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Some days are rainy. Some days are normal. Some days you have to go out and save the world with your friends using magic necklaces.

Some days you have to fight off a schoolyard full of foals who have decided to attack you for no discernible reason. For Twilight Sparkle, this is one of those days.

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Luna, still a bit unhappy at Celestia for banishing her to the moon for a thousand years, wants to have a small, tiny taste of vengeance. To be exact, she wants to send Celestia to the Sun.

So what is Luna going to do first?

Ask Celestia for permission, of course. Complications eventually occur.

Cover art by: drawcreator

Proofread by: The Daring Cookie

EDIT: Featured on 06/08/2015! Thank you all!

EDIT 2: Now with a dramatic reading by the awesome Wander MD! Link to reading

EDIT 3: Big thanks to Constantoine for providing a French translation! Link to French version

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We all know and love the Element of Kindness known as Fluttershy. We know that she is an animal care taker and one of the six Elements of Harmony, and we love her for her incredible shyness and extreme cuteness. But are there darker elements behind that pink mane of her? For all we know, she could be a former mafia boss.

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This story is a sequel to I'd Do Her

Note: Reading the prequel first is highly recommended.

With her dare complete, Rainbow Dash decides to get even with Applejack, but her plan... backfires a little.

Pre-read by: Timaeus | Abbeybunny13 | SapphireColors

Proof-read by: Majora

Reading by LandonWho

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Being subtle isn't Rainbow Dash's strong suit. At all. So when Applejack asks her point blank what she thinks of Rarity, she doesn't hold back.

Not her best idea.

Pre-Read by: SapphireColors | LoneUnicornWriter

Reading by LandonWho

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Rainbow Dash walks in on Twilight pondering her existence.

Like, really pondering her existence.

Preread by Rainedash!

Youtube Reading by Wander MD!

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This story is a sequel to The God Squad

After their breakup in Season 1, the members of the God Squad find themselves at their lowest points. Shining and Cadence are divorced, Celestia and Luna aren't speaking, and Tydal is in self-imposed exile.

But when they, along with Chrysalis, are transported halfway around the globe, they find their good names have been tarnished and everypony believes them dead. The five immortals (and one unicorn stallion with more sanity than the five gods put together) must find a way back home and reclaim what is rightfully theirs.

Of course, with pirates, international thieves, communists, flying reindeer, zebra warriors, and door-to-door salesponies all standing in their way, the trip back home will not be easy.

The sequel to the wildly popular fic The God Squad, Season 2 proves that if you keep paying attention to this story the author will never stop milking it.

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Who is Scootaloo? Everypony knows about her present, but when it comes to her past there are as many different answers as there are questions.

Is she the love child of two star-crossed lovers? The last hope for the future? The child of a broken home? A mysterious figure fighting a war no pony knows about? Or is it something else entirely? Is she even a pony at all?

Twilight Sparkle decides to ask everypony in Ponyville and find out about Scootaloo...and the stories, rumors and gossip she gets will leave her wondering how the truth can ever compete with fiction.

My thanks to Page Turner for the new story cover!

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And has a featured page in the Non-Canon My Little Pony Funny Page!

Thanks to all my readers and fans for all the support and help I have gotten! I am truly touched.

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