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This story is a sequel to The Village Called Respite

That little filly from Cloudsdale has blossomed into a true mare of Respite with the help of those not-quite altruistic twins. Joined by their bubbly friend, Toola Roola, they're ready to take their first steps into adulthood. But outside the village gates, the world is changing fast.

Can Sure Stroke and her friends keep up? Or will their happy life in that village hidden in the untamed Neighagara Forest take a turn as the world comes knocking at their door?

Cover art by Arcticwaters.

Chapters (16)

Rainbow Dash flies east.

Chapters (200)

This story is a sequel to The Twilight Enigma

Princess Flurry Heart inherited her mother's beauty and grace as well as her father's strength and bravery. The Empire couldn't hope for a better or more suitable heir to the Crystal Throne. Everypony in Equestria admires her and thinks she will be an ideal ruler. They're wrong.

Young Flurry Heart has no interest at all in being a prim and proper princess, and would much rather have wild and dangerous adventures like her Aunt Twilight.

Book 4 of the Alicorn Mystery series. Print Versions from Lulu Available Here:

Chapters (29)

Spike has had a lot of extra time since Twilight and Starlight have become busy with their various duties. It's understandable, but he feels rather useless at times.

After taking a trip to the local hospital, Spike starts volunteering to entertain the fillies and colts in the children's wing. Spreading laughs and smiles to children and families who need encouragement is more fulfilling then he could have ever wished.

But, when a certain blonde-maned pegasus with much less fortunate circumstances takes notice of Spike and just how caring he truly is, how will Spike react?

Editors: Note Pad, ChappedPenguinLips and Curify.

Cover art by Doctor Disco

What critics have to say about Blonde Moments:

"...so cute and heartwarming and wholesome that I literally think I'll end up being dumb and shoehorning SpikeXDerpy into my fics from now on." - re-Yamsmos

"I Love you for this story.... And I Hate you for it" - DocShadowVine

"Well, that was rude. Didn't ask for even more feels." - JMP

"Too real too fast. Ouch." - _SkyHorse

"... it made me cry... at work. I work at a front desk for a public building. I loved it so much!" - RainbowShyBrony

Chapters (44)

This story is a sequel to Cuddle-Your-Own-Celestia

You are a royal night guard in Canterlot. You were just promoted and given a new post, which has been really nice. However, you do have a teeny, tiny little problem:

You have a massive crush on the alluring Princess of the Night...And you're going to have to do something about it!

In this Choose-Your-Own-Adventure story, you make the decisions, you are responsible for the consequences, and many possible storylines await! This is the spiritual successor to Cuddle-Your-Own-Celestia.

EDIT: Featured 5/30/17- Thanks so much, everypony!
EDIT: Edited and reposted May 2018. Toned down suggestive content to reduce personal shame (rereading it made me physically cringe several times)- story moved from about a 16+ story to a 12+ one.

Chapters (59)

This story is a sequel to Trixie Lulamoon and the Horrendous Hypothesis

Enter the Dragon is an in between story and is recommended reading.

Princess Twilight Sparkle has a school for gifted foals. Some of them are fantastic. One of them had a Horrendous Hypothesis. All of them will be learning Princess Twilight Sparkle's curriculum for friendship.

An entry in the Weedverse.


Family portrait

The stupid goes flying right out of Sumac's head.


Chapters (124)

"I can face the whole world with one claw, as long as your hoof is holding the other." - A Dragon in Love -

Luna and Spike romantic feelgood thriller with a dash of political intrigue.

'...a great and glorious orchestration in romance...' - Wing, Non-Pareil Fiction
'You made me cry tears of sorrow and joy, cheer like a madman and truly be happy for the two characters I never even liked in the show.' - Eversquee
'This is the most I've laughed, cried, exclaimed and cheered in a long long time.' - Melancholy
'I usually don't like romances, but this one is awesome!' - Aguion12
'When the characters are happy, I'm happy. When they're not, I'm not. It's all so perfectly done..' - Drgnwolf


Greed strengthens a dragon. But what of the opposite? Spike feels a little bit of himself broken away with each passing day as Rarity flaunts her newfound love with another stallion. But that's the least of his troubles. A formal gala for which he is the guest of honour quickly approaches. With the relationship between the Council of Friendship and the nobles of Equestria at stake, he is certain this gala could only end in a big political disaster. Enter Princess Luna, cunningly disguised as the sweet elegant mare by his side, intent on turning him from a laughingstock into the star of the show. But jealousy and misfortune swiftly strike, leaving Luna permanently stuck in her disguise. Together they must maintain their cover until they somehow figure out how to fix everything. As the days pass, as the 'one more day's turn into a week, they slowly come to a startling realization - Perhaps there is nothing to fix?

Proudly brought to you by our hardworking editor dream team, Not A Hat and Brad The Brony

Story Art 1 - The Moon Rises!
Story Art 2 - Moonlight Sonata(Disguised Luna)'s cutie mark
Story Art 3 - The World Has Been Doubled!
Story Art 4 - Moon Walk
Story Art 5 - Raising the Moon

New Cover Art by this guy who's into candy-coloured little equines. Apparently calls himself Pen Mightier or something.

Old Cover art by the talented Yakovlev-Vad! Please be sure to give him a 'watch' on his DA as thanks!

As Recommended By

Comments from the Readers (Spoiler Free)

'We’re taken on an adventure, and if I dare say, we aren’t just told the damn story. We’re allowed to experience it. Spike has a moment, and I feel warmth. Luna tosses off the royal baggage, and I feel the feels. This is a great and glorious orchestration in romance...' - Wing

'Bravo! Bravo! ...I'm not into Romance stories because I don't really like them at all but this story here...This is my favorite!' - PlatinumPony

'I don't think I can accurately express how much I truly enjoy this story, right now. When the characters are happy, I'm happy. When they're not, I'm not. It's all so perfectly done that it's like I'm living the story instead of merely just reading it off a page. This already wins first place for most adorable story I have ever read...' - Drgnwolf

'Oh my Gods the feels! I smiled, laughed, got very angry and very sad all in one chapter! Please oh please complete this awesome tale soon! The suspense is killing me!' - Wiriamuzu

'I always wait until a story is finished before thinking about adding it to my favorites. Always. I have never added a story to my favorites before it's finished. This story is the one exception.' - Jomp

'Yeah. You just made a grown-ass man make a 'squee' sound.' - HoneyBadgerr

'Of all the stories I've read I can safely say that this is the one that best combines the written word with sound and music, there are plenty that have tried the same and not even come close to what you achive here.' - Lore

'This is the greatest story I have ever read. This is also now my favorite story. If you don't upload another chapter soon I will wait patiently until you do. I will climb mountains for this story. I will go to Disney Channel.com without my parents permission for this story. If i don't finish this story, i will write down in my will for someone to finish it for me. You, ascended pony writer from a land where the pigeons poop gold, are the greatest person in history.' - Blooming Cherries

'I am loving this story so far. The storytelling, the drama... oh it is so magnificent. A well crafted story by a well deserving author. I tip my hat to you sir. I can see some form of "Beauty and the Beast" in here. But what also surprises me is the way it is written. I've even had some moments of portraying Spike as Holden Caulfield from the famous story, The Catcher in the Rye. Just the way he speaks sort of reminds me of the way that poor man was, and the bits of Spike not wanting to detach from Rarity felt similar in the regards of Holden not wanting to grow up. Again, Pen Mightier, you have done a great job. Keep up the great work!' - XxEpsilonxX

'My cheeks hurt because I been smiling all the way down the chapter. Princess Luna really is the best pony.' - Allen Vth

Chapters (10)

Twilight loves all her friends, but lately a certain pink pony has been occupying her mind a bit more than usual: thankfully, she knows to keep such feelings to herself.

...So why has that mare been giggling everytime she passes by?

Chapters (1)

Queen Chrysalis likes it when I boop her on the nose. It helps her relax. However, one day, Princess Twilight Sparkle bursts in, thinking that Queen Chrysalis has put a spell on me.

Surely, when I explain to her that I boop her, she'll understand. Right?


Inspired by a delightful flash game that can be found here.

Featured on August 28th, 2016. This is as unexpected as it is amazing.

Chapters (14)

Jason's life has grown dull. While some may have thought that the weekly monster attacks might have kept him on his toes, he had grown to learn that as the norm around town. Now, after months of living in Ponyville, he can't shake the feeling that there is a void in his life. He follows his usual routine every day: breakfast, a quick shower, followed by a quick walk to the park to read the newspaper. One morning, he finds two parents playing with their filly in the playground. As he watches, an idea sparks within his mind: why not adopt a pony of his own?

Featured on Equestria Daily

Chapters (25)
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