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Ever been bested by a sickeningly sweet pony, specifically one who wields the Elements of Harmony? Are you just tired of love and hope and kindness filling your world? I know I am. Come to the next meeting of Villains Anonymous, where no unjust deed of cruelty goes unrewarded. Discuss your beliefs of disaster and anarchy with your like-minded colleagues, speak of plans for your next big scheme for world domination, or just be a stuck-up jerk. Here at Villains Anonymous, all evil is welcome.

-Discord, The Spirit of Disharmony

P.S., Chrysalis, it's your turn to bring snacks.


Updated 11/11/12

Seeing as how some of you want me to write more, I'll get on it soon.

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I will tell some tales that you will not believe but too bad you have to believe it. Enjoy :D

Note that my grammer is not that good!

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Russian Translation done by RainbowTurtleDash.

Rainbow Dash is on her death bed after a horrific accident takes place. The dying Pegasus calls upon two friends, Pinkie Pie and Gilda the Griffon, to keep her company in her final days.

Begrudgingly, the two enemies work through their differences in order to fulfill Rainbow Dash's last wishes: for them to be friends. Will Gilda and Pinkie be able to set their differences aside? Or will their grudges hold strong, even when their best friend is watching?

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It will soon be nightmare night, the streets of quiet little ponyville are alive with excitement, games are being put up for the little fillys and colts to play and costumes are being made for the night. Everyone is excited but one, Fluttershy has never been on a nightmare night, scared by her own shadow, how could she possibly get through the night, maybe with a little push she can have fun, maybe with a bigger push something more.

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Screwball comes to ponyville to see her dad but his in cantorlot business. So she hangs with fluttershy till he comes back then she gets board so she tells fluttershy if she wants to have fun around ponyville. What can possible go wrong?

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The real Gilda comes to Ponyville... but she doesn't get the welcome she was expecting. For some reason, everypony seems to already hate her... Will she ever find a place where her and her half-pony daughter can live in peace?

Also read:
Last Impression by Typoglyphic -- A wonderfully dark and morally ambiguous short story about what happened to Changeling Gilda.

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After her plans were ruined her hive now in destruction all shes has left are two young changeling. When she is saved by one of the ponies responsible for destroying her plans the great Changeling queen is forced to make certain choices. Will the choices she make now be for the better of her last remaining children or will she lose them for good?

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Nightmare Moon has been running around Ponyville doing unthinkable acts! She's been... been helping ponies and doing charitable work! Hold on a second, that's not bad at all? Why is the evil NIghtmare Moon being so nice? What? Nopony told her she's the villian? Well gee, somepony should go do that, shouldn't they?

In case it wasn't slightly obvious, Nightmare Moon is doing things that typically aren't expected of a villian, and when Twilight Sparkle inquires as to why she's so nice, it shocks Nightmare to learn that she's the villian. Seeing no other option, she immediately sets out to rectify this situation. This is a comedy with darker elements including, but not limited to, kitten cruelty, royal beatdowns on the eldery, orphan terrorizing, property damage, and the ever present etc.

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Twilight loves to discover, learn, and be amazed. So when rumours spread of ancient ruins existing in Equestria, and when a letter from the Princess of the Sun herself arrives with orders to check them out, she packed her saddlebags, said goodbye to her friends, and left. What she finds baffles her: a structure made of brick. It is similar in shape to some of the houses she's seen in Equestrian, but something is different about it.

And what she discovers inside will both amaze her... and frighten her.

A/N: Cover image was taken from the Fire Emblem wikia, and I realize it is Renault. I thought it fit the story's character.

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[Psychological Grimdark]

This story was directly based off 'Awoken': Wooden Toaster and H8 seed's spirited successor to the Rainbow Factory.

Food for thought, folks. I wrote this story on my own time and Obab later added extra material, three years later, when she converted the story into her audio production. She did not participate in the original production (if that was not clear already). If you read the story below you'll see the original, untampered text!


The decline into darkness had been easy enough... but when a high ranking Rainbow Factory employee begins to loose faith in the program and attempts to leave, things get out of hoof.

Having lived the majority of his life in the twisted building known as the Rainbow Factory-climbing up the brutal ladder and eventually becoming an Orchestrator-a lone colt finds the atrocity's he's committed in his past coming back to haunt him in his waking hours.

Driven by the need to return to normal society and the thought of redemption, he devises a risky plan that will ultimately decide the very fate of the Rainbow Factory as it's come to be known.

A long list of special thanks and mentions...

Thanks to Aurora Dawn for essentially creating the world I based this story in.

Thanks to Wooden Toaster and H8 Seed for the awesome song
Thanks to Fiasko0 on Deviant art for making the picture for the song (which I snatched)
Thanks to xzenocrimzie (Starlight Sparkle) for working with me to get the story out and into public
Thanks to wandered D for the tech support (he knows what I'm talking about)
Thanks to SrPeachFuzz on YouTube for accidentally bringing the story to everyone's attention
Thanks to my brony friend Josh for helping me get the story from my head, and into an outline
Thanks to both Truesoul116 and OhOhJackarias on YouTube for their excellent readings
Most importantly, every brony out there that has read, liked, faved or commented! Without you all, this would of never happened!

*Audio books are up!

Another really great dramatic reading!

If you're looking for a dramatic reading

If you're looking for a clear and professional reading

All three of these readers were totally awesome! Thanks guys.

Now translated into:
Polish by Dolar84
Spanish by Moonlight Fan

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