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Celestia has been waiting for so long, now. Today is the day she'll finally be considered for entry into Twilight's School for Gifted Unicorns! Only, the entrance exams are meant to be gruelling, there's a scary dragon by Twilight's side, and Luna doesn't want to see her go.

Will she pass the entrance exam and become Princess Twilight's personal student?

Chapters (1)

When he found Twilight finishing the birthday cake in the kitchen, Spike realized something was very wrong. It becomes Spike against Twilight, Twilight against Celestia, Celestia against Luna all in what would be the last true beautiful day in Equestria for a long time.

As secrets are revealed, the only question that needs to be answered is how much one is willing to sacrifice to save Twilight Sparkle?

Chapters (7)

A darkness stirs in the Kingdom of Solenis. Bandits roam the open fields and monsters rise against the smaller towns. Within the city walls of the capital, mysterious figures known as the seven work in secret to bring down an empire that has lasted a millennium.

A dragon shaman with a shame filled past. An eccentric Zebra travelling the world. A fast talking griffon, a reserved changeling, and a pegasus looking to prove herself. Their paths cross one fateful evening in a small town tavern. Will they be able to overcome their differences and rise to face the shadows, or will they fall to obscurity, crushed beneath the weight of the challenges ahead?

This is a "Ponies play Dungeons and Dragons" Fic taking place in the Discordant AU, but will hopefully be enjoyable by readers who have never read my other stories and who have never played D&D. There will be mentions of game mechanics, as the story will jump between the ponies playing the game and the narrative they weave together, but I'll keep the technical details short and simple when they're mentioned at all. This story takes place ten years after the events of the show, between the stories Harmonics and Overgrowth, but again, neither story is necessary to understand this one.

This story will include occasional reader input, such as voting on player actions ("Should we go with Scootaloo's plan of sneaking in, Apple Bloom's plan of shock and awe, or Sweetie Belle's plan of diplomacy? Vote now!") as well as occasional decisions made with dice ("Will Apple Bloom's character make it into the tunnel before it collapses, or be separated from the group? Let's see what the dice say.")

Chapters (3)

This story is a sequel to A Fragile Nightmare

Luna-Moon has been reformed by the Elements of Harmony, with both Luna and Nightmare Moon now sharing the same physical form but their individual mindsets. Now, they have to adjust to life as ruling with Celestia, can they adapt or will they remain in the shadows?


Chapters (3)

This story is a sequel to Order-naries: Vacation

The first Summer Sun Celebration since the Order-naries arrived in Equestria is fast approaching, and Ponyville is once again destined to be the stage for many stories. Accompanied by Gold Heart and Soul Mage, Princess Luna visits in disguise to experience the Celebration as she imagines it should be. Ashen Blaze shows atypical enthusiasm at literally being ordered by Celestia to attend the Celebration and relax, only to disappear without a trace soon after arriving. The Great and Powerful Trixie returns to Ponyville once again to try and repair her reputation, and this time she's brought help in the form of three other show-ponies. She's also being stalked by a pony who is obsessed with Trixie and destroying everything she has fought to regain.
And that's only the first Act...

Chapters (32)

Since coming into her own as Equestria's newest ruler, the newly minted Princess Twilight Sparkle has handled her responsibilities with grace and skill. Despite her new duties, Twilight has not by any means forgotten her lessons on friendship, nor about the ponies that taught them to her. These six friends are nothing short of inseparable, and the magic inside them is stronger than ever!

Still, there is evil in Equestria, an ancient one which only pure chance could have allowed to return. It is the source of fears stretching back to the time of Starswirl the Bearded, and even the Elements of Harmony alone may not be enough to defeat it.

It is up to Twilight and her friends to restore peace to Equestria, but this villain will test every ounce of their resolve, pushing them to their limits and beyond. And for Twilight Sparkle, there will be one more difficult lesson to learn about being a leader, and a friend. Without the guidance of her mentor or even her friends, she must decide for herself what sacrifices are acceptable, and if they're even hers to make in the first place.

Chapters (46)

A lot has happened in twenty-five years. Princess Cadence is now Princess of Equestria. Twilight's friends have all parted ways and pursued their own lives. Twilight herself has become the highest-level unicorn, now capable of manipulating the fabric of space-time with her magic.

Alone, scared, and desperate, Twilight travels to the future on a journey through time to find out who she is and where she belongs in the universe after the heartbreaking event of the death of the beloved Princess Celestia. It is here she catches the attention of a group of elite vigilante unicorns known as the Temporal Manipulation Squad. Twilight becomes Equestria's most wanted and is now forced to spend her time running from certain death while on her mission.

Will she escape the Temporal Manipulation Squad and make it back home in one piece? Will she succeed in her efforts to answer questions she wished she never had to ask? What will become of Twilight? Join Equestria's favorite unicorn on an epic journey through time and space as she explores the world of the future.

Author's Note: Rated Teen for language.

Chapters (34)

King Sombra was not killed after "The Crystal Empire". You cannot kill that which isn't alive, after all. Instead he was reduced to a mere shadow of what he once was, barely clinging to life. But now, months after the Crystal Heart nearly destroyed him, Sombra is back for vengeance upon the ponies who thwarted him. Focusing his wrath on Twilight Sparkle, the Shadows King leaves Twilight with precious little time to solve the mystery of the mysterious force terrorizing Ponyville... And making her friends disappear, one by one...

Chapters (18)

The few.

The proud.

The only ones who were available at the time.

When the royal budget is blown, Luna needs to show that the disasters that have so drained Equestria's resources aren't going to continue. Reforming the Lunar Guard on a tight purse means that she doesn't necessarily get the ponies that she would have chosen, but how bad could it possibly be?

They're reckless, dangerous, they weren't even supposed to be here today, and they might well be Equestria's last hope.

(Featured and flattered!)

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What if instead of a book, The tree of harmony gave Twilight a card with strange symbols on it. She studied the symbols closely wondering what they meant. But it was all very new to her. But when she looked at a small inscription that appeared on the card that said.

"Bakugan Field Open!"

The Mane Six, and Spike were magically pulled into another dimension, where there is no magic, or talking ponies. But they found themselves in the middle of a battlefield. a fight between creatures the humans call... Bakugan.

With no way to get home, they meet a young boy named Dan Kuso, a hot headed but brave brawler, and his newly acquired partner, Pyrus Dragonoid (Drago). They soon meet the rest of his teammates. Runo Misaki, a short tempered but sweet girl, and her partner Haos Tigrerra. Marucho Marukura, a smart and intelligent young boy, and his partner Aquos Preyas. Julie Makimoto, who is like the Brawlers version of Pinkie Pie, happy and joyful, and her partner Subterra Gorem. Shun Kazami, the stealthy ninja of the brawlers, and his partner Ventus Skyress. And Alice, the brightest, and most beautiful member of the Battle Brawlers who is a bit like Fluttershy.

Together, the Battle Brawlers and the ponies must work together to defeat Naga, and his army of darkness. Or else... the worlds they fought for... will be destroyed.

Chapters (22)
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