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Once Long ago an earth pony harpist lived in Canterlot, but when Celestia banished her sister to the moon she unwittingly also affected the life of somepony else. Yet the mare would do something that would show her devotion to the Princess of the Night, and the right to be remembered.

Art by: The Wizard of Art
Now with a reading by Forgotten Dreams Here

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A sociological experiment gone horribly right leaves Twilight on the verge of the hardest decision of her life.

Now has a sequel, Variables

- - - - -

Hey, everyone. OtterMatt here. Just for the record, I’m not coming back to FimFic. Not ever. I’m sorry to say it, but my life has moved on, as it were, and writing just isn’t a part of it anymore. That being said, I love these stories of mine very much. There’s a lot of myself that I put into them, and at least a couple people have told me that these stories meant a lot to them as well. So, for those people, and for anyone else who enjoys my work in the future, I’m charging my friend Spabble here with curating my completed stories. Thank you all for the love, the faves, and the support as I grew and learned. Keep doing what you love, and the best of luck to you all.

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Rainbow Dash isn't having a very good day. First she was in some dark place, then it turns out she's in the hospital. Oh, and she's apparently blind now.

Eventual Twidash!


Inspiried by the cover art, which belongs to the awesome 8-Xenon-8 on deviantart! Also inspired by the Ask Blind Rainbow Dash tumblr blog by Jykinturah.

Youtube reading, by the awesome L0RdZovChAoS, here:

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Over the course of several years, Rarity has achieved a fabulous career, contributing to both Equestrian fashion and the Ponyville community. She is admired by her clients, envied by her peers, and cherished by her dear friends, proving that she's a dependable shoulder to lean on.

Then one day, a mysterious pony visits from out of town. She wishes to meet Rarity, but not to thank her.

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When Sweetie Belle stumbles into the Carousel Boutique injured in the middle of the night, it's up to Rarity and her group of friends to piece together just what has happened. As the night turns into day they will learn a lesson in both bravery as well as sacrifice.

Originally featured on Equestria Daily on December 15, 2011, this was my first shot at writing a piece of fanfiction and is now presented here with some grammar fixes and other tweaks.

Link to the original post on EQD:

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Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash have always been great friends, looking out for each other and sticking together like two good Pegasus pals would. But all it took was one faithful night, one confession of love, to send their long-term friendship towards a new and deeper level. Now having to deal with whether they should be together, whether they even love each other, and how their friends and others may react, they must face the challenges this possibly new-found love could bring. But the question is, will they survive, and will close friendship or romance prevail over all else in the end?

Link to clipart:
Thanks to my awesome hipster Pre-reader Jiropracter

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(Pinkie Pie & Apple Bloom, Friendship) Pinkie Pie nearly dies in the middle of a return trip through a snowstorm in the aftermath of a bitter family reunion. Apple Bloom is thrown into a depression after a morale-shattering revelation concerning the nature of Cutie Marks. Both of them end up using their respective stories to share a moment between each other while Pinkie Pie is recovering from hypothermia.

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Years ago, Vinyl Scratch abandoned her aspirations as a DJ in favor of starting a recording label. Now, Scratched Records dominate Equestrian market.

Octavia is the star of the label - the undisputed number one. Her music is now known and loved all across the Equestria.

It`s never been a secret that Vinyl Scratch loves Octavia. Unfortunately... Octavia does not share that sentiment.

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Memories of a time long gone by hold the key to Luna's salvation. To save her sister, Celestia sends Twilight on a quest through Luna's mind, searching for the source of an ancient spell that is slowly killing her. What she finds may change her forever.

Twilight experiences Luna's life first hand on an emotional journey through the dark alicorn's past.

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