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This story is a sequel to Dear Princess Sunbutt

When Anon takes the liberty to inject his particular brand of humor into Twilight's friendship lessons, Celestia feels the need to respond, more often than not.

A somewhat unofficial sisterfic to 2Merr's Dear Princess Sunbutt

There may not be a response to every letter, and letters 1-11 were taken from my comments in said sister-story.

Please support 2Merr's story too if you like this one. This is written with encouragement of the original author.

(Note: Picture used without permission from Derpibooru. Upon request it will be promptly removed.)

EDIT: Apparently someone's done a reading of this and its sisterfic over on Youtube! Why does nopony tell me these things.

Chapters (154)

Anon takes over Spike’s job of transcribing Twilight’s friendship reports. He does exactly what you’d expect.

Companion fic containing Celestia’s replies up to Letter 120 - To: Anon, From HRH Sunbutt written by Snow

Chapters (190)

Orchid Mantis, a changeling, has come to the Crystal Empire, hoping to retire in peace. However, a terrible curse set by King Sombra as revenge for his defeat threatens the city, summoning monsters to raze everything to the ground... and only the power of love can stop them. The changeling, being able to tap into that power at will, has been drafted to help fight these monsters when they appear...

However, for a dedicated martial artist, defeating monsters is easy. For a changeling, raising a child is a much greater challenge. And building a meaningful relationship? Harder still...

Part of the the rebooted Cricket-verse, aka The Nonsense-Verse.

Chapters (3)

Mole Cricket, former commander of the changeling swarm, finds himself stranded in Equestria, with no idea where the rest of his kind may be... and no intention of reuniting with the swarm, since the Queen would blame her failure in Canterlot upon him. After encountering a group of youngsters who, instead of seeing a monster, see a hero, the changeling decides to dedicate himself to an impossible goal...

To become the first changeling to attain knighthood.
Cover Art by SlashOpenTheSky

The first of five new stories for the rebooted Cricket-Verse... now renamed the Nonsense-verse.

Chapters (5)

Leiurus Quinquestriatus, the Deathstalker, a changeling raised to be a living weapon, is left without direction after the Canterlot invasion. Found by The Great And Powerful Trixie, she is taken to the Crystal Empire, in the hopes that somepony will take her in. However, Leiurus was given very specific orders regarding the Crystal Empire...

Orders regarding its destruction...

Part of the rebooted Cricket-Verse, aka The Nonsense-Verse.

Chapters (5)

A collection of short stories about Mole Cricket, and other changelings, attempting to fit in with pony society.
For more of the Mole Cricket-Verse, you can read Your Fangs Are Showing, and The Royal Interview: A Mole Cricket Story.

Concluded early in favor of a reboot.

Chapters (9)

Aurick was working on a teleportation circle when a friend distracts him, causing him to overcharge the spell. Once it activated, it teleported him much further than he wanted it to. Now he's stuck in Equestria with no monsters to kill and no evil to fight. He might as well start an enchanting business and make some money. Hopefully his life gets less stressful from here on out.

Constructive criticism is always wanted.

We got a Discord Server if you'd like to chat about the story and receive the occasional update. Join if you like.

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There exists in any given location either an inn or bar where the locals meet at the end of a long work day and trade drinks and stories. By the ancient laws of happenstance, the same must be true for areas where the permanent population is exactly one. Now, most would assume it would default to those creatures preferred drinking area in their own house. These people have never been to the only truly lonely place in Equestria. On the border of the unending sea and the badlands there sits an Inn, with a strange bartender. If one comes seeking riches or fame, he will gladly kick you out, stating the only riches here are booze and misery. But if you come for a strong drink and an ear to listen to your problems, then you have found your home.

Rocking the featured box again. Can I get a hoorah? 2/12/19 for those curious.

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Discord never betrayed Equestria for Tirek, aiding in returning the magic to all the drained unicorns. As a result, Celestia deems him ready of a "small" gift: The Archduchy of the Everfree, technically making him the highest noble under the princesses.

Naturally, this shocks everypony, including Discord himself. Now of course his lands will some have some chaotic magic and strange laws in effect, but that doesn't mean he doesn't take the noble thing a little seriously. Why is anypony's guess, but it'll be entertaining to watch.

Chapters (3)

This story contains 100% saturated sugar. Exposure may induce diabetes.

Once upon a time there were three filly sisters. They were a unicorn, a thestral and a changeling, but that was perfectly normal. They had also adopted a human for a father, which they thought was awesomely normal. Their lives seemed perfect, but their father felt there might be room for more; A mother's touch, perhaps? Enter the slightly accidental but otherwise perfect nannies, Luna, Cadence and Celestia...uh...Dark Side, Sweet Heart and Sunrise Splendour. Though the question remains; Will these three successfully infiltrate their little family and achieve their top secret mission bring the much-needed maternal touch, or will they end up a victim to the fillies' devious matchmaking schemes?

Well, it would have helped if the three nannies didn't lose their memories on their first day, for a start.

Written to the sound of BlackGryphon's Cutie Mark Crusader Theme Are We There Yet and Taking Off

Cover Art: I swear this began as me doodling a bowl of sugar.

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