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Today, I will tell you the story of the lost book of prophecies...

Overnight, the Void awoke, threatening to destroy all worlds. Once again, Twilight was chosen to be the savior, this time by traveling the multiverse to rescue it from an untimely demise. The journey will be long, come with many friends, several enemies, and test her like nothing else ever has. Each world has its own rules, its own ways—but all are in danger from the nihilistic desire of a cackling Count.

A reimagining of Super Paper Mario with ponies and a few twists. Every world Twilight visits will be a new crossover, and part of the way this story is structured is to encourage readers to guess what worlds are going to appear. No familiarity with any franchise is required to read the story, as is tradition with my crossovers.

Read this spoiler only if you want to know the surprise crossovers ahead of time. Updates whenever a new franchise is revealed:
Contains MLP, Super Paper Mario, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Sonic X, Star Trek: The Next Generation, The Chronicles of Narnia, Mario in general, Warhammer Fantasy, Numenera, and Final Fantasy

Cover by Hoodwinked MCShelster

Has nothing to do with Songs of the Spheres aside from opposing themes.

Edited by several people, most of which are part of my usual army: Pink Man, Mal Masque, Blaster Master, VoidTemplar2000, Guldringr, Shilic, Ponygood, and a few others helping out here and there.

-GM, master of Purity

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For a long time now, the citizens of Equestria have been struck down by an epidemic of illness and sickness. Nopony seems to know for sure what could be the cause, but Princess Twilight has found one common answer: The restaurants and hotels of Equestria. All of them seem to be struck with the same kind of problems.

So with her friends Pinkie Pie and Rarity, they will cross over to Earth and bring back over a man that she has heard from Pinkie is a legend among humans when it comes to food. A man that she hopes can help her get to the bottom of the epidemic sweeping across Equestria: Chef Gordon Ramsay. For her sake...let's hope he takes the request well. And pray for the sanity of the poor souls of Equestria.

(this will include elements from both of Gordon's shows Kitchen Nightmares and Hotel Hell)

(Feel free to give any creative suggestions with this fic, its kind of a shot in the dark on my part making this one)

cover art by the great harwicks-art

Chapters (35)

Among the disarray of Princess Twilight's personal archives was a letter. Twilight's reign over Equestria was profoundly cherished by those who have lived it. One of the many decisions that her majesty has made, one many historians continue to debate today, is Discord's exile.

Many saw it as the most suitable punishment for the Lord of Chaos. The kingdom hasn't met any catastrophe relating to chaos since. But after this letter was published and open for the public to see, the decision became quite controversial with the newer generations of Equestrians.

Whatever opinions you may have after finishing this letter, know that these are the last written words from the Element of Kindness after she disappeared.


This is my first entry to FimFic and my submission for Fluttercord week. Killing two birds with one stone, or as I like to call it: Masscareing two chores with a chainsaw. A bit pretentious, I know.
Please critique the work as hard as you can, and I hope you'll enjoy my work for days to come.

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Big ponies probably didn’t get lost at all. Especially not in the city. Especially not at night.

Filly Bon-Bon often visits her grandmother in Manehattan. This year, she even gets to spend Nightmare Night there, and go trick-or-treating in the busiest city after Canterlot! Everything is going to be awesome!

That is, until she gets lost in the back alleys of the busiest city after Canterlot and meets a couple of working mares...

A fan-funded fiction. Based on the prompt 'Bon-Bon meets some hookers'. Not nearly as cracky or cloppy as it sounds.

Now with a full cast reading here.

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After losing their magic, the Dazzlings are hit hard by shame and sadness. None are more hopeless than Adagio Dazzle, who loses all light in her life and begins to sing a swan song. For sirens, this is suicide.

Sonata Dusk begs for the help of Sunset Shimmer and her friends to stop the song and keep Adagio alive, but they discover that saving a life is more difficult than saving a school, and they may not be able to keep their former enemy from fading away forever.

This story was inspired by the song "Never Too Late" by Three Days Grace.

"Main 6" is tagged but Twilight is not in this story.
Rated Teen for language and mature subject matter.

Chapters (7)

Unable to handle her anxiety without the memory stone, Wallflower Blush tries to end her life. The attempt leaves her too injured to recover, and with just hours left to live, she expects to die all alone—until Sunset Shimmer appears, asking, “Why?”

Crossover/Sequel with Wanderer D's Sunset's Isekai can be read here.

Wallflower drawing is by s-i-ren.

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Spike has always felt like an outsider in his own group of friends. And after learning what happened to Stygian, Spike realizes how dangerous he could be to his friends in the future. This leads him down a very dark thought spiral: he should kill himself before he ever even has the chance of hurting anyone else.

Prereading and editing by Soge and Fluttershy

Criticism of “Just a Thought” by Chinchillax’s inner critics:

What is WRONG with you!?
—My conscious

You really shouldn’t put your mental health problems on parade for everyone to see.
—My anxiety

You really should learn to write someday.
—My inner editor

Chapters (10)

WARNING: There are major spoilers in the comment section. You have been warned!

We all know a story of Equestria Girls: Holiday Special, aka the Anon-a-Miss comic. Sunset was framed, her friends accused and left her, the school was against her and after Princess Twilight gave Sunset advice about finding your family, she managed to convince her friends that she's innocent, the true culprits were revealed, lessons were learned and everyone is happy at the end.

But was that the whole story?

After weeks of chaos at Canterlot High, which was caused from an infamous online user, "Anon-a-Miss," Principal Celestia and Vice Principal Luna summoned the true culprits, Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo to Principal Celestia's office and demand an explanation on how "Anon-a-Miss" came to be and why they went through with it despite knowing that they will harm everyone in the process, including Sunset Shimmer. Knowing that their Principals deserved an explaination, the CMC began to tell their tale.

This is based off of Equestria Girls: Holiday Special comic, but this story will be told from the CMC's perspective.

This story now have a Tv Tropes page! :pinkiehappy:

Chapters (23)

This story is a sequel to Last Light

"You probably thought the pain would disappear with you, but it didn't. It just passed on to someone else."

Twilight Sparkle returns to the human world following her conversation with Sunset. She's not sure what she's looking for.

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The hundreds of trees of Sweet Apple Acres silently hold many secrets. The deaths of Big McIntosh's parents and the origins of his cutie mark are only two. For generations the trees have kept their watch over the Apple family and the sleepy town of Ponyville. And now one secret, long thought dead, is about to return and make the ponies of Ponyville wonder what really is in: the Blood of Apples.

Sequel to Mac's Tale

Original editing by Corwin Freiss and thanks to SusieBeeca and BradtheBronyfor the help with the revisions and later chapters.

Chapters (10)