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This story is a sequel to How I Kissed My Waifu

Now "reviewed" on ReadingSins!

Taking place half a month after "How I Kissed My Waifu", follow Godson as he attempts to adjust to living in Equestria. Meeting new friends along the way, or just making himself look like an idiot, maybe both.

At least he has Rainbow Dash to back him up if anything goes wrong. But only if he hasn't screwed up too much, otherwise he's really screwed.

If only his friends back home knew what he's gotten himself into.

But, then again... They probably wouldn't have even cared, anyway...


New chapters released d̛ͫͨ͒̐̈̿̅ͭ̈̅͢͡a̴̸̡ͫ͋̍̋͊ͥ͒ͪ̈ͨ͑̒̔̂̈ͧ̿̍́̚͢i̸̧̛ͮ̇͋̔̌̇̆̓̅͆̎̐̂͂͟͞l̅ͤ͆͐͏͢҉̀͝y̶̓̔̍ͪͦ̊͊̎̃̿̇̄ͫ̀...?

Reading the first two stories, "How I Took Over Equestria In 7 Steps", and "How I Kissed My Waifu" is recommended to understand and further enjoy this story.

Co-Written by ShadowClaw (Yes, the same "Shadow" who cameo'd in both stories, he's got his own fimfic account! Go follow him and stuff, tell him Godson sent ya! :raritywink:) And Ishtaba (Who also appeared as a cameo in "How I Kissed My Waifu", but doesn't have a fimfic account.)

Fabulous Bullsh*t by Quigzerz (Who's also a good friend of mine.)

Do not expect the best writing ever on this fic. This was written for pure sh*ts and giggles. It is not meant to be taken seriously.

Sex tag for innuendos, some steaminess, and the many jokes this story carries. :3

Chapters (41)

Raincloud asks her group of friends for a journey everyone will remember. Through a boat they shall go! When they reach land they will find out what the true meaning of life is. Even if they have to lose limbs, blood, and hair(oh please no!) they will continue on! Even if they pick up some other ponies along the way! Will they return? Find out and read the book already! Come on read it before I lose my temper. Actually it's good you are not or else I would fail in submitting this story because of the description again! So thanks! Now go on and read the story!

Thanks to Fallout for some help!

Chapters (11)

After hearing Nightmare Moon's perspective of what happened 1,000 years ago, the mane six agree to help her, instead of Celestia.

So Nightmare Luna knows this isn't a trick, she puts up six trials for each pony, each with the same theme: Their worst fear.

Rated T for Tia's behavior in the second Prologue. (nothing really bad. :twilightsmile:)

Not all chapters are sad, here are the ones to look out for if your feelsy.
Apples to the Corpse
Blind and Homeless

Chapters (24)

My name's John. I guess my last name doesn't really matter any more. Life is ironic, isn't it? Life nurtures all kinds of species that can get along, but it also creates the species that kills others. In fact, there are some species, who's sole purpose is the death of everything but itself. I'm talking about diseases, of course. Viruses, bacteria, fungi, and even parasites. All my life, I found these things interesting. I loved studying them, so naturally I grew up to be an epidemiologist. When I wasn't studying diseases or doing other basic functions, I was playing one of my favorite games, Plague Inc. It's a game where you try to wipe out humanity using diseases. Over the years, I've become a master of the game, to the point where it isn't really a challenge anymore.

But, that all changed when the game sucked me into itself, and I wind up in a strange land, with even stranger creatures. But that isn't all. I've somehow gained the ability to create and control every single disease I can think of. Now, I have to survive in this harsh world, knowing that I'm one step away from wiping out the entire planet.

Like I said, life is ironic, right?

[Displaced fic]

To any newcomers reading this fic, I want to point this out. The story may seem confusing in the first five chapters, as I was trying to figure out how I want to write the story. I won't be getting rid of any chapters, but some small points might contradict each other across both of them. These points hopefully won't affect much of the future.

Chapters (7)

All of our favorite YouTubers have randomly dissapeared to a strange and unknown place...

Twilight Sparkle has no idea what to do when dozens upon dozens of ponies tumble from the sky into the center of Ponyville - one thing is obvious, though, and it's that these ponies were not ponies from the start. Now, Twilight needs to figure out where to send these ponies, how to get them there, and learn more about the creatures they once were.

This is one of the hardest tasks Twilight has ever attempted, but she can do it with the help of her friends... Right?

OMG... The popular stories page on the first day? Seriously?! Thank you guys so much!!!!!!

Chapters (2)

BlackWarGreymon, created from 100 Control Spires to do evil, died being a hero.

But as death start to grip him, fate has other ideas. Now in Equestria, his life can start again. Making unforgettable friends, facing deadly foes and experience feelings and emotions he never thought would ever happen to him.

(note: this story takes place after the events in Digimon Adventure 2 episode BlackWarGreymon's Destiny and some time after MLP FIM season 4)

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Hi, my name is John White, and I am stuck in Equestria, in the form your favorite princess, Luna.

Nothing special about me really, I'm pretty much just a regular guy who happens to be a brony. I got a few friends here and there, pretty good ones at that, satisfied lifestyle, and quite the creativity.

Apparently that didn't stop the universe from being a butthole and decide to throw me into another universe entirely, in the most subtle way possible (in my point of view). And it just had to be the world every brony fantasizes to be in, the world of My Little Pony.

Now when I said "subtle", I mean that I was just sleeping peacefully in my bed one night, drifting in my own thoughts, and when I woke up, BOOM I'm everybody's favorite alicorn, Luna.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is my messed up story.

Author's Note:
This story is pretty much something I'm doing for my own pleasure. Don't like it? Fine. I'll stop if you want. I just don't want the comments to get too salty so to say with this thing. If this story does well, if just a little bit, maybe I'll do a little more. Also, if I do continue this, I'll probably edit the tags along the way.

Chapters (6)

Button Mash likes video games. Sweetie Belle likes Button Mash. Button doesn't know much about Sweetie. Sweetie doesn't know much about video games. Following this formula, Sweetie Belle decides she must learn to like video games in order for Button to learn to like her. It's a solid plan.

Except for the fact that she sucks at video games.

Chapters (5)

Everyone's been there. Got stumped by a story and didn't want to finish it, only to delete it a week later.

Here's my collection of those type of stories.

Chapters (6)