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This story is a sequel to The Draconequus with the Dragon Tattoo

WARNING: Some comments may contain spoilers.

It's been a year since Discord cut Fluttershy out of his life after the events of The Draconequus with the Dragon Tattoo, but their paths are destined to cross once again when two of Fluttershy's close friends are murdered and all the evidence seems to point to a certain draconequus.

AU Fluttercord set eleven years after the first three seasons minus the Discord episodes. Inspired by Discord and Fluttershy's relationship both in the show and several fanfics (*cough* Bride of Discord *cough*) Based loosely on the plot from "The Girl who Played with Fire" by Stieg Larsson. Like the first story, this one has some plot-related Murder Mystery Elements in it so is rated T just to be on the safe side.

Edited by Nightwalker

Constructive Criticism is welcome.

Cover art belongs to me so please do not take without permission. Thank you.

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Bómù Guāng Shǎn, the Prince of Friendship, asks Mèng Huàn, the Prince of the Night, for help investigating a mirror universe. The ponies there call it Equestria instead of Cōng Mǎ Guó, and it might have a few other differences, too...

The original, short story version came in 10th in the Writeoff Association's Feb. 2016 contest, "Look, I Can Explain." The cover artwork is by huhulin from Vectorstock, and overflowing thanks go out to M1Garand8 for help with the Mandarin names and the hànyǔ pīnyīn to render them in Latin characters.

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The current cover art was done by Alyssa Hartwick , who offered to draw one for this story.

A story of knights and a serpentine chimeric beast who has turned it's back to ponykind. That is, until he meets a strange kind of knight. She's different from the rest, and bears no evil intent towards him.

Fluttershy, a knight and friend of Rainbow Dash in the medieval ages where Dragons didn't migrate quite so often, and nopony knew of the ways and mannerisms of the other magical creatures that inhabited their world.

a knight falls for a monster, and is plunged through a world known only in fairy tales to us today. All because of a betrayal, a misunderstanding and a dangerous love.

For this is a story about Flutter Knight!

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Set directly after the Tirek incident, Fluttershy and Discord are suffering, alone and apart. Fluttershy may have forgiven him, but she feels that she has failed her friend, and longs to understand Discord. Why wasn't she good enough, why did he betray them? Why hadn't he cherished their friendship as much as she had?

Discord, on the other hand, struggles from the pain of his own guilt, and doesn't even know who he is anymore. He doesn't want to lose the closest friend he has either, but he's positive that their relationship will never be the same again. He can't stand it.

They're falling apart, and the magic of the earth isn't happy about it. Then a cloaked stranger comes into the picture, and plants a mysterious flower...

Fluttershy only utters a simple request. "I wish I could understand you, Discord..."

Little does she know that such a wish entails much more than just an understanding...and her wish is granted in the most chaotic of ways--and the only one who can help her is the very friend she is trying to understand.

Image by trehcedasil!!!! :D

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