic Tails with other MLP characters also appearing (most aren't listed to prevent spoilers). Except for Green Hill, there will be different areas explored, as well as pony rivals and different era bosses. So while it will have its similarities to the console and 3DS versions of the actual game, it will definitely have its differences too.

Also, in case anyone was wondering, there will NOT be any shipping in this story. At the very least, no crossover shippings. No SonicxRD, TailsxTwilight, TailsxFluttershy, or anything like that. If there is any shipping at all, it will only be between characters from the same universe. And the only humans in this story are Dr. Eggman and the ones that appear in the "Sonic Unleashed" level.

A big thanks goes to bvge on Deviantart for creating the new logo on the cover art. It's a vast improvement over the old cover art.

The TV Tropes page can be found here.

NOTE: Due to the length of many of the chapters in this story, most of them have been broken up into smaller parts of roughly 10,000 words or less to make the story easier to read.

Chapters (42)

A new power is rising, its dark shadow threatens to cross all across Equestria. The Mane six has left for a quest and isn't expected back for a long time, so now the balance is uneven. It is time to see if Equestria can stand on its own against this new rising darkness. For if all falls into darkness, all will be lost.

Chapters (3)

A young filly goes on an epic adventure to change her fate and move past the path dictated by her cutie mark. Along the way she will meet many interesting ponies, fight against impossible odds, and discover who she truly is.

Chapters (3)
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