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  • Interesting Ideas 88 stories - 46 unread chapters Stories that have something unique that I don't want to disappear. A something that makes you think, or a particular twist on a common story theme. My bookshelves are mutually exclusive.
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  • Interesting Ideas 88 stories - 46 unread chapters Stories that have something unique that I don't want to disappear. A something that makes you think, or a particular twist on a common story theme. My bookshelves are mutually exclusive.


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Now that Princess Twilight Sparkle's rule of Equestria has settled into a routine, she finds she has more time for personal things, things that otherwise might have passed her by in that initial rush of learning on the job.

Things like pondering the newest statue in the Royal Canterlot Gardens.

"...bizarrely named....It’s not too unsettling, but it tries....It’s good enough..." -xTSGx

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This story is a sequel to Nopony Interrupts My FRIENDSHIP SPEECH, Starlight Glimmer!!

After a failed rescue mission to save Princess Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Fluttershy, Spike, Flurry Heart, and the other Princesses, Starlight Glimmer found herself helpless against the might of Queen Chrysalis and the Changelings. It looked to be all over for them and Equestria.

That is, until Starlight started acting odd when Chrysalis teasingly said "friendship speech" and Thorax informs Chrysalis why Starlight was acting the way she did. Afterwards, things got nuts.

Will Twilight and the others be saved from their cocoon prisons, and will Chrysalis be able to help(?!) Starlight?

This story takes place during the events of the season 6 finale. But the season 5 finale did not happen in the continuity of this story, but Starlight is reformed and is still Twilight's student. This story's predecessor would explain why, and it took place during the season 5 premiere.

However, it's not mandatory to read it first to enjoy this story (and laugh) since enough will be explained to understand what's going on.

Last but definitely not least, special thanks to TheHardie-Boy For proofreading this story.

EDIT: Made the featured list on 09/19/19!!

EDIT on 09/20/19: After thinking about it, I added the "Dark" tag to this story. It should fit what will happen in it.

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Cornered by Princess Twilight Sparkle and her friends, who just got their Cutie Marks back, Starlight Glimmer thought Twilight was ready to "bore" her with a friendship speech.

However, thinking of how Starlight interrupted her earlier friendship speech attempt by yelling at her to be QUIET, Twilight wasn't planning to give a speech this time. Not least, not quite like the ones you would usually think of.

This may not end well for the former ruler of "Our Town" if she doesn't start running!

This takes places in part 2 of the season 5 premiere...obviously.

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After Fluttershy's first appearance on Shimmercode, her return became a highly anticipated event for the stream's audience. But no one anticipated what would actually happen.

Rated Teen for questionable dialogue in multiple senses and video game footage that might merit a stricter rating from the ESRB. No rating-escalating bodily fluids of any kind are shed by actual EqG characters.

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Random romance shorts I wrote over the years, mostly for fun or venting.

It's not exactly Goethe, but maybe there is some weird person out there who always thought "I want to read a Fluttershy/Cadance drabble!" (I am sorry for your suffering), so I am posting these for that person.

All these are lesbian pairings, so please do keep this in mind.
Sex tag for innuendo. I regret nothing.

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In the magical land of Equestria, there are no ponies.
In the sleepy town of Ponyville, there are no ponies.
In the glittering Castle of Friendship, there are no ponies.

So who are all these colorful quadrupeds?

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Dragons are something of an enigma to Equestria. Those who do live within the borders are largely reclusive, either building their hoards or sleeping away the decades. So far as dragons who are active in everyday life in Ponyville go, Smolder represents a 100% increase in the population.

Twilight cannot let this opportunity slip her by. Enough time has passed for it to not be a diplomatic faux pas to sit Smolder down and grill her for much needed details on her species, not only for the sake of science, but for the benefit of the young dragon in her personal care. Naturally, the topic of death comes up.

Twilight handles that about as well as you might expect.

Discussion of death is largely academic and intended to be comedic but I've tagged it teen to be safe. No actual death or scenes of violence are shown so I didn't think the death tag itself was needed. It's also tagged for comedy as that was my intent, but only you can tell me if it's actually funny or not.

Now with sequel: Growing Up Dragon

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Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash got to go to the Griffin Kingdom.

Rarity and Applejack got to go to Manehattan.

Stuck in Ponyville without any magical Friendship Quests to go on, Twilight can do little but try to unlock the secrets of the Cutie Map herself. Fluttershy tries to help.

It doesn't go well.

(Set in the same vague continuity as the rest of my fanfics- in particular, this takes place some time after I Am Trying to Break Your Heart)

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IRS Scammers. We all hate them, and in Equestria, it's no different. Once technology advanced to the point of phones and computers, scamming came with it.

Unfortunately, not everypony is as gullible as some other nasty people would like.

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Featured on EQD 11/26/18!

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Sometimes, there are states of emotion that can overwhelm even the mightiest of creatures; or so they say. Queen Chrysalis had never taken stock in such tales, nor the creatures that told them. Until today that is.

Artist is hotkinkyshy

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